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The Beaford Academy…. 1 year in….. October 2009 Drawing + Mark- making + meeting Richard Harvey.

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1 The Beaford Academy…. 1 year in….

2 October 2009 Drawing + Mark- making + meeting Richard Harvey

3 January 2010 Print-making: focus on process, composition and series development Artist: Emma Molony

4 June 2010 Painting: group acrylic layered painting + individual oil painting on canvas – investigating the properties of paint Artist: Amy Albright

5 August 2010 Wearable Art: transition from 2D into 3D, showcase and application of skills learnt throughout + Teignmouth TRAIL Artist: Jane Price


7 November 2010 3D: positive/ negative form, inside/ outside Artist: Michael Brennand-Wood




11 Collaborative artwork for FLOCK 2011 exhibition, Exeter Cathedral

12 During and after the transformation!

13 January 2011 From 2D shape to 3D Form Inside & outside concepts of self & organic form Artists: Michael Brennand-Wood and Gill Bliss


15 Exhibitions: Beaford Arts 4 times a year, Kennaway House Sidmouth, TRAIL 2010, FLOCK 2011 Exeter Cathedral Commissions: Gifted and Talented National Rural Network Performances: Carlton Theatre, Teignmouth Wearable Art

16 Parent feedback so far: greater self-discipline increased organisational skills enriched knowledge improved critical analysis enhanced self evaluation across all facets of school work greater understanding of artistic techniques and skills an ignited passion and desire to learn outside of school more confident developed greater social skills and made new friends much more willing to accept praise confidence in Option choices a palpable sense of excitement! “It is not just about her developing new skills but also about her developing her identity and forming associations with new ideas and people that she would not normally be exposed to… it’s much more linked to her lifestyle and attitudes and that it is fundamental to "who she is and the way she sees things" “The Beaford Academy concept; the residential element, the sense of continuous engagement, the challenging but measured content, the sensible timetabling and the outstanding quality of teaching have been essential ingredients in that success.”

17 Teacher feedback so far: “The students in TBA at our school have bonded over this mutual experience, we have encouraged them to bring in and show their work to their peers and teachers in the department to talk about the variety of skills and new materials able to use at Beaford. The children have been really impressed and this really spurs them all on to do well. Their sketchbook skills are now outstanding and it has given them confidence to develop further in an accelerated specialist school group.” – Niamh Carew, G&T Co-ordinator, Ivybridge Community College, Devon “We have photographed and recorded the work they have done at TBA for the school, putting it into the bulletin, and the department have stolen the ideas and techniques (!) – utilising them for work and projects with the other students across year groups” – Zoe North, HOD, Colyton Grammar, Devon

18 TBA & artist/tutor feedback: “I have used nearly all the skills we learnt last time at school, I’m more confident with different styles now, and I feel more free than I did before…most of my work is inspired by TBA, I try to experiment more, each one gets better and better! A lot of my friends are arty and I show them a lot of my work.” – Yr8 Student, Somerset “I worked with the students for a day exploring processes involving paper pulp to produce wearable body sculptures. I had a very enjoyable and energized day with you all and thought myself very fortunate. We cast on mannequins and also modelled wire forms and attached the pulp by dragging through the pulp bath. This group of students were the most inventive and committed that I have encountered as an artist and in my many years of teaching! They were happy to work into the evening and had such receptive engagement with concentration and the absorption on information.” - Jane Price, Devon Guild of Craftsmen and tutor at Exeter College


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