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MANUFACTURING CLUSTER IN THE TAMPERE REGION. The centre of the Finnish manufacturing industry There are wide bases of businesses operating in manufacturing.

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2 The centre of the Finnish manufacturing industry There are wide bases of businesses operating in manufacturing industry in the Tampere Region. Mining Construction and Mobile Machinery are the leading ones. 2,8%ENERGY AND CLEANTECH 1,3%GRAPHICAL INDUSTRY 1,1%VECHILES 0,8%TEXTILE AND LEATHER 0,7%GLASS PROCESSING MACHINERY 0,5%ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY 0,2%LIFE SCIENCE 0,1%CHEMICAL INDUSTRY 29,3%MINING AND CONSTRUCTION 24,7%MOBILE MACHINERY 11,8%FOOD INDUSTRY 10,4%PACKAGING MATERIALS 5,1%RUBBER AND PLASTICS 4,3%PULP AND PAPER 3,8%CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY 3,2% MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

3 What is the Manufacturing cluster about? LONG HISTORY IN SUPPORTING AND DEVELOPING THE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY WIDE COMPANY BASE Skilled people, capability of renewal, co-operation with universities and innovation platforms UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES High quality research and education, labour with know-how MODERN INNOVATION PLATFORMS New Factory, Demola, Protomo, Konela, Suuntaamo NEW INNOVATION AND APPLICATION ENABLERS, OTHER CLUSTERS IN THE TAMPERE REGION ALL DIVERSELY ENABLING AN ENVIRONMENT FOR MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES

4 Top manufacturing industries & companies Alma Manu Agco Power Ata Gears Avant Tecno Bronto Skylift Cargotec DS Smith Packaging Fastems Gardner Denver (Tamrotor) Glaston Huurre Finland John Deere Forestry Kiilto Metso Mining and Construction Valmet Molok Nanso Group Nokian Tyres Pajakulma Purso Saarioinen Sandvik SCA Tissue Finland SIM Finland UPM Raflatac

5 How do we operate? The New Factory is an environment for open innovation where ideas can be processed into prototypes, pilot projects, products and services, new business and new jobs. Demola is an open innovation environment where university students from different fields develop products and services in teams together with companies and public-sector organizations. Protomo is a developing community for starting businesses where idea developers, seasoned professionals and young talents spar each other when creating new products and service development. Suuntaamo connects ordinary people in the development of new and innovative products and services and at the same time improve their own living environment.

6 An internationally recognised fair city Tampere is a popular industrial trade fair city, which collects thousands of fair visitors and exhibitors together every year. SUBCONTRACTING TRADE FAIR - Metal, electronics, plastic and rubber industries - Industrial ICT solutions, planning and consulting services INDUSTRIAL SERVICES TRADE FAIR - Maintenance and manufacturing - Energy efficiency and environment solutions - Industrial ICT, tools and safety LOGISTICS FAIR - Material handling and internal logistics; products, services and solutions

7 Where do we get the know-how? The Tampere Region’s universities provide high-level education and they are active cooperation partners for industry. Supporting education, research & development: TAMPERE UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Production engineering Intelligent hydraulics and automation Industrial management Engineering design Materials science Electronics and communications engineering Signal processing TAMPERE UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES Mechanical and production engineering Intelligent machines Paper, textile and chemical technology Automation technology Energy and environmental technology TAMPERE VOCATIONAL COLLEGE TREDU Mechanical Fitters Machinist Plate-welders Instrument Makers Casting Technology Foundry Pattern-making Textile Manufacturing Food Manufacturing TAMPERE ADULT EDUCATION CENTRE TAKK Automotive Concrete building products Metalwork Refrigeration Electricity and automation ICT Industrial maintenance Logistics TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLAND Intelligent manufacturing Ecologic solutions for machines and vehicles Intelligent machines Additive manufacturing Assistive engineering

8 The business environment In Tampere everything works World class research and university-industry collaboration High level of technology, system integration and industrial service business know-how with deep understanding of customer processes and needs Easy to reach– one-day business trip to all major locations Talented, experienced and loyal workforce provides good value for the money Growth center that keeps on growing At the top of the most attractive Finnish cities – year after year

9 Tampere is in the heart of Finland Tampere Region - Fastest growing region in Finland - Population 499 000 - 31 000 places of business - 2nd largest airport in the country - 2/3 of Finns live with in 1,5h drive from Tampere Manufacturing Industries (Companies over 0.5M€ turnover)* Companies 400 Employees 60 000 Turnover17,900M€

10 Functional Finland Gateway to Europe: Finland offers a central location in the expanding markets of Northern Europe and also provides an ideal business gateway to Russia. Safe and stable: Finland enjoys the highest possible AAA status with the global credit rating agencies Fitch Ratings, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s. Finland is famous for its transparency, straightforwardness and low levels of bureaucracy. Competent facilities: According to WEF’s Global Competitiveness Report 2010-2011, Finland has the best availability of scientists and engineers who are trained by one of the best educational systems in the world. Easy and Innovative: Finnish infrastructure excels in terms of physical transportation as well as telecommunications. Technology infrastructure is one of the best in Europe.

11 The most competitive country in the EU Finland’s global rankings: #1 Health and primary education #1 Higher education and training #1 Availability of scientists and engineers #1 Property rights and IPR protection #1 Availability of latest technologies #2 University-industry collaboration in R&D #2 Protection of minority shareholders’ interest #2 Innovation #2 Quality of education system #2 Quality of math and science education #2 Extent of staff training #2 Country capacity to retain talent #2 Tertiary education graduates in OECD #3 Company spending on R&D #3 Quality of overall infrastructure

12 Contact us and join the core set of Manufacturing Industry in Finland! For information on how to combine innovation, research and know-how with other industries, request materials on the other top clusters of the Tampere Region: Intelligent Machines Life sciences ICT Creative businesses Cleantech & Energy Nanotechnology

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