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Presented By: Dan Fimbianti, Jeff Marchozzi, Amanda Peak.

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1 Presented By: Dan Fimbianti, Jeff Marchozzi, Amanda Peak

2  6x more Vitamin C than oranges.  2x as much calcium as milk. The Tree The Fruit The Pulp and Seeds The Fruit & Pulp a.k.a Adansonia  Used as a thickener in soups  Roasted for consumption  Pounded to extract vegetable oil The Seeds

3  Starchy “wrapper”  Decortication  Lack of Resources  Time 6-8 hours to boil seeds

4  Decortication Machines  Chemical Method  Fermentation Method Decorticating Machine Lye Yeast Fermentation

5  Utilizes ◦ Rollers ◦ Blades ◦ Mills  Powered by ◦ Electricity ◦ Gas ◦ Humans

6  Pros ◦ Efficient ◦ Fast ◦ No Water Needed  Cons ◦ Complicated ◦ Expensive ◦ Impractical ◦ May Hurt the Seed

7  Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)  Sodium Chloride  Sodium Carbonate combination Found Report using Sesame Seeds  Seeds soaked in lye solution  Soaked in salt water/sodium carbonate  Rinsed in fresh water Full Report in Citations…

8  Detailed report (know it works)  Fairly easy to test Pros  Lye is toxic and BURNS!  Wastes large amounts of water  Chemical use is impractical Cons

9 Fermentation process used in the removal of cocoa shells. Step 1. seeds covered with pulp Step 2. covered with banana leaves Step 3. heat activates fermentation Baobab seed Cocoa seed

10 Pros  Does not use firewood or water. Cons  Takes a couple days for fermentation.  Yeast effects flavor.

11  Interested in testing out fermentation method  Most practical  Least waste  Contact – Professor Gregory R. Ziegler  Know it works for cocoa seeds

12  New exotic fruit to hit UK shops". BBC. Retrieved on 2009-02- 29. New exotic fruit to hit UK shops"  Yehia G. Moharram, Hussein O. A. Osman, and Yaldes I. A. Abou-EI- Khier. Wet decortication of sesame seeds by new methods. Retrieved on 2009-02-27.    PA211&dq=Beckett,+S.T.,+Industrial+chocolate+manufacture+and+ use.+2nd+edition.+Blackie/Chapman+%26+Hall,+1994&source=bl& ots=Gp0WDxcht9&sig=elyUKhqxphX9CEA6djmsRJmXSIU&hl=en&ei=J QSrSfWoJ5aitgf1g4HjDw&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=4&ct=result #PPA209,M1 PA211&dq=Beckett,+S.T.,+Industrial+chocolate+manufacture+and+ use.+2nd+edition.+Blackie/Chapman+%26+Hall,+1994&source=bl& ots=Gp0WDxcht9&sig=elyUKhqxphX9CEA6djmsRJmXSIU&hl=en&ei=J QSrSfWoJ5aitgf1g4HjDw&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=4&ct=result #PPA209,M1  Id=10 Id=10

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