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Social Identity Theory In-Group / Out-Group Syndrome & Violence.

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1 Social Identity Theory In-Group / Out-Group Syndrome & Violence

2 Social Identity A social-psychological theory formed to understand the way in which humans formulate their identity (their Self) especially as we do this in relation to other groups of people. This theory is particularly interested with the concept of In-Group/Out- Group syndrome.

3 Social Identity, continued Categorization: We often put others (and ourselves) into categories. Labeling someone a Muslim, a Turk, or a soccer player are ways of saying other things about these people. Identification: We also associate with certain groups (our in-groups), which serves to bolster our self-esteem.

4 Social Identity, continued Comparison: We compare our groups with other groups, seeing a favorable bias toward the group to which we belong. Psychological Distinctiveness: We desire our identity to be both distinct from and positively compared with other groups.

5 Racism & Social Identity Numerous posters and cartoons have been employed for decades to draw stark lines between American citizens as either in-groups or out-groups. This approach to information is called “propaganda.” By creating division between one group of humans and another, parties in power can create public support and consent for their political goals.

6 Racism

7 Racism, continued







14 World War II Moving into WWII, propaganda began to be employed to encourage support of American involvement. Enemy combatants – primarily the Germans and especially the Japanese, came to be dehumanized in their depictions in the media, an approach that powerful interests continue to embrace today.

15 World War II

16 World War II, continued






22 Communism

23 After World War II, we entered the Cold War – a time marked by a continuing state of political conflict, military tension, and economic competition, primarily with the USSR – the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. In America, this manifested as the “Red Scare,” the fear that communism would upset the capitalist social order in the United States.

24 Communism, continued



27 War On Terror

28 War On Terror, continued




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