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Ricin Aubrey Van Niekerk John Stenson Sabrina Wolfe.

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1 Ricin Aubrey Van Niekerk John Stenson Sabrina Wolfe

2 Manufacture 0 Made from the pulp of the castor bean 0 Crushing the pulp creates oil and this oil is purified into pure ricin toxin

3 Toxicity 0 Highly toxic 0 Works by inhibiting the body’s ability to produce proteins, which can cause organ failure

4 Methods of Administration 0 Injected via needle 0 Injected via pellet 0 Added to water 0 Misted

5 Detection 0 Mass spectrometry on the blood is performed to identify the poison

6 Symptoms 0 Symptoms usually appear 6-8 hours after administration, death follows within 48-76 hours 0 If inhaled: Respiratory distress/failure, cold symptoms, Pulmonary Edema, Low BP 0 If ingested: GI distress, diarrhea, vomiting, hallucinations, seizures, organ failure 0 Injection: massive organ failure, fatigue, muscle weakness, loss of conciousness

7 Cure 0 No known antidote 0 Can identified but not treated 0 Can only make the victim comfortable

8 Wood Green Ricin Plot 0 London UK 0 Use of ricin threatened 0 Believed links to Al-Qaeda 0 Metropolitan Police arrested 6 suspects in Jan. 5, 2003 0 No ricin found but public panic 0 Only one conviction- Kamel Bourgass

9 Umbrella Murder 0 Bulgaria 1978 0 Georgi Markov 0 At bus stop stranger bumped into him with umbrella 0 Died three days later 0 Ricin was COD 0 Identified that the umbrella had injected a small metal pellet filled with ricin into his calf 0 Murderer was Francesco Gullino codenamed “Piccadilly

10 Sources 0 0 overview overview 0

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