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DODAAC’s linked to CAGE Army's DODAAC assignment process

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1 DODAAC’s linked to CAGE Army's DODAAC assignment process
Presented by: Tara Bigelow October 25, 2012

2 Summary How the Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code office directly helps the warfighter by issuing a CAGE code for the purpose of obtaining a Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DODAAC)

3 What is a DODAAC? Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DODAAC)
It is a six position code that uniquely identifies a unit, activity or organization that has the authority to requisition and/or receive material These codes are important for Defense Department financial, contracting, and auditing records.

4 DODAAC Series for Army Contractor Assignment
The Different Series are: Army is responsible for the W, C, and A series DODAACs. (W does not apply to CAGE code) Air Force is responsible for the E, F and J Coast Guard is responsible for the Z series Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is responsible for S, U, and H General Service Administration (GSA) is responsible for G and 0-9 Marines are responsible for M and L Navy is responsible for Q, N, V, and R Contractors are assigned DoDAACs if they have a contract with DoD to get DoD material or provide services such as maintenance/repair that require a shipping address.

5 Initial Coordination for Army DODAAC’s
COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY MAJOR ARMY COMMAND (MACOM) Responsible for registering company with System for Award Management (SAM) database or filling out a DD2051 form to obtain a valid Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code. Vendor is responsible for keeping CAGE data updated. The CAGE address applicable to the contractor for whose contract the DODAAC is being requested must match the shipping address in the DODAAC request. Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) determines and identifies requirement for a Contractor DODAAC. Receives location CAGE from Contractor. Provides Army Network Station (ANS) with: -Contract number -Contract effective date -Contract expiration date -Valid CAGE code -Major Army Command (MACOM) Contracting Officers Representative (COR) -Army Network Stations (ANSs) basically equate to DODAAC Coordinators (and RIC Coordinators).

6 Contractor for DODAAC: Army Network Station (ANS) Coordinator
What they do: Review submitted new or change requests from the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) to ensure all necessary information is provided including: Contract Number, Contract Expiration Date, Fiscal Station Number (FSN), etc. Ensures submission of Valid Cage Code/Sub Cage Code by cross referencing with SAM/BINCS. Finalizes Contractor DoDAAC request and submits further for approval.

7 Contractor DODAAC Maintenance Menu
Create New Contractor DODAAC Change Contractor DODAAC Extend Contractor DODAAC Reinstate Contractor DODAAC Inactivate (Delete) Contractor DODAAC

8 Create New Contractor DODAAC
Required Elements Include: Contract number Contract expiration date Valid CAGE code registered in SAM (System for Award Management) SUBCAGE (if applicable) FSN Validation Rules: Contract Number must be 13 or 17 characters. If the ninth position is a “D” or a “G”, then the four digit delivery order number is required. The CAGE code auto-populates the TAC1 address. The SUBCAGE code auto-populates the TAC2 address. The FSN auto-populates the TAC3 billing information.

9 Apart of Series C Mailing/Prime Contractor CAGE Sub-CAGE Shipping or if Prime has separate shipping Always billing

10 In Conclusion What to take away:
The Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code office issues and ultimately maintains the CAGE codes for the DODAAC’s. The CAGE code holds the information of the physical location, Legal Business Name, TIN, etc. of the DODAAC What to take away: We (CAGE) help the warfighter receive a variety of supplies and parts to a certain receiving dock/location (DODAAC), by issuing the CAGE to the vender to create the contract so they can then set-up the DODAAC. As presented earlier the data we enter or approve, is cross referenced in Business Identification Number Cross-Reference System (BINCS) so it is very important we continue to ensure data quality. Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) Logistics Pipe-line

11 LOGSA-Logistics Support Activity
LOGSA-Logistics Supporting Activity

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