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© Copyright 2014 OSIsoft, LLC. Presenter Name/s Presented by Best Practices for the OSIsoft UC and Slide Template.

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1 © Copyright 2014 OSIsoft, LLC. Presenter Name/s Presented by Best Practices for the OSIsoft UC and Slide Template

2 © Copyright 2014 OSIsoft, LLC Presentation Template Brief This template was developed for presenters to insert their company template between the introduction slide and summary slide. One of the slides suggests topics to consider including in your presentation. Feel free to adapt it for your work. Please delete these instruction slides once you build your presentation. 2

3 © Copyright 2014 OSIsoft, LLC 3 Framing slides for you to insert your deck

4 © Copyright 2014 OSIsoft, LLC. Presenter Name/s Presented by

5 © Copyright 2014 OSIsoft, LLC 5 Teaser summary slide

6 © Copyright 2014 OSIsoft, LLC 6 Your slides here

7 © Copyright 2014 OSIsoft, LLC 7 Example: Summary Slide Summary Slide Template is located on the next slide or by creating a new slide and selecting the “Summary Slide” layout 7

8 © Copyright 2014 OSIsoft, LLC SolutionResults and Benefits Business Challenge 8 8

9 © Copyright 2014 OSIsoft, LLC Firstname Lastname Title OSIsoft, LLC 9

10 © Copyright 2014 OSIsoft, LLC Questions 10 Please wait for the microphone before asking your questions State your name & company

11 © Copyright 2014 OSIsoft, LLC.

12 © Copyright 2014 OSIsoft, LLC Industries Icons are available for the following industries (copy and paste it to the title slide): Metals, Mining & Metallurgy Oil & Gas Pharmaceuticals, Food & Life Sciences Pulp & Paper Power Generation T&D Transportation Water 12

13 © Copyright 2014 OSIsoft, LLC 13 Format and Tips Please delete after review

14 © Copyright 2014 OSIsoft, LLC Submission Format: Correct aspect ratio projects the slides properly Please submit 16:9 aspect ratio PowerPoint presentations (not 4:3) To change default aspect ratio: –Go to Design>Page Setup –From the drop-down menu, select On-screen Show (16:9) –Click OK –Verify that the content on each slide looks good. Modify as needed. 14

15 © Copyright 2014 OSIsoft, LLC Items the Audience Likes To Hear About What was the business reason and justification for rolling out your system What was the measurable value that you gained What you learnt that the audience could learn from How did you build momentum in the organization What were critical components for success What do you see as next steps 15

16 © Copyright 2014 OSIsoft, LLC Flow and Topics to Consider Title Agenda About “Company Name” –Industry –Market Served –Organization/Sites –Etc. Business Challenge/Problem Addressed Background Challenge/Problem Detail Solution OSIsoft Products and Services Employed –Field Service, TechSupport, Training, vCampus, Enterprise Agreement (including EPM, CoE, NOC) PI System Architecture Results … consider the following: -Productivity -Visibility -Data Integration -One Version of the Truth -Security -Reliability -Compliance -Quality -Scalability -Availability -etc. Tangible Benefits –Quantified in dollars if possible –ROI –Etc. Intangible Benefits Future Plans and Next Steps Summary slide Conclusion Contact Information Questions Thank you 16

17 © Copyright 2014 OSIsoft, LLC 17 Appendix OSIsoft naming conventions

18 © Copyright 2014 OSIsoft, LLC OSIsoft Terminology Following (see next slide) are lists of OSIsoft terminology. If you use a product that is on these lists and don’t know its official name, please contact Kumar Bangalore at (440) 720-3696 or Please note the use of upper/lower case and spaces Please note: Refer to the overall PI System, or the PI System in general, as “the PI System” and not just as “PI” 18 Contd. on next slide

19 © Copyright 2014 OSIsoft, LLC OSIsoft product, component & subcomponent names OSIsoft OSIsoft MDUS PI Advanced Computing Engine (PI ACE) PI ActiveView PI AlarmView PI API PI AutoPointSync (PI APS) PI Batch PI BatchView PI Cloud Connect PI Collective PI COM Connector PI Connector for [data source] o PI Connector for Cygnet PI Coresight PI Data Access PI DataLink PI DataLink Server PI IT Monitor (now part of PI Server 2010) PI Integrator for [end system] o PI Integrator for Esri ArcGIS PI Interface for [data source]; for example: o PI Interface for OPC DA o PI Interface for Modbus Ethernet o PI Interface for Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Data o PI Interface for Universal File and Stream 19 Contd. on next slide

20 © Copyright 2014 OSIsoft, LLC Product, component & subcomponent names (Contd.) PI JDBC Driver PI Manual Logger (PI ML) PI MCN Health Monitor PI Module Database PI ODBC PI OLEDB Enterprise PI OLEDB Provider PI OPC DA/HDA Server PI ProcessBook PI Profile View PI SDK PI Server o Event Frames o Notifications o Asset Analytics o Asset Framework (AF) PI SQC PI System PI System Management Tools (PI SMT) PI Tag Configurator PI to PI Interface PI Web Services PI WebParts (formerly RtWebParts) RtReports 20 Contd. on next slide

21 © Copyright 2014 OSIsoft, LLC OSIsoft organizations, services and events OSIsoft Regional Seminar OSIsoft Users Conference OSIsoft User Group PI Developers Club (PI Dev Club) PI Square 21

22 © Copyright 2014 OSIsoft, LLC 22 END OF TEMPLATE

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