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Praha, April 12th 2011 Anaitze Agirre SOS RACISMO GIPUZKOA – MUGAK OUR ORGANISATION.

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1 Praha, April 12th 2011 Anaitze Agirre SOS RACISMO GIPUZKOA – MUGAK OUR ORGANISATION

2 SOS Racismo/MUGAK Since 1993 in Gipuzkoa(Basque Country) Independent, democratic, multiethnic and plural Part of Federation of Associations of SOS Racismo in Spain (11 groups) Madrid, Barcelona, Asturias, Granada, Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa, Alava, Navarra, Aragón, Valencia, Murcia The Federation publishes an annual report about racism in Spain

3 SOS Racismo/MUGAK

4 Gipuzkoa -2 Counselling Offices (legal advice, denounce of racism cases etc) -Research Centre (MUGAK) -Unnaccopanied migrant minors group -8 workers

5 SOS RACISM COUNSELLING OFFICE (Donostia) Started activities in 1992 in San Sebastian Legal Counselling for migrant people Cases in 2009: 1.905 people, 793 (41,62%) women and 1.112 (58,38%) men

6 Topics and types of advice Claim of working permit and residence327 Support, help for legal procedures and others242 Renewal of working Permit and residence 128 Denial for renewal of permits121 General information179 Family reunification107 Labour 88 Nationality 95 Deportation106 Marriages 50 EU Family residence permit 28 Tribunals 27 Denounces 34 Visa 7 Other 221 SOS RACISM COUNSELLING OFFICE (Donostia)

7 Regularly publishing of Workbooks Media: Regular participation in radio programs and writing articles for press Conferences

8 Mugak Research centre Media Observatory Monitoring of media about (re)presentation on ethnocultural minorities

9 Mugak Research centre Media Observatory Electronic daily press revue Since 2004 23 spanish newspapers 4000 subscribers in Spain Press information database (internet) Since 2004 90.000 news

10 Mugak Research centre Media Observatory Press analisys (paper) Since 2002 Diverse topics : housing, labour, sports and media, human trafficking…

11 Mugak Research centre Media Observatory Diversity Address Book (web 2.0) Information sources directory

12 MUGAK Research Center MUGAK magazine. Since 1.995. Migration and racism Articles and analysis in deep

13 MUGAK research center Research multidisciplinar experts group Diverse research and reports about migrant population needs and diagnosis (migrant and migrant women in particular) Acces of migrant population to social benefits (Basque onbudsman project)

14 Unnaccopanied migrant minors group

15 Unaccopannied migrant minors group –counselling- 90 youngsters in 2009 169 cases. 87 men and 3 women 32 minors. 58, 18 - 25 years. Mainly from Marocco (88) 1 from Algeria 1 from Ghana

16 Unnaccopanied migrant minors,awareness-raising Seminars, trainning for educators Exhibitions

17 Sport and integration

18 Research: Media, sport and integration FARE Action week (october 2009) Best practice hand-book for media and sport clubs Workshop with local government of Donostia-San Sebastian, Province Government, Football federation of Gipuzkoa and Observatory of Sports in Gipuzkoa (Kirolbegi)

19 Psico-social empowerment of migrant women

20 Diagnosis and guide-book for prevention of gender violence against migrant women Psico-social and rights empowerment in the Basque Country

21 Gipuzkoa Solidaria,

22 XIV Martxa Trintxerpe- Pasaia Here I live, here I vote


24 SOS Racismo/MUGAK Members of different european networks MIGREUROP (Detention centers) BridgeIT- ICT and integration On Line/More Colour in the Media (Media) XenoClipse(New technologies &Media literacy) United Against Racism

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