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Fitmin Nutrition Programme for Dogs Innovation 2014 Manual of communication for our representatives - arguments.

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1 Fitmin Nutrition Programme for Dogs Innovation 2014 Manual of communication for our representatives - arguments

2 Fitmin Nutrition Programme for Dogs Fitmin - the on of only few in Europien´s brand with really fresh high-quality meat that is used for human consumption 16 kinds of food divided into 3 groups: MINI – MEDIUM - MAXI in each group, the food covers the entire life of the dog, from puppy to senior food for adult dogs with different energy content (maintenance - performance - light), which allows to respond to the current condition of the dog the same ingredient composition of the food in the group allows to switch from one type to another without the need for food mixing

3 Fitmin 2014 - Goal of innovation this is Fitmin of the 5th generation the aim of every Fitmin innovation has always been to keep the ingredients that work based on long-term experience and improve the recipe according to the current meaningful trends Fitmin 2014: based on the proven benefits of the previous generation we have added fresh meat and new benefits we leave “15 kg of high-quality granules per package”

4 Fitmin 2014 - Benefits major benefits for communication: 50 % of fresh meat - in a quality intended for human consumption; high quality including the method of processing (the meat goes into extrusion “directly” without drying, which would destroy vital nutrients) guarantees a high nutrient value of the granules and excellent palatability recipe without wheat - wheat is one of the most commonly identified sources of food allergies; by removing it from the recipe, we have thus significantly reduced the risk of allergic reactions balanced recipe based on long-term experience - this is Fitmin of the 5th generation; every innovation is based on the original recipe and we keep those components whose functionality has been proven. the description of all benefits is in the following slides...

5 Fitmin 2014 - Fresh meat 50 % in the fresh state (5 times as much as in Fitmin 2011 ) we use the so-called machine-boned meat that is used for human consumption meat is added directly to the mixture in the process of extrusion not as a pre-dried ingredient (possible procedure at the competition), but with an original moisture of around 70 %. In the preconditioner, fresh meat is mixed with the dry mixture and steamed for optimum moisture, and then the mixture goes into the extruder where it is exposed to a high pressure and temperature of about 130°C for a very short period of a few seconds. Further processing follows - forcing through a matrix produces granules, followed by drying, application of the top layer of fat and liver, refrigeration and storage in containers.

6 Fitmin 2014 - Fresh meat WHY fresh meat? guarantees excellent palatability of granules nutrients remain in an excellent quality, they are not destroyed by high temperatures, as is the case with dried meat Fresh meat is a more natural food for the dog than cooked or dried meat. In the production process, “our meat” is exposed to heat treatment for only a very short time.

7 Fitmin 2014 - Ingredients of animal origin the information on the packaging includes the % of ingredients of animal origin used in the food, including an explanation of what the respective numbers mean. E.g. Fitmin Medium Maintenance: made from 69 % of ingredients of animal origin, of which: 50 % is fresh chicken meat (i.e. meat of human food quality, with original moisture of 70 %) 15 % dried ingredients of chicken origin (poultry meal imported from Germany - import because of guaranteed quality - and hydrolysed poultry liver = for a high palatability of granules) 4 % of ingredients of fish origin (fish meal, salmon oil) in addition to the above ingredients, poultry fat is also one of the ingredients of animal origin; it is not included in the overview on the title side of the package but it is included in the product composition

8 Fitmin 2014 - How is it made? The input ingredients thus consist of meat (50 %) and the other ingredients (the remaining 50 %) - according to the composition. Everything goes through the process of extrusion and subsequent processing, and the Fitmin 2014 granules are produced. If the input mass weighs for example 20 kg, 10 kg is fresh meat and 10 kg the other ingredients. The output weight is lower - as is the case with a 200- gram steak with lower weight after heat treatment.

9 Fitmin 2014 - Proteins of animal origin proteins of animal origin (this number is indicated in the upper right corner of the existing Fitmin 2011 package) - the number declares what % of proteins are animal proteins e.g. again Fitmin Medium Maintenance: contains 24 % of proteins (i.e. 240 g in 1 kg) of this amount, 70 % are animal proteins, that is 168 g the remaining proteins are of plant origin, namely 72 g the sources of animal proteins are poultry (chicken meat in a quality for human consumption and poultry meal of German quality) and fish (fish meal) - we thus guarantee a diversity of proteins, which is better for the dog than only one source

10 Fitmin 2014 - Ingredients of plant origin In the Czech Republic, there are approx. 2 million dogs (the exact number is not known because not all dogs are registered). 10 % of the dogs suffer from some form of allergy; allergy to food represents about 30 % of these allergic reactions. The exact causes of allergic reactions are not known because it is quite difficult to find out what the dog is allergic to. significant allergens include wheat gluten (sources: wheat and its derivatives: wheat flour, wheat germs, etc.) - we have completely removed wheat ingredients from the Fitmin recipe, thus significantly reducing the risk of allergic reactions

