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CANADIAN LEADER IN THE MANAGEMENT OF FORESTRY WORK La foresterie de demain El Sector Forestal del Mañana CANADIAN BOOTH 6-8A.

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1 CANADIAN LEADER IN THE MANAGEMENT OF FORESTRY WORK La foresterie de demain El Sector Forestal del Mañana CANADIAN BOOTH 6-8A

2 AWARDS: 2006 - Award for recent innovation in forestry technology 2004 - Finalist for the Ernst & Young « Entrepreneur of the Year » in Atlantic Canada 2003 - National Recognition for “Rural Development” by “Lauriers de la PME” 2003 - National Recognition for “Excellence in workplace literacy” by the Conference Board of Canada 2001 - National award in “Knowledge-based Economy” 1999 - CÉNB “Business of the Year”

3 I will present 2 companies Forest servicesForest product

4 First of all We are lucky, we work with one of the best material in the World Wood

5 You will say Green  Renewable  Recyclable  Reusable  Reduce CO 2 I will say the biggest advantage is not this

6 Nano Fiber Fiber Cell wall Very strong, but we often spend energy to break those strength Paper Particle board

7 Mechanical Properties of wood Tension Compression Very strong strong

8 Mechanical Properties of wood Breaking strength (MOR): weak

9 From that Point we have Developed & Patented a new product Corruven Inc. (Corrugated veneer panels) Patented Ultra light75% air

10 We use the corrugation to remove the weakness

11 Old way to develop a product (Push) Forest

12 Our way to develop a product (Pull)


14 Answer the needs, versus manufacturing raw material The first wood panel matching all customer needs MOR (Modulus of Rupture) MOE (Modulus of Elasticity Weight Green-conception Thickness & Dimension Face A et B Acoustic Insulation And more... Flexibility

15 We have decided to share our patent & our expertise Our expertise & knowledge will be put in contribution to innovate & develop solutions for specific needs to be promote via franchises (partners) Business Model

16 Business Concept Product components made close of its (Raw Material) source. Then, the Product components are shipped to Franchises.  75% transportation cost savings Each Franchise fabricates their specific panels  75% air. Each Franchise,personalize their panel (dimension, faces, thickness & edges). Just in time fabrication reduce inventory and increasing cash flow.

17 Extremely light weight Only 25% of raw material Reduce overall material transportation costs & inventory (75%) Tremendous advantage on CO2 emissions (GHG reductions) Reduce glue usage Formaldehyde free Product advantages

18 Answer the needs, versus manufacturing raw material Applications Furniture Wall Roof Floor Ceiling tiles Shelve RV & trailer Airplane Boat And more...

19 Corruven serves as a unifying of these great Visionaries & Investors Are you one of them? Contact: Alain Belanger CANADIAN BOOTH 6-8A

20 To have success in our sector (Wood sector) We have to demonstrate to the World that we maximize the utilisation of the wood With our patent, we save 75% & We use the fiber to maximize their natural strength

21 We also have to demonstrate to the world that we are in control. We manage by priorities & objectives; not by constraints That is what Groupe Regenord have developed in the last 25 years SMSS (Sylviculture Management Software System) We manage the forest with priorities; not with constraints

22 Our vision of the forest industry is summarized by this table “Be proactive and thrive; be reactive to the market and pay the price”

23 GPS data is recorded in basic Esri shapefile format. - Data uploaded to office PC or Laptop. -Data is then transfered to Groupe RegeNord Innovanet System. Block Auditor The Block Auditor is a GIS Tool that is part of a global SMSS (Sylviculture Management Software System) Ex:

24 - The software process GPS shapefile data to make Maps, divide the lot (task), calculate the rate (cost) and Payroll data Block Auditor

25 Printable Lot Map Map attributes: -Block Number -Client -Program -Lots number -Density -Area -Rate -Total $ -Polygon shape of the Lot -Map Scale -Company -North Arrow Lot or task

26 DIMS (Data Inventory Management System D.I.M.S. is a sylviculture survey data manager for: storage, reporting, analyzing & mapping. Web application, access from anywhere, rights defined per user. No server required, just a web browser. (IE

27 Ex:

28 Export, print reports Linked with Survey & Account Database

29 No chance of mistake between the forest data & the administration, every numbers are track and validate (audit) Also you are able to print report to know exactly where you have to improve your work. Ex.  Work in progress  Cost / lot or cost/ task  Cost / employee  Cost per block  Quality of block or employee  Profit per unit or block  Etc. We also put alarm if you do not do the profit that we want Advantages

30 In short, our vision for future forest management is: -Focused on maximizing return on a forest stand basis; -Priority based – rather than limited by constraints – to maximize: Timber value and forest productivity Fish & Wildlife habitat Ecotourism / aesthetics Promote carbon; obtain / sell carbon credits; Biodiversity -To gradually transfer decision making process from probabilities to factual and accurate field data; -Better control mechanisms to report to investors / shareholders; -Supported by a field audit system and continual improvement process

31 Our goal in Chile:  Bring our technologies to develop with Chilien forest sector, first of all, you company to manage your operation in a better contrôle end better cost.  We can structure your contractor or your operation (save money & lower the risk)  Structure the woodland department Surveys Site Preparation Plantation Pre-commercial, semi-commercial & commercial thinning


33 Consider us the best investment towards your Timberlands management Thank You for your time! Contact Us: +1 (506) 284-3100 +1 (877) 284-3101 260, Notre-Dame Street Kedgwick, NB CANADA E8B 1H9 CANADIAN BOOTH 6-8A

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