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OC2 Racism. 2035599&l=eb2eb33856&id=1101070513 2035599&l=eb2eb33856&id=1101070513.

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1 OC2 Racism

2 2035599&l=eb2eb33856&id=1101070513 2035599&l=eb2eb33856&id=1101070513

3 Have you ever heard about this sign? How do you feel about it?

4 What is racism? Write a definition of “racism”. Why is racism wrong? Although racism is wrong, it has sometimes been legal. When? Slavery was allowed in the US until the 13 th Amendment ???? There were separate facilities (schools, buses) for different races, in the US, until the Civil Rights Act of ???? In South Africa, apartheid ended in ???? Is there any racism in Taiwan? What racial or ethnic groups are there in Taiwan? List 10 groups Do any of the ethnic groups in Taiwan encounter racism? Do you ever use words like lao wai or adogah? Why?

5 What service is this poster advertising? Translate some of the details and make a small English poster. Do you think the service is good value? Do you think the poster might make some people angry? If so, can you say why?

6 Foreign brides What proportion of Taiwanese men marry foreign women? Where do the women usually come from? Why do Taiwanese men want foreign wives? Do you think the wives should be allowed to live in Taiwan? Should there be any checks or restrictions? What sort of problems do the wives face when they come here? How about the kids? Can we expect any changes to Taiwan society, perhaps in 10 or 20 years’ time?changes to Taiwan society

7 Next week in the lab Lab 2, International Building Find and read a news story about police racism (from the BBC or other news site) Look at some police websites –NYPD –LAPD –Metropolitan Police? Find some interesting or unusual information from a police website. Find some information from the police which you think may be untrue.

8 This semester’s grades You will write regular blog entries, but will sometimes have lab time allocated for this. We will have several in-class writing assignments There will be one group presentation, and one group performance –It may be prepared in class or in advance: I’m not yet sure There will be a (slightly) different kind of oral assessment at the end of the semester

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