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An Overview of Process Engineering Work in the Pulp & Paper Industry By Rich Bankhead.

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1 An Overview of Process Engineering Work in the Pulp & Paper Industry By Rich Bankhead

2 Prince Albert Rothschild Valliant Plymouth Cedar River Manufacturing Locations that I worked NORPAC

3 Cedar River Paper Mill  Cedar Rapids, Iowa #1 PM Startup: March 17, 1995 #2 PM Startup: April 1, 1996  2700 tpd production of Linerboard and Corrugating Medium  100% Recycle Post-Consumer Waste  225 Team Members 4 Process Teams (32 People per team) 50 Optimization Team Members Support Staff

4 Process Flow Diagram #1 OCC #2 OCC #2 Stock Prep #1 Stock Prep #1 PM #2 PM #1 Winder #2 Winder Shipping WT System Raw Materials Customer OCC

5 Raw Materials

6 Screening and Cleaning

7 Process Control

8 Paper Machine Wet End

9 Paper Machine Press Section

10 Paper Machine Dry End

11 Paper Quality

12 Finished Rolls

13 Environmental Stewards Weyerhaeuser  Invested over $1.5 billion for environmental protection  Promised to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 40%  Reuse 90% of chemicals used in paper making process  40% of wood fiber is from recycled wastepaper  Generate 2/3 of required energy from the manufacturing process itself Cedar River Paper  Recycled 2 billion pounds of OCC last year  Year-to-date recycled over 50% of our industrial waste  By 2008 CRP will have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 60%  Practice minimum impact manufacturing

14 Process Engineer  What does a process engineer do?  Jack or Jill of all trades safety environmental quality technical support budgeting chemical handling training fire fighting: daily problem solving process improvements projects interface with suppliers interface with customers computer systems support

15 Skills needed to do job  Technical Skills Engineering  Applied math (statistics!), physics, biology, chemistry Accounting  Without understanding money it is hard to add value to a business Computer Skills (Word, Excel, Power Point, Database)  Social Skills Communication (Read, Write, Speak, Listen) Initiative Leadership (Everyone’s responsibility) Respect, Trust and Integrity

16 Chemical Engineering Applications  Mass and Energy Balances on a Hood system  Flash Steam Flow in Condensate System  Jet Velocity Control out of the Headbox  Moisture Control with a spray shower  Surface and Colloid Science  Steam control in a dryer section  Functional chemistry of paper making

17 Daily Activities  Process ownerships including Complete rounds Review process and equipment set points Track runability Monitor quality data Use process data to understand  Water Usage  Energy Usage  Steam Usage  Chemical Usage  Tons Produced  Downtime  Effluent Production  Emissions  Work with vendors New/better equipment New/better chemicals  Lead special teams Chemical Management Project teams Residual Management Safety  Work with People Leadership Laboratory Technicians Maintenance Teams Process Teams Administration Accounting Contractors Vendors

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