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Racism: Majority and Minority Identity Development

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1 Racism: Majority and Minority Identity Development
Social Psychology

2 I. Definition Racism = Discrimination + power
Discussion Question: How do people w/ racist beliefs have power? Racism is the routine, institutionalized mistreatment of a person based on his/her membership in a group on the downside of power.

3 II. Effects of Racism Economic--keep demands for higher wages & better working conditions down. Social--segregation, leading to ignorance between groups of people. Political--fragmentation, which leads to the impairment of acting in unison for the better good. Personal--ignorance & fear leads to limitations in personal choice & personal growth.

4 III. Group formation Two groups form with any type of discrimination:
Majority – the larger group or the group with more power Minority – the smaller group or the group with less power

5 IV. Minority Identity Development Model
PRE-ENCOUNTER STAGE programmed to think of the world as non-minority or anti-minority act in ways that devalue their minority development Ex: forceful / violent demonstration of power ( Black Power movement) ENCOUNTER STAGE gain awareness of being a minority begin to validate themselves in terms of minority identity.

C. IMMERSION STAGE reject all non-minority values fully immerse themselves in minority culture Ex: only associate w/ other minorities and support other minorities. D. INTERNALIZATION STAGE develop a secure and self-confident minority identity comfortable expressing preferences and interests for experiences from non-minority cultures Ex: Step away from exclusive minority groups and embrace all groups

7 V. Majority Identity Development Model
PRE-EXPOSURE STAGE Little thought to multicultural issues & role as a majority group member in a racist and oppressive society. Ex: never considered the issues minority groups face or don’t consider it a problem

8 B. EXPOSURE STAGE confronted with the realities of racism & prejudice
forced to examine own role as a majority group member Anger and guilt arise. Anger due to feeling convinced society was accepting Guilt due to naivety and membership in racist society

9 C. ZEALOT-DEFENSIVE STAGE One of two reactions:
1. Become active in minority causes Reacting to guilt Ex: reading literature or joining groups that promote minority causes 2. Become defensive of majority view Attempt to connect with majority for support Ex: “that minority group is overreacting, they already get too much or are paid too much attention to”    

10 D. INTEGRATION STAGE overly strong feelings of the Zealot-    Defensive Stage subside more balanced view takes its place deeper appreciation of one's own culture secure, self-confident identity appreciation of other cultures

11 Allophilia

12 Allport’s Scale Antilocution (hate speech) Avoidance Discrimination
Physical Attack Extermination

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