11 Fitmin 2014 - Ingredients of plant origin The vegetable ingredients in the Fitmin 2014 recipe include: rice - has a high nutritional value. It contains complex carbohydrates, which means that it contains starch and fibre. Complex carbohydrates are digested slowly, which allows the body to use the released energy over a longer period of time. Rice proteins, in comparison with other kinds of grain, are considered to be one of the best-quality proteins. They contain eight essential amino acids that are the fundamental building blocks of muscles. Rice does not contain gluten, and it is thus used in gluten-free diet; it does not cause allergic reactions and is easily digestible corn - it has been much discussed as a potential allergen; however, according to Prof. MVDr. Miroslav Svoboda of the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno (Small Animal Clinic), clinical findings indicate that the percentage of allergic reactions to corn is minor with dogs; on the contrary, the nutritional value of corn is so high that it should not be omitted from dog food

12 Fitmin 2014 - Benefits New: complex dental care for healthy teeth - people often rely on the abrasive effect of granules; however, we have learned that this is not always sufficient (especially in the case of small breeds). For this reason we have added a patented supplement that serves as antibacterial protection in the oral cavity rosemary extract - stimulates the immune system, supports blood circulation and improves digestion, supports the liver, acts as an antioxidant with the Light type - psyllium - contains a high amount of fibre. Due to its exceptional efficiency, it reduces the incidence of constipation, but also helps in reducing weight, detoxifies the body and improves overall health.

13 Fitmin 2014 - Benefits Based on Fitmin 2011: Prebiotics affect the existing intestinal microflora of the host. We use the so-called fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) - inulin, extracted from chicory root. FOS serve as “food” for the beneficial intestinal microflora, and thus facilitate digestion Chelates are trace elements (Fe, Cu, Mn, Zn), organically bonded to amino acids. In this form, which better corresponds to what is found in the natural diet, trace elements are absorbed more effectively into the body.

14 Fitmin 2014 - Benefits Based on Fitmin 2011: a complex of natural antioxidants - a patented dietary supplement based on plant polyphenols, which protects body cells from free radicals (causing irreversible cell damage). These substances protect cell membranes, especially their lipid components, from attacks by free radicals. a balanced proportion of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids - omega 3 fatty acids are among the so-called indispensable fatty acids - the body is unable to produce them itself. They are replenished from salmon oil and flax seed. For a good quality of skin and hair, it is necessary to balance the proper ratio of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. Both groups of fatty acids are used in the body to create substances with regulatory effects similar to hormones. The first group consists of pro-inflammatory substances, the second group features anti- inflammatory substances. Only if their ratio is proper can the quality of skin and hair be high.

15 Fitmin 2014 - Benefits Based on Fitmin 2011: Yucca extract has an extraordinary ability to bond gaseous nitrogen in the form of ammonia or other gases which are generated by digestion and are characterised by an unpleasant smell. Yucca reduces the odour of faeces and urine. Suitable fibre from dried apples and beet pulp offers an ideal proportion of insoluble and fermentable components. The insoluble part has a mechanical function; actually, it allows for the movement of the chyme in the intestine by peristaltic movements. The fermentable portion is decomposed in the large intestine by microorganisms producing volatile fatty acids. These fatty acids serve as a source of nutrition for the cells on the surface of the large intestine. And when these cells are in a good condition, they provide for sufficient absorption of water = concentration of faeces.

16 Fitmin 2014 - Benefits Based on Fitmin 2011: DHA (in food for puppies) is one of the omega-3 fatty acids which the body is unable to produce and which must therefore be obtained from food. Its sufficient amount in food affects proper development of the nerve tissue. joint nutrition - selected foods (Senior and Maxi, except Maxi Puppy) contain glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate, that is substances that are the building blocks of joint cartilage a protection complex against ageing - this is a complex of antioxidants which fight free radicals that cause cell damage and accelerate the process of ageing. The anti-ageing complex supplements the antioxidant effects of vitamin E and vitamin C in the body.

17 Fitmin 2014 - Benefits The Fitmin 2014 food: is not produced from genetically modified ingredients does not contain artificial colouring or flavouring does not contain salt is produced using renewable energy sources is made only from the finest ingredients digestibility of Fitmin 2014 - 91.7 % proteins, 95.8 % fat during the manufacturing process, the food undergoes a continuous quality control - from the testing of the input ingredients and semi-finished products to the final product the production of Fitmin is certified according to ISO and IFS (International Food Standard, which is one of the most important and most reputable certificates in the food industry) and is controlled through HACCP, which is an internationally recognised quality systém.

