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WorldWarTWO 10 20 30 40 50  How did the cost- plus system speed up war production?

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2 WorldWarTWO 10 20 30 40 50

3  How did the cost- plus system speed up war production?

4  Provided larger profits for companies that worked fast and produced a lot.  Paid the cost for producing the war supplies, plus a percentage of profit.

5  Why could Liberty ships be produced quickly?

6  They were assembled from prefabricated parts and welded rather than riveted.

7  The purpose of Liberty and Victory bonds was to..?

8  Lend the government money to pay for the war.

9  During WW II, families had to get books of stamps each month as part of ?

10  Rationing goods

11  The Allies placed inflated rubber tanks, empty tents and dummy landing craft along the coast of Britain to convince the Germans that?

12  The Allies planned to land their invasion forces at Calais rather than Normandy

13  Why was Iwo Jima an important objective for the American military?

14  U.S. planes could more effectively bomb Japan from there.

15  The U.S. caused massive fires in Tokyo by dropping bombs filled with what substance?

16  Napalm

17  What American industry was particularly efficient in producing 1/3 of all military supplies during WW II? The “Arsenal of Democracy”

18  Detroit’s automobile industry

19  The atrocities of the “Bataan Death March” occurred where?

20  The Philippines

21  In the case Korematsu v. United States, the Supreme Court ruled that relocation of Japanese Americans was?

22  Constitutional because it is based on military urgency and the possible threat of invasion.

23  V-J Day is to Japan as ____ is to Germany?

24  V-E Day

25  Who were the “Code Talkers?”

26  Navajo Native Americans serving in WWII.

27  What were WAC’s, WAVES and WOW’s?

28  Women serving/working during WWII.

29  What happened as a result of Executive order 9066 (allowing the military to declare any part of the United States to be a military Zone)?

30  Many Japanese Americans were moved to internment camps.

31  What was the “Double V” campaign?

32  Victory over Hitler’s racism abroad and victory over racism at home.

33  What were the two theatres of action in WWII?

34  European and Pacific

35  During the 1930’s, why were totalitarian governments/leaders able to gain power in Germany, Italy, and Japan? Describe the aftermath of WWI Treaty of Versailles Reparations Great Depression Lack of Resources in Japan Etc.


37  In 1942, Churchill and Roosevelt agreed to attack the edges of the German empire (North Africa) because they believed that?

38  They were not ready or experienced enough to launch a full-scale invasion of Europe.

39  At the Tehran Conference, Roosevelt and Stalin agreed to take which action against Germany after they won the War?

40  Divide Germany so it could not start another world war.

41  What was the secret American program to build an atomic bomb called?

42  The Manhattan Project

43  What was the purpose of the Nuremberg Trials?

44  Punish Nazi leaders for crimes committed during the war.

45  Who was Rosie the Riveter?

46  The campaign to hire women to work in factories during the war.

47  What was the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb named?

48  The Enola Gay

49  Where was the first atomic bomb dropped?

50  Hiroshima

51  When was V-J Day?

52  August 15, 1945

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