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By Isabella, Gerald & Monique. Trees, bamboo and other native plants.

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1 By Isabella, Gerald & Monique

2 Trees, bamboo and other native plants.

3 Most of the wood used to make paper comes from forests and woods.

4 Usually the raw materials used to make paper are cut down. Sometimes they are dug up.

5 The wood is transported from the woods and forests by logging trucks and then all over the world by ships. It is then taken to paper factories by trucks and trains.

6 -First the wood is chipped. -Then it is mixed with hot water and other chemicals. - Then it is dried and shaped with large flat rollers. -It is then sold to paper manufacturers.

7 At the factories of paper manufacturers it is shaped into various products like cardboard boxes.

8 Many things are made from paper these days like cardboard boxes, books, writing materials, newspaper, paper packaging, insulating materials around power cables, throw-away tissues, towels and egg cartons and throw-away clothes used in hospitals.

9 This is the process of recycling paper. 1-Householders put their clean waste paper out for curbside collection. 2-the mixed waste paper is collected by a truck and taken to the recycling depot. 3-at the recycling depot, different types are separated into pure streams of different grades. 4-the pure stream paper are pressed into large bundles called bales and are sent to the paper mill. 5-at the paper mill each grade of paper is reprocessed separately. It is chopped into small pieces and mixed with hot water to form pulp. 6-the recycled pulp is put threw a screen to remove solid objects, such as paper clips and staples, and cleaned with chemicals to removed ink and glue. 7-the recycled pulp is added to new paper pulp and made into new paper. 8-new products made from recycled paper are bought by householders.

10 Making paper from raw materials has a huge affect on the environment. It destroys animals homes also making to much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

11 made by Gerald R Jackson, Monique A Berry & Isabella K Hunter

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