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Rismawarni Marshal Executive Director of ICPC Manila 9 – 12 September 2009 1.

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1 Rismawarni Marshal Executive Director of ICPC Manila 9 – 12 September 2009 1

2 Indonesian Profile Developing country with 4- 5 % Growth Factor per year Industrial sector as 2 nd largest Contributor to GDP 2

3 Indonesian Problem Environmental Issue over-exploitation of marine resources large-scale deforestation flood Solid waste Water Pollution Air pollution etc 3

4 Environmental Issues Industrial Pollution 51,2 million unit SME are potential to generate waste into the environment Domestic Waste Jakarta Produced more than 7000 ton solid waste per day. 4

5 Key Problem Lack of environmental awareness among stakeholders Overlap Function of some government institution 5

6 CP as one of alternative Solution ▫Have been introduced in Indonesia since 1993 ▫Win-win solution ▫Increase resource efficiency Background 6

7 Synergy in Indonesian Environmental Management Tools Regulation, Permit, Assistance, Law enforcement Cleaner Production EMS Eco label, LCA Proactive compliance Comply to regulation systematically and efficient “Beyond Compliance” Sustainable Development Standard Training Information Monitoring Technology Certification Funding Benchmarking Accreditation PROPER Incentive 7

8 CP Barrier in Indonesia  CP was introduced as a voluntary tools that inhibit the CP Promotion in Indonesia  Lack of CP Service Providers in Indonesia 8

9 ICPC Organizational Background To promote, facilitate and catalyze cleaner production implementation in Indonesia through service providers. Formed in 12 May 2004 Services: 1.Awareness Raising 2.Knowledge Management 3.Training of Trainers 4.Networking 5.Technical Assistance 6.Demonstration Project ICPC Steering Committee ICPC Executive Director Public Relation Division Technical Division Secretary and Administration 9

10 ICPC Strategies to Promote CP Establishing good networking creating demandEstablishing good networking to promote CP and creating demand from industries Developing and standardize CP moduleDeveloping and standardize CP module and guideline for industries developing CP Service ProvidersEmpowering and developing CP Service Providers as an agent to disseminate CP tools especially for industrial sector 10

11 Networking as ICPC main strategy Internal Ministry of Environment:  Regional level Environmental Management Centre Local Government:  Province level Environmental Management Institution  Cities or Regencies level Environmental Management Institution External:  Department of Industry  Private Service Providers / consultant  University  Research Centre 11

12 Regional centre ICPC Networking City Env Mgt Institution Research centre University 12

13 Industries / SME ……….. Manufacture Sector Agriculture sector Tourism Sector Feed back Support Service user Related institution Donor institution Training Centre Ministry of Environment Indonesian Cleaner Production Centre Donor Institution Industrial Association Industrial estate Environmental study centre Research centre Consultant Other Service Providers 13

14 Example of CP module that have been developed Module of technology and CP implementation in industrial sector: textile, electroplating, pulp and paper, palm oil, and rubber. Module of CP implementation model in cities and hotel Success story of CP implementation and Environmental Management System, CP Implementation in batik and tofu SMEs etc 14

15 Training of Trainers for SP Development Good Housekeeping Chemical Management Environmental oriented Cost Management Environmental Management Accounting Energy Efficiency Profit Oriented Environmental Management (MeLOK) Etc 15

16 Profit oriented Environmental Management (MeLOK) Developed by ICPC in 2007 Change industrial point of view Reduce cost through efficiency Systematic implementation for sustainable CP implementation 16

17 MeLOK Achievement Financial Benefit Total saving from 3 industries : Rp. 706.250.700,- /per year Environmental improvement Reduction in chemical usage and waste generation Reduction of electricity consumption to 9131.2 MWH per year CO 2 emission reduction at 6626.3 ton per year. Reduction in water intake and waste water generation. 17

18 ICPC short term strategy Organizing TOT for expert from Industrial department Organizing national conference on cleaner production in Indonesia Finding potential donors to help ICPC disseminate CP through pilot / replication project. 18

19 Indonesian Cleaner Production Centre Kantor Puarpedal, Gedung 210 Komplek PUSPIPTEK Jln. Raya Puspiptek, Serpong-Banten Telp./Fax (021) 7564080, 756 4088 Website : Email : 19

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