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Steve Brink Vice President-Public Resources California Forestry Association.

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1 Steve Brink Vice President-Public Resources California Forestry Association


3 What’s the Plan? Congress directs 20% increase in wood supply Administration responds with – it will take us 3 years to get from 2.4 billion board feet sold to 3.0 Forest Products Target includes sawlog, fuelwood, pulp, and biomass Administration recognizes they have at least 65 million acres at risk to insects, disease, and wildfire Pace will increase from 3.7 million acres in 2011 to 4 million acres in 2012 Forest Products Target 2.4 bbf in 2011; 2.6 in 2012; 2.8 in 2013; 3.0 in 2014

4 Expanding Mechanical Thinning Increase in mechanical treatment from 195,000 acres in 2011 to 211,700 acres in 2012 Increase to 228,000 acres in 2013 and 244,000 acres in 2014

5 Increased Efficiency 3 new Categorical Exclusions including one for Restoration Use of Objection Process for all NEPA documents Improved NEPA Procedures Focused EAs (15 pages instead of 150 pages) Adaptive EISs (anticipate changes such as bark beetle kill)

6 Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Act (CFLRA) 20 projects selected nationwide; funded at $40 million Increase in opportunity for more forest health and fuels reduction


8 Federal Forest Resource Coalition (FFRC) National Coalition both small and large companies & regional trade associations In 24 States Coalition members employ over 350,000 workers Over 650 Mills Payroll in excess of $19 Billion

9 Influence of FFRC in 2012 Instrumental in getting Congress to set a wood supply target; first time since 1992 Instrumental in getting the Target raised to 3.0 billion board feet (Sawlog, Pulp, Fuelwood, Biomass) Instrumental in maintaining funding levels for forest products budget line items

10 Influence of FFRC in 2013 Will Lobby For: Increase in wood supply to 3.5 billion board feet Increase in forest products budget by 10% Restore fuels reduction budget to 2011 levels Restore Roads budget to 2011 levels Reauthorize Stewardship Contracting; incorporate a Goal of retaining existing industry infrastructure “Intelligent Project Design”

11 In Summary We should see a continual increase in wood supply (Sawlogs, Pulpwood, and Biomass) from Federal Land With Intelligent Project Design, we could certainly see an improvement in ability to economically move forest by-products and small diameter material

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