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Anti-Racism Advertising Dr Biljana Scott DiploFoundation/University of Oxford EUPRIO 2004 Communicating Across Cultures.

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1 Anti-Racism Advertising Dr Biljana Scott DiploFoundation/University of Oxford EUPRIO 2004 Communicating Across Cultures

2 Premise: potential for conflict between plurality and cohesion; between multiculturalism and national unity. Evidence: racial/religious discrimination. Solution: the promotion of a super-category which contains diverse sub-categories within it: a multicultural national identity. Anti-Racism Advertising: Introduction

3 Definitions of ‘multiculturalism’/ cultural pluralism: A term describing a state of affairs: –the coexistence of many cultures in a locality, without any one culture dominating the region. A term describing a policy: –To encourage all nationals to integrate into their society and take an active part in its social, cultural, economic and political affairs –To encourage racial and ethnic harmony and cross-cultural understanding, and discourage ghettoization, hatred, discrimination and violence. Anti-Racism Advertising: Introduction

4 Means: social ads / Public Service Ads (PSAs) Anti-Racism Advertising: Introduction AD COUNCIL MISSION Our mission is to identify a select number of significant public issues and stimulate actions on those issues through communications programs that make a measurable difference in our societies.

5 Racial Cooperation ‘I am an American’ post 9/11 campaign E Pluribus Unum, or Out of Many, One. F rom the nation's original creed rises a message that has never been more appropriate than now… that diversity unites America, and that in the wake of this national tragedy, now is the time to embrace and celebrate that diversity instead of letting it divide us. Anti-Racism Advertising: Introduction

6 The unique faces of Britain poster campaign celebrates and encourages recognition of ethnic diversity in this country. It acknowledges modern Britain for what it is - a fascinating multicultural, multi-racial, multi-faith nation

7 Anti-Racism Advertising: Introduction Through this campaign we are stating clearly and loudly that there is no place for racism in Scotland. Unless we rid ourselves of prejudice and discrimination, our pursuit of social justice, equality of opportunity, and economic prosperity will be seriously compromised.

8 Anti-Racism Advertising: Introduction Know Racism is a three year programme which aims to contribute to creating the conditions for building an inclusive and intercultural society in Ireland, where racism is addressed and cultural diversity is valued.

9 Issues: –Creativity –Advertiser –Branding –Target audience –The ‘backfire effect’ –Double standards Anti-Racism Advertising: Introduction

10 Creativity: –Literalisation (1) –Double-takes (2) –Empathy(3) Anti-Racism Advertising: Introduction


12 The Unique faces of: LONDON SOUTHAMPTON

13 I am an American Anti-Racism Advertising: Creativity 1 By showing people of many ages, races, and religions saying the simple yet powerful line "I am an American," the advertising communicates the idea that our differences equal the very foundation and spirit of this nation.

14 “The Family of Man has been created in a passionate spirit of devoted love and faith in man. It was conceived as a mirror of the essential oneness of mankind throughout the world.” Edward Steichen, curator, 1955. 503 photographs 68 countries 2 million submissions

15 Anti-Racism Advertising: Creativity 2 / advertiser

16 Anti-Racism Advertising: Creativity 2 /Advertiser

17 Tug of war Anti-Racism Advertising: Creativity 2 Vox Pop

18 Anti-Racism Advertising: Creativity 2


20 We all came over in different ships, but we’re in the same boat now. Our origins, skin colors or religions may be different But our hearts are all in the same place. Please show tolerance for your fellow Americans

21 Benetton Campaign, spring-summer 1997 Anti-Racism Advertising: Creativity 1

22 Anti-Racism Advertising: Creativity 2 AMERICANS STAND UNITED Will hate bring it all back? Will it bring back the innocence? The sense of security? … Will hate make us better than those who hate us?… Hate is our enemy, and when we start to hate other Americans we have lost everything. Hate has taken enough from us already. Don’t let it take you.

23 Anti-Racism Advertising: Creativity 2

24 The Freedom Center's mission is to inspire people to speak up in the face of injustice and for the spirit of freedom.

25 Anti-Racism Advertising: Creativity 2 Imagine what we can do, together, today. Imagine... the power of one voice. The InterviewWhy?

26 Anti-Racism Advertising: Creativity 2



29 Anti-Racism Advertising: Creativity 3 You have just had the chance to feel the way many foreigners in Norway feel. Hatred has many faces.

30 Benetton advertising campaigns

31 Issues: –Creativity –Advertiser –Branding –Target audience –The ‘backfire effect’ –Double standards Anti-Racism Advertising: Recap

32 Anti-Racism Advertising: Advertiser Commercial & Government ads: similarities Oversimplification: - Racial identity reduced to skin colour - Nationalism reduced to patriotism. Adamism / a-historicism: - decontextualising effect of photogrpahy - shortcomings of humanism. “There is but one man in the world, and his name is All Men”. Commodification: - Multiculturalism on sale, something to buy/own… to brand

33 Anti-Racism Advertising: Branding BRANDING signals the shift from selling products to selling concepts, values, lifestyles and even ideologies. To show a product is banal. To associate a product with a concept and show that, is clever marketing. Commodification of Nations: “We are selling a product. We need someone who can rebrand American foreign policy, rebrand diplomacy.” (Colin Powell) Naomi Klein, America is not a Hamburger, Guardian, 2002.

34 Anti-Racism Advertising: Branding QUESTIONS: (1)To what extent have issues such as multiculturalism been turned into brand names for the sake of commercial profit? (2)To what extent has multiculturalism been used politically for its brand appeal? (3)If branding creates a one-way glossy irrefutable message, doesn’t this contradict the basic tenet of multiculturalism: intercommunication?

35 Anti-Racism Advertising: other issues Remaining issues: Target audience: global or national? Minorities? Backfire effect: don’t knows have prejudices confirmed Cardiff research: Double standards: institutional racism; immigration policies; citizenship requirements … and branding!

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