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S. S. MAITI TRIFED, NEW DELHI. World population-About 90 genera- -About 1400 species India population-About 75 genera -About 140 species OR.

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2 World population-About 90 genera- -About 1400 species India population-About 75 genera -About 140 species OR

3 GLOBAL BAMBOO SCENARIO VIS-À-VIS INDIA BAMBOO ACREAGEAREA(MILLION HA)% OF FOREST COVER Worldwide363.2 Asia244.4 *Africa2.7- *Latin America10- *Reported by six countries (Ethiopia, Kenya,Nigeria,Uganda,the United Republic of Tanzania and Zimbabwe

4 Area wise distribution in different parts of India

5 India accounts for roughly half the total area of bamboo reported for Asia and, together with China, approximately 70 percent. ASIA


7 (B) MARKET Estimate of Global Bamboo Market$ 12 billion i.e. Rs. 54,000 Cr. Expected to grow by 2015$ 20 billion i.e. Rs. 90,000 Cr. Estimate of domestic Bamboo Economy of India (2005)Rs. 2000 Cr. Present estimate of domestic market potentialRs. 4500 Cr. Estimated domestic growth by 2015Rs. 26000 Cr. Estimate of India’s share in global market$ 1 billion i.e. Rs. 4,500 Cr. Estimated growth in global market by 2015$ 5.7 billion i.e. 25,650 Cr. But in actual India contributes to only 4% share of the global market despite having largest area(11.4 m.ha) under bamboo in the world and comprising more than 100 species.

8 B (i) Market Share of continents in Bamboo products export B (ii) Market share of major countries in bamboo products import

9 B (iii) Consumption pattern of bamboo in India (%)

10 B (iv) The current and expected size of the market for some bamboo products

11 B(v) Market size in the USA of various bamboo product categories based on 2004 import figures from the PIERS database. Category Value (US$ 1 000) Market share (%) Handicrafts24150.9 Kitchen articles237969.1 Basketry7064527.0 Decoration3122111.9 Garden2700010.3 Raw material156546.0 Furniture200817.7 Furniture with woven parts64522.5 Cane based furniture47781.8 With other materials32891.3 Tables17940.7 Chairs16130.6 Crates13520.5 Shelves4730.2 Bedroom articles1850.1 Flooring7045327.0 Flooring as such6460024.7 Accessories29521.1 Without finishing15630.6 Finished5440.2 Parquet4550.2 Panels1540.1 Veneer1040.0 Total262265100.0 Source: adapted from CORPEI, 2005

12 B (vi) Consumption of bamboo and wooden flooring in the EU and USA, 1000 m 2 CountriesYearBambooWood Netherlands2005150n/a Germany2002n/a21000 2003300-350n/a 2005450-500n/a EU200367095000 2005850-900n/a USA20054200n/a Sources: VON REITZENSTEIN, 2004: CORPEI, 2005: MALIN,BOEHLAND,2006: ZAAL,2006

13 B (vii) Consumption of various industrial bamboo products in the West compared to wood consumption in the EU and USA. Countries/productsYearBamboo (m 2) Bamboo (m 3 )Wood(m 3 ) Netherlands Veneer2003n/a30000 200525000150 High quality boards for top layers of flooring200550000 High quality boards for furniture and special interior projects 200525000 Germany Veneer2003n/a436000 2005300001800 High quality boards for top layers of flooring2005200000 High quality boards for furniture and special interior projects 200575000 European Union Veneer2003n/a1753000 20055750003450 High quality boards for top layers of flooring20032400000 High quality boards for furniture and special interior projects 20032400000 USA Veneer2003US$140000662000 Sources: ITTO, 2004: CORPEI, 2005: ZAAI, 2006 Note: Consumption data for bamboo veneer is available only in m 2. For a better comparison with wood veneer consumption, cubic meter figures were calculated and added to the table based on a standard veneer thickness of 6 millimetres (ZAAI, 2006).

