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Russian Forest-based Sector Technology Platform in progress Alexander S. Isaev, Natalia V. Lukina.

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1 Russian Forest-based Sector Technology Platform in progress Alexander S. Isaev, Natalia V. Lukina

2 Importance of FTP/NRA Most of Eurasia forests falls within Russia, area of Russian forests is about 851 millions ha (22 % of the world forests, FAO 2004). Boreal and temperate forests amount altogether to about 50% of global boreal and temperate forests Wood volume in forests is about 89 million m 3 (105 m 3 /ha) (FAO 2005). Russian forest accounts for 30 % of raw materials in the world market. Russia holds 26 % of the world’s pristine forests.

3 Russian Academy of Sciences

4 Importance of FTP/NRA The Russian forests represent significant financial, ecological and social values. In the long run, it will not be economically justifiable to manufacture other than higher value-added products.

5 Activity June 2006, 1 st European and Russian FTP meeting; NSG organization; NRA preparation (June 2006- April 2007); FTP database (organizations, people, project proposals and etc.) (since June 2006 up to now); European and Russian FTP’s meetings: 2 nd meeting- October 10, 2006, 3 meeting – February 23, 2007

6 NSG of Russia Steering committee: representatives from different regions, research organisations Pulp &Paper Industry Woodworking Industry Authorities (Ministries, Agencies) Experts from different value-chains groups

7 NRA – Implementation structure NRA Council (representatives of NSG) 5 value-chain groups with associated reference groups Forestry, Wood, Pulp & Paper, Bio-energy, Specialities Programme secretary.

8 NRA Council Industry:Vladimir A. Chuiko (Russian associasion ’Bumprom’), ILIM PULP, Yuri G. Mandre (’Svetogorsk’ Pulp&Paper), Nikolay I.Afanasiev (’Kommunar’, Paper company), Mikhail Smirnov (KWI) Research:Georgy N. Korovin, Natalia V. Lukina (CEPF), Eduard Akim (TUPP), Alexander Klishko (Fund of Civil Projects ”Socium”), Galina M. Telysheva (WCI),Irina Perminova (MSU) Authorities: Representatives from the Ministry of Natural Resources (Igor Korolev), Federal Agency of Forestry (Mikhail Giryaev) Chairman:Alexander S.Isaev, Centre for Forest Ecology and Productivity, RAS

9 The objectives of the NRA Promote development of the Russian forest-based sector: sustainable forestry, pulp and paper industry, wood processing, bio-energy, green chemicals and composites Contribute to education in forest-based sector. Contribute to more efficient research. Improve the level of innovation. Stimulate increased research funding and utilise the possibilities of different national and international financial funds and programmes

10 Platform Council Value Chain Working Groups FTP Management National and International Programmes and Projects Expert Group ForestryWood Products Pulp and Paper Bio-energySpecialities FTP Implementation structure

11 Participants 34 scientific institutions /universities; Forestry- Federal Agency of Forestry, Regional Agencies of Forestry; Pulp and paper – ILIM PULP, Kotlas, corporation ”Svetogorsk”, North-west Forest Industry Company; ‘Kommunar’ Bio-energy – Ust’ Luga, LEMO; Specialties - SMEs: Biotechnological SME (Medbiopharm, Obninsk), Innovation Management SME (Biomir-2000, Moscow)

12 FTP’s role To inform about FTP’s objectives, activity; To inform about calls; To initiate and facilitate the projects (national and international); To keep track of FTP projects; To provide contacts with potential partners; To provide contacts with stakeholders.

13 Expectations To identify the common priorities for joint research. To launch the common European - Russian projects in FP7.

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