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Pulp and Paper Technology

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1 Pulp and Paper Technology
Pulp and Paper Technology Education and Research at AIT Dr. Raimo O Malinen Director, Finnish PPT Project FoS Coordinator March 2006 Pulp and Paper Technology

2 Pulp and Paper Technology
PPT FoS - Background Strong growth in pulp and paper consumption and production in Asia since the late 1980’s Almost revolutionary technical development in Asian paper industry since then – from small polluting mills to the state-of-the-art mills Increasing demand for qualified engineers with pulp and paper education – thousands of expatriates in Asian paper industry in the mid-1990’s March 2006 Pulp and Paper Technology

3 Pulp and Paper Technology
PPT FoS - Background Limited or no academic level education for paper industry in most Asian countries – practically no lower-level schools for operators No strong research institutes for pulp and paper in the region – very limited research if any in regional paper companies 35+ % of global paper consumption in Asia March 2006 Pulp and Paper Technology

4 Pulp and Paper Technology
PPT FoS - Background The idea for PPT FoS was initiated in Advance Agro paper company in 1994 and was presented to the Government of Finland in 1995 The decision to establish PPT FoS was done in 1996 – the MOU between AIT and Finnish Government was signed and in June 1996 Advance Agro decided to support laboratory building The project activities were started in May 1996 The operations were started up in January 1998 March 2006 Pulp and Paper Technology

5 Pulp and Paper Technology
PPT FoS - Objectives To produce high quality pulp and paper engineers of local background for local needs. To contribute to environmentally sound, sustainable development in the region by supplying education and knowledge of available technology and conducting research in current problems. March 2006 Pulp and Paper Technology

6 Pulp and Paper Technology
PPT FoS - Financing Building was financed by Advance Agro, utilities by AIT and Finland Laboratory equipment, library, furniture, etc. almost 100 % funded by Finland in the beginning, since then 80 to 90 % by Finland AIT has been supporting most of annual operating budget Finland has supported three faculty members plus annually a few short-timers, AIT has financed one faculty member plus staff Finland has given annually 10 to 13 full MSc scholarships plus recently one PhD scholarship Paper and related business has donated some instruments and altogether 8 scholartships March 2006 Pulp and Paper Technology

7 Pulp and Paper Technology
PPT FoS - Staffing Four full-time faculty members Annually several short-time lecturers and other supporting experts with the Finnish project Other staff 7, laboratory staff limited relevant education and experience which has made laboratory development more slowly; during the last four years both lab supervisors have been also doctoral students March 2006 Pulp and Paper Technology

8 Pulp and Paper Technology
PPT FoS - Laboratory Good basic equipment for pulp and paper laboratory Limited equipment for higher-level research – acceptable for the PhD program Major upgrade would require large investments – not realistic without a new major sponsor March 2006 Pulp and Paper Technology

9 Pulp and Paper Technology
Curriculum Course Code Course Title Credit Status Semester ED74.01 Pulp Manufacture 4(3-3) R Aug ED74.02 Fibre and Paper Fundamentals ED74.03 Wood, Non-wood and Pulping Chemistry 2(2-0) E ED74.04 Special Characteristics of Paper ED74.05 Anatomy of Papermaking Fibers 2(1-3) ED74.06 Structure, Markets and Economics of Paper Industry ED74.07 Analytical and Research Methods in Paper Sciences 2(0-6) ED74.08 Paper and Board Technology 3(3-0) Jan ED74.09 Unit Operations in a Chemical Pulp Mill ED74.10 Pulping and Papermaking Laboratory ED74.11 Environmental Control in Pulp and Paper Industry ED74.12 Recycled Fibre Technology ED74.13 Pigment Coating and Printing 3(2-3) ED74.14 Advanced Pulp Mill Technologies ED74.15 Pulp and Paper Mill Design March 2006 Pulp and Paper Technology

10 Pulp and Paper Technology
Curriculum Curriculum must include also basic courses because no good BSc programs in the region The number of courses to be offered shall then be high At best, students are required to take only 06 to 70 % of our courses which means there are not enough students for all courses For PhD students only basic master courses available; PhD students cannot specialize in their course work at all March 2006 Pulp and Paper Technology

11 Pulp and Paper Technology
Students Annual intake around Master students. Presently 5 PhD students. The current and previous students represented following countries: Bangladesh China Finland India Indonesia Iran Myanmar Nepal Pakistan Sri Lanka Thailand Vietnam March 2006 Pulp and Paper Technology

12 Products and Services of AIT PPT FoS
Degrees in Pulp and Paper Technology MSc and PhD degrees Certificates Thesis, research reports, conference presentations and publications Tailor-made seminars and short courses for industry according to the needs Research projects Contract research and testing services Library services March 2006 Pulp and Paper Technology

13 PPT FoS – Contract Research
A number of regular customers from paper industry as well as from machine and chemical suppliers Projects typically small (testing)– revenue from projects has somewhat supported a low operation budget Capacity for research projects is limited; skills of laboratory staff are not adequate for demanding contract research (no relevant education or experience; two key persons, lab supervisors still doctoral students) Total gross revenue in 2006 will be at least 500,000 Baht March 2006 Pulp and Paper Technology

14 Research Focus of PPT FoS
Optimum utilization of regional raw materials for papermaking Eucalyptus camaldulensis (Thailand) Acacia (Indonesia and Thailand) Bamboos (Thailand, Vietnam) Other non-wood materials Improved utilization of recycled fiber in paper industry in the region Development of process technologies for regional raw materials ECF and TCF bleaching technologies with regional raw materials Development of product quality based on regional raw materials March 2006 Pulp and Paper Technology

15 Strengths of AIT PPT FoS
PPT is part of Asian Institute of Technology, a well known international, English speaking university Located fairly close to the industry in the fastest developing pulp and paper making region in the world Strong knowledge of raw materials and modern, efficient, sustainable and environmentally sound technology. Connections with local companies and universities in the Asia-Pacific region Up-to-date equipment available, PPT laboratory equipped with good basic laboratory instruments and with increasing number of more sophisticated instruments March 2006 Pulp and Paper Technology

16 Pulp and Paper Technology
Achievements Ca 110 graduated MSc students by the end of the year 2005 Two graduated doctoral students Six doctoral students in progress Several graduated MSc students from AIT-PPT have been in PhD programs in Finland, USA, Canada, Germany, Australia; three graduated by 2005 In terms of the number of graduates per year AIT-PPT belongs to top-five academic paper schools in the world March 2006 Pulp and Paper Technology

17 Vision of Pulp and Paper Technology Field of Study
The Vision of PPT FoS is to establish and strengthen its position as a leading pulp and paper education center in South-East Asia to support the development of environmentally friendly paper industry in the region. This is implemented by producing MSc and PhD graduates as well offering research services for the use of regional paper industry. AIT PPT FoS is striving to become an important part of the global network of universities, especially with European Union and Asia Pacific, providing education and research services for paper industry. March 2006 Pulp and Paper Technology

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