14 -Scaffolding, Bridges, Housing material, Pipes (Of the total 13.47 million tonnes, 3.4 is consumed for scaffolding alone) -Pulp, Paper - 35% used for pulp & paper industries. 1.4 million tonnes bamboo is used by 10-15 paper mills presently. -Mat, Basket, Brooms -Matchstick, toothpick, Agarbatti stick (Present Agarbatti stick market is Rs.186 crore) -Furniture, Home furnishing, Desktop & Office Accessories 1500 listed application. 432 million workdays creation per annum. It is estimated that worldwide, about 2.50 billion people trade in or use bamboo of which about 1 billion use it for housing. C. BAMBOO- VARIOUS USES AND APPLICATION

15 -Flooring (Chinas Annual production was 17.50 million sq. metr in 2004. Exports 65% of total production) -Fabric (textile items) -Soil rehabilitation (protects steep slopes, soils and waterways. Prevents soil erosion, facilitates restoration of a healthy water table) -Reforestation of deserted/degraded land, Environment protection -Carbon sequestration (Isolates carbon faster and thus fights against climate change) -Food (Bamboo shoots having market in N. E. States of India and around the world. Present International market is valued at Rs.7500 crore which is 35% of total commercial market for Bamboo. Domestic market is Rs.4.8 crore.

16 - Fuel (Bamboo charcoal, Bamboo gas, oil)-6 times more capacity than wood charcoal Activated charcoal - Used as water purifier - (In Japan Bamboo charcoal is used in gardening to preserve the moisture available to the plants). -Packaging (In agriculture/horticulture product packaging mainly, followed by any other kind ) -C ream and beverages (Bamboo extract) -Fish trap, Fishing rod, Fish basket, Sift etc. -Handicrafts ( 250 million mandays, generates income of Rs. 15 billion per annum)

17 -Medicinal use Acetylcholine found in bamboo in high levels acts as neurotransmitter in animals and humans. Tabashir, a secretion found in culms is used in Ayurvedic and Tibetal medicine for cooling, aphrodisiac properties and also as remedy for asthma, cough etc. Leaves of a particular species Pleisblastus amarus, grown in Southern China is used for treating fever, fidgeting and lung inflammation. Stems and leaves of Bamboo used in Ayurveda for purifying blood, leucoderma, bronchitis, gonorrhea etc. The burnt roots of this species are applied to control Ringworm, bleeding gums and painful joints. Bamboo bark for eruptions Disability aids/implements Leafbud of B. Spinosa – Leprosy, fever and haemoptysis

18 D. Emerging Areas Rural/Eco/Ethnic haats – Tourism sector -Claymade huts with bamboo structure, doors & windows Soil conservation -Preventing soil erosion, collapse of river embankment, protecting slopes Plantation on degraded/deserted land -Providing environment services by causing more rainfall, higher ground water level and reducing felling of timber

19 Renewable energy sources creation -Augmenting production of bamboo charcoal instead of Wood charcoal and Fossil fuel (Coal). Carbon trading Emphasis on Medicinal application, Disability implements etc. Broadbasing Handicraft Sector including bamboo furniture (knock down)-a list of items are enclosed in Annexure I. Back-end support system -Creation of Bamboo bank (Inventory of semi-processed bamboo as per their specific uses), pre-fabricated, doors, windows Livelihood security to Bamboo dependent communities at the grassroot level. Awareness programme, dissemination of bamboo based information/Interaction with Market players, potential customers etc. about the existing products, their usefulness and long-term advantages.

20 ANNEXURE-I BAMBOO MADE HANDICRAFTS DESKTOP/TABLE ACCESSORIES Fruit Basket, Bread Basket,Tray, Napkin Holder, Table mat, Coaster, Photo Frame, Pen & Pencil box Paint brush container Book & CD holder etc. HOME FURNISHING Window curtain, Venetian Blinds, Stool,Table, Chair, Sofa, Cot Lamps/Mirror Frame, Decorative Wall hanging, Laundry Baskets, Storage container, Cutlery & Crokery etc. OFFICE ACCESSORIES Bin Basket, Paper Tray, Rack, Letter & Card Holder, Cabinet, Office Chair, Table, Partitions, Almirah etc. CHILDREN TOYS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS


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