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Descriptive Geometry PACKAGE DESIGN. Package Design Goals.

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1 Descriptive Geometry PACKAGE DESIGN

2 Package Design Goals

3 Package Design “It is the pervading law of all things organic... Of all true manifestations of the head, of the heart, of the soul, that life is recognizable in its expression, that form ever follows function.” - Louis Sullivan, architect PURPOSE of package design Displays the product Protects the product Contains the product

4 Package Design When Form does NOT follow Function

5 Package Design History “Histories make men wise; poets, witty; the mathematics, subtle; philosophy, deep; logic and rhetoric, able to contend.” - Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

6 Package Design History

7 Package Design Common Materials

8 The majority of container work uses paperboard / cardboard because: Its base (wood pulp) is a renewable resource It can be recycled / reused Cost-effective Environment-friendly most accessible medium Easily manipulated by hand Endless design opportunities & potentials

9 Package Design Paradigms paradigm: 1. A typical example of something; 2. an example that serves as a pattern or model from something, especially one that forms the basis of a methodology or theory.

10 Package Design Paradigms BOX

11 Package Design Paradigms PYRAMID

12 Package Design Paradigms CONE

13 Package Design Paradigms CYLINDER

14 Package Design Processes “When we approach a new package project, the first question we ask ourselves is, ‘How can we do this differently?’ We’re not looking for the obvious solution. We’re looking for the creative one.” - Sol Lang, Creative Director Crayon Design Group

15 Package Design Processes DIE CUTTING Adds depth, texture and information Draws audience into the contents Compelling visual element that brings negative space into the design When designing: Is the die cut necessary? Does it create a strong element within the overall design? Does it engage the viewer in a way not possible without the cut? Does the cut reveal relevant & interesting information inside the package? Be sure the cut does not compromise the strength of the package

16 Package Design Processes POP-UPS Called “paper engineering” An interactive section that adds a sense of surprise & fun Labor intensive & costly Adds a 3-D aspect to communicate more information than static images When designing: Learn from “reverse engineering” (by disassembling examples) Requires trial & error investigations Pop-up CD Design

17 Package Design Processes SPECIAL CLOSURES Adds to the visual & tactile experience Has a tendency to elevate the craft When designing: The variations are limitless Design by Jessica Baechle

18 Package Design Graphics “The front fights for out interest while the back reassures us that our choice is a sound one.” - Chuck Groth

19 Design Principles

20 Package Design Steps Consider the contents & Develop a design concept. Is it fragile? Durable? Oddly shaped? Is it a solid, liquid, or powder? Design the basic form. Add more detail to appropriate surfaces. If appropriate, add die-cuts, etc. Map the graphics. Create the best development for your particular design. So that graphics are continuous, etc. Sketch all ideas at every stage of the design process!

21 Package Design Examples Design Concept

22 Package Design Examples


24 © Mark Weisz Design, Clifton, NJ Design by Jose Soto Gregeda (Mexico)

25 Package Design Examples Design by Daniel Shinn © Hornall Anderson Design Works Packaging Design by Crayon Design & Communication, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (Produced for MSC International)

26 Package Design Examples Design by Jessica Baechle © Hornall Anderson Design Works

27 Package Design Examples © Brewer Riddiford, London © Rob Wright, Redwood Design (South Africa)

28 Package Design Examples Design by Dmitry Paperny © Tridgimage / 3D Packaging Image Design

29 Package Design Examples Design by Jessica McEntire (Photograph by Tadashi Isozaki)Design by Bradford Klemmer (Photo by Tadashi Isozaki)

30 Sources  Groth, Chuck. Exploring Package Design: The Art and Techniques of Designing Exceptional Packaging. Thomson Delmar Learning, 2006.

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