18 Fitmin 2014 - Stabilisation The Fitmin 2014 foods are stabilised by synthetic preservatives and antioxidants, which are also used in the food industry, and we work with them in accordance with applicable legislation. The use of these substances guarantees the stability of the food throughout its “life” (the guaranteed minimum period of its life) and prevents the rancidity of fats and devaluation of the food (the consumption of which would jeopardise the health of the dog).

19 Fitmin 2014 - Package guide carrying handle on the side of the bag for easy handling zipper at the top of the bag for closing the package and preservation of the freshness of the food rear side + right and left sides: declaration, feeding instructions

20 Fitmin 2014 - Final recipe example Fitmin Medium Maintenance Ingredients: poultry meat (fresh poultry meat - 50 %, dried chicken meat 11.6 %, hydrolysed poultry liver 3 %), rice, corn, poultry fat, fish meal (3 %), sugar beet pulp, flax seed, dried apple pomace, brewer’s yeast, calcium carbonate, dicalcium phosphate, chicken eggs, salmon oil (0.5 %), fructo-oligosaccharides (0.2 %), yucca (0.03 %), a complex of natural antioxidants (0.02 %), rosemary extract (0.01 %).

21 Fitmin 2014 vs. competing brands - composition Royal Canin Medium adult does not contain fresh meat low content of ingredients of animal origin high content of cereals and vegetable ingredients (corn with the highest proportion, wheat, wheat bran, corn bran) contains wheat does not contain natural antioxidants Ingredients: corn, poultry protein (dried), wheat feed flour, corn feed meal, dried meat (beef, pork)*, wheat, animal fat, animal proteins (hydrolysed), dried beet pulp, fish oil, soya oil, yeast, mineral substances, yeast hydrolysate (source of mannan-oligosaccharides).

22 Fitmin 2014 vs. competing brands - composition Acana adult lower proportion of fresh meat (in the original EN composition 5 %) Ingredients: Dehydrated chicken meat (40 %), oats, fresh chicken meat, peas, brown rice, poultry fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols and rosemary), fresh salmon, chicken liver, fresh whole eggs, wheat alfalfa, salmon oil, pumpkin, chicken cartilage (natural source of glucosamine), red apples, carrots, young turnip leaves, cranberries, Saskatoon berries, organically grown seaweed (kelp, bladderwrack, dulse seaweed), burdock root, hibiscus root, juniper berries, fenugreek, sweet fennel, angelica root, sea buckthorn, chicory root, stinging nettle, red raspberry leaf, milk thistle, peppermint leaf, marigold flowers, chamomile flowers, enterococcus faecium, lactobacillus acidophilus + vitamins and minerals.

23 ProPlan Adult original chicken and rice does not contain fresh meat contains wheat (the 2nd highest proportion) generally a high proportion of cereals, simple recipe does not contain natural antioxidants Ingredients: Chicken meat (20 %), wheat, corn starch, rice (8 %), corn, dehydrated poultry proteins, corn starch, animal fat, corn, autolysate, dried beet pulp, minerals, egg powder, fish oil, colostrum (0.1 %). Fitmin 2014 vs. competing brands - composition

24 Eukanuba adult medium breed does not contain fresh meat contains wheat (the 2nd highest proportion) generally a high proportion of cereals, simple recipe does not contain natural antioxidants, contains salt Ingredients: Dried chicken and turkey meat (28 %), wheat, corn, animal fat, sorghum, barley, dried beet pulp (2.9 %), hydrolysed animal proteins, dried whole eggs, potassium chloride, fish oil, sodium chloride, sodium hexametaphosphate, calcium carbonate, fructo-oligosaccharides (0.29 %), flax seed. Fitmin 2014 vs. competing brands - composition

25 Brit care Adult lamb and rice does not contain fresh meat Ingredients: lamb meat and products of lamb origin, rice, poultry fat, salmon oil, natural flavour, rice bran, dried beet pulp, brewer’s yeast, egg powder, yucca extract, dried apples, minerals, glucosamine sulphate, chondroitin sulphate, DL-methionine, L-lysine, mannan-oligosaccharides, fructo-oligosaccharides, copper sulphate pentahydrate, niacin, calcium pantothenate, folic acid, choline chloride, biotin, vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol). Fitmin 2014 vs. competing brands - composition

26 Fitmin 2014 vs. competition - price comparison * Recommended price for Fitmin 2014 minus 7 % (discount in stores) FoodAverage price in CZKPrice per 1 kg in CZK Fitmin 2014 Medium Maintenance 15 kg 1,124*75 Royal Canin adult medium 15 kg1,31588 Eukanuba adult medium 15 kg1,25283 Acana adult 18 kg1,38677 Brit care medium adult 12 kg1,04187 ProPlan adult original chicken + rice 15 kg1,20586

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