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Was born on March 22, 1947. He has written 65 novels in his career. He has been criticized a lot since he has become a writer for no apparent reason.

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2 Was born on March 22, 1947. He has written 65 novels in his career. He has been criticized a lot since he has become a writer for no apparent reason. 19 of his novels have been #1 bestsellers.

3  Maximum Ride  Fang  Iggy  Nudge  Gazzy  Angel

4  Jeb Batchelder  Ari

5  Fang is my favorite character because he is a strong silent figure. He helps to keep the flock together by whatever it takes, even if it means getting beat to a pulp or even dying if necessary. Fang is the second oldest and it shows as he protects the little ones like Nudge and Gazzy.

6  Reilly is my least favorite character because of they way he treated Angel. Angel is just a 6 year old girl who has been experimented on since she was born. She has the ability to read minds and the only thing Reilly has ever thought about is dissecting her brain. He is a person who is so ugly on the inside you could only expect to find a black hole.

7  A girl is having a dream she is being chased by wolfmen and that she jumps off a cliff and unfurls her enormous human sized wings. Her dream is actually just a past event in her life. She really does have wings and her name is Maximum Ride. Max and her flock ( Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel) live in a home in the mountains and they are hiding from the School, an institute that made them the way they are, and the creatures that the School has created.

8  The Flock are eventually found in the sanctuary that was given to them by one of the scientists named Jeb. They are found by creatures called Erasers. The Erasers are a more advanced form of werewolves that can transform at will and are so good looking and have such angelic voices that they can warp the minds of regular humans to do what they need and to get information out of them. They come to the Flock’s home and knock most of them out, taking the Angel. The rest of the flock wakes up to see this happening and devise a plan for Max, Fang, and Nudge to go on a rescue mission to save Angel from the school and their horrible experiments.

9 The Flock makes a plan to get Angel which all blows up when the Erasers raid their home while three of them are gone on their merry way to get Angel. The other two who were at home escape and make it to the others. Once all five are back together they make it on their way to the school. They don’t want to fly up to the school because that would be too obvious, so they steal a van. They get chased by Erasers and everyone but Iggy and Gasman are captured. While inside of the school they found out that their savior, Jeb who they thought was dead, was actually alive and helping the other scientists. Jeb takes Maximum into another room where he tells her that she is going to save the world and she is awestruck and put back in her cage. After that they are sent out into a field for the Erasers to play hunt down the flock and kill em, but they get interrupted by Iggy and Gasman who bring along a flock of hawks that they met on the way to the School. The hawks are huge help to distract the Erasers and scientists enough for everyone to escape. While they are escaping Jeb tells Maximum to stay and everything was just a test, but she doesn’t and leaves.

10  The flock finds their way to an institute that is just like the school, but is in New York. They go their in hopes to find out things about their parents and other information like that. They find the information on a computer that Nudge hacked. What is weird is that they also found more mutants, one of which is a bird girl like them. They are found by Ari, who tries to chase them down but all the younger flock escapes along with the mutant children that were there. Max has a big fight with Ari, throwing kicks and punches and knocks him on his back. While Max has Ari pinned she smashes his head on the ground but his head went off of the platform they were on and broke his neck. Max is shocked but runs away when she hears Jeb scream “You killed your brother!!!”. She is shocked to hear this but runs anyway.

11  After the flock escapes the Institute, Max is haunted by the last words she heard from Jeb. How could she of killed her own brother when she and Ari were so different? She stops thinking about that and they fly to central park and hide in a tree. They then figured out that Angel had stolen one of the animals that was being tested on, named Total. They hid under an abandoned band shell and talked about Total and what to do with him. They keep him and Angel is, of course, happy about that. The papers that Nudge had printed off were very helpful and helped them find out that most of their parents were around DC, so that’s where they decide to go.

12  This book starts out at an undetermined year in an abandoned home in California, that used to belong to Jeb. They had lived in that house for 4 years. Two years with Jeb and two years without. It moves across the U.S., starting off by going to the School in Arizona. The flock goes to the School trying to save Angel from the whitecoats. After the adventure there they fly to lake mead to meet up with the first group that left. They end up going to the school and getting caught. Then they fly to N.Y. and that’s where it ends. During the entire book there isn’t time for rest, and everywhere they go is hostile.

13  The three main themes in this book are Society, Deceit, and Leadership. Society in this book is huge. It shows how troubled our world is in so many ways. It depicts how different people may act in different situations. Deceit in this book is huge. Every corner you turn there is a new secret uncovered and a new problem is made for the flock, especially when Jeb appears at the school. Leadership is a strong point in this story because Max is only 14 but has to make sure her flock is safe and sound and never has a break from it. She is in trouble all of the time because of the decisions that she makes. Most of her decisions help them to escape horrible situations and stay together as a family.

14  I would rate this book as a 9 out of 10. I took away a point because as much action and adventure there is in this book, it’s a little predictable. I could see my self reading this again just to go through the emotions and feelings of disbelief.

15  My social issue is going to be about how child abuse effects our modern society. It is a huge problem and it can cause death. There are three main types of abuse. They are physical, mental, and sexual. This is huge because it messes up potential people that might make huge ideas to help develop better ways for our society to move forward. Instead, they are so destroyed on the inside that they have no idea what to do and we need to change this.

16 YouTube and song that relates to my social issue ("Child Abuse")

17  Physical Abuse is one way children are abused. It is when someone exerts aggressive behavior on your body, normally resulting in physical injury to your skin, bones, or internal organs. It doesn’t always occur from hitting. Some other forms of physical abuse are excessive exercise, or malnutrition.  Mental Abuse is another type of abuse. This behavior normally happens by forcing someone in to a psychologically hurtful situation. It can also happen from calling your them names or ignoring them. Sometimes it is caused by one person threatening himself, the person being mentally abused, or loved ones. This type of abuse can be highly detrimental and cause the necessity of years of psychological therapy.  Sexual abuse is the last type of abuse. This type of abuse is caused by an offender looking for sexual stimulation. It can cause physical and mental abuse all at once and is seriously messed up.

18 Evil has no easy explanation. Everyone is evil and is good. Sometimes we watch ourselves do something evil Frozen in a scream that's never heard. We cannot stop ourselves, so we go on, Knowing somewhere else the horror plays And plays and plays until we are forgiven, Healed by someone's gift of unearned love. When someone has been tortured as a child, Evil, like a mad dog, crouches near. One buries it deep in a vaulted, lead-lined chamber, But zombie-like it stalks the world within. It's strange that darkened children need forgiveness For evil that they suffer, innocent. But guilt's the trademark of humiliation, Burned into the flesh of memory. Love washes over evil like an ocean, Sweeping over seething, fisted anger, Drowning it in cold, unquiet depths, Leaving you weak and weeping on the strand. You wouldn't be yourself without the pain That twists inside like penitential dancers, Making you the stage of some strange beauty, Like no one else, the host of our redemption

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