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Introducing StarChem 2015.

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1 Introducing StarChem 2015

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Star Holdings StarChem Market Applications Product Portfolio Capabilities - Wellford, USA - Dalton, USA - Honduras - Colombia - Canada

3 Star Holdings Companies Star Holdings Family owned
Chemical manufacturing Chairman: Charles Cofield CFO: Kevin Harris HR: Thomas Crumbley Companies President: Vann Brown Specialty chemicals Carpet, Aviation and Automotive President Peter Chetcuti Surfactants, Silicones and specialty chemicals Textiles, Oilfield, Consumer Care, Functionals Production sites Wellford, SC Dalton, GA Chaloma, Honduras Warehouse & Blending Edmonton, AB Toronto, ON Bogota, Colombia Sales offices Calgary, AB Toronto, ON Bogota, Colombia São Paulo, Brazil Sales North America Central- and South America Europe Middle East and Africa Asia

4 StarChem History

5 Business Overview Markets Production Technologies Textiles Oil & Gas
Home Care HI&I Personal Care Pulp & Paper Chemical Intermediates Composites Toll Manufacturing Production Technologies Esterification Quaternization Amidation Oxidation Polymerization Phosphonation Ethoxylation Sulfation Emulsification & Homogenization Flaking, Compounding, Dispersing & Blending

6 Chemistry Groups Quaternary Compounds (Alkyl Pyridine-, BzCl-, MeCl-, Silane-, Sulfate- and other Quats) Imidazolines, Triazines and Cetrimonium Chlorides Amphoterics (Betaines, Sulfobetaines, Hydroxysultaines, and Amine Oxides etc.) Fatty Amides Sulfation (batch reaction with Sulfamic Acid) Phosphate Esters and Phosphonates Siloxanes, organo-modified Siloxanes and Siloxane Emulsions Foam Control (Silicone and non-silicone, Mineral Oil, Polymerics) Anionic Surfactants and Formulated Surfactants PEG Esters, Fatty Amides and Specialty Esters DOSS (Dioctyl Sulfosuccinates) Ethoxylates Ethylene Urea, Specialty Additives & various other Chemicals

7 Wellford – Process Technology
Distillation Vacuum < 10 mm High temperature ~ 300 °C Esterifications up to 300 °C Flaking Quaternization Compounding Polymerization Solution Condensation Melamine-urea / HCHO Urea/EDA adducts Amino silicones Emulsification & homogenization High pressure wax emulsions Mix blend capabilities StarChem Corporate HQ R&D Group and Formulation Lab Management Team

8 Wellford – Synthesis & Reactor Capability
18 vessels (volumes ranging 50 – 6,000 gallons) 5 vessels are mixing vessels 10 stainless steel reactors Most reactors equipped w/ condensers and receivers 1 glass lined reactor (4,000 gal) equipped with condensers and receivers 2 stainless steel reactor equipped with hot oil/ 295o C 3 Pilot Plant Vessels 2 GL Reactors/ 1 SS Reactor Drum Flaker

9 Wellford – Bulk Storage Capability
100 bulk liquid storage tanks Sized from 2,000 to 20,000 gallons. Steel, stainless steel, aluminum FRP construction Pressures rated vessels up to 350 psig Storing of high melting point liquids. Other Information On-site biological WWTP discharging to a POTW EPA registered site NPDES permit Air pollution control technology Active Process Safety Management (PSM) Program Class 1 Div. 2 site. (explosion proof) FIFRA certified site

10 Dalton – Overview On-site rail access 15 Storage Tanks
17 stainless steel vessels Solid dispersion capabilities Ranging from 2,500 gallons – 10,000 gallons Mixing capability ranging from 2,500 – 10,000 gallon One high shear 6,000 gallon capacity Two high shear vessels with heating/cooling of 2,500 gallon High speed drumming line

11 Canada, Honduras and Colombia
StarChem Canada- Overview Sales & Marketing Regulatory EH&S Support 3rd Party Distribution & Logistic Centers Warehouse & Bulk Storage Toll Manufacturing and blending in: - Montreal, QC - Edmonton, AB StarChem Honduras - Overview StarChem Colombia - Overview On-Site Sales & Marketing Customer Service & Technical Service Mixing capability ranging from 250 – 750 gallon High shear vessel with heating and cooling 4 stainless steel vessels 20,000 ft2 Warehouse Started January 2015 Sales & Marketing Technical Service Blending Warehouse


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