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Ride The Learning Wave Into A Super School Year

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1 Ride The Learning Wave Into A Super School Year
Mrs. Antonette Urik Third Grade Teacher Buffalo Elementary Freeport Area School District (724) ext: 4018

2 The Teacher My name is Mrs. Antonette Urik and this is my fourth year as part of the Freeport family. I’ve taught the previous three years at South Buffalo Elementary as a first grade teacher. Prior to coming to Freeport I taught third grade and was a math specialist in the Cypress Fairbanks School District, Houston, TX. My Elementary Education Degree is from LaRoche College, Pittsburgh, PA. I’m currently taking graduate level credits through Wilkes University. My husband, Ryan and I are proud parents to a one year old daughter, Natalia. I am excited to teach in the township that we call home.

3 Goal-Oriented Classroom
Each student will be successful at his/her level of learning. Each student will give 100% and beyond in all aspects of our classroom community. Each student will be responsible for his/her work and behavior. Each student will use good listening skills. These goals will be made attainable via multiple opportunities for success supported by educational research including inquiry based learning and technology.

4 Support from other Buffalo Staff
Mrs. Rabbitt Title I (Reading) Teacher Mrs. Kobelenske Learning Support Teacher Mrs. Crytzer Challenge Teacher Mrs. McIntyre Speech Teacher Mrs. Vaughn Elementary Counselor Mrs. Sutara and Mrs. Jones School Nurses

5 Special Area Teachers Gym/Physical Education (Day 5) Miss Krol
Visual Arts Miss Alesse Music Education Mrs. Serwon Recorder Mr. Ortego Computers/Media Mr. McGrath Library Mrs. Calabrese

6 Reading Our Language Arts program includes reading, spelling, and grammar. There are many things available online at for students to use. We will read a new story each week from the anthology. A comprehension quiz will be given on each story. The children may use their text to look for answers. We are testing reading skills. Each week we will learn new vocabulary words associated with the story. A new skill will be presented each week and tested using a new piece of literature where the students apply that skill. That test will be on Friday. Each student will be placed in a guided reading group based on DRA testing results. I will work with each group on skills that are introduced each week as well as skills that have not been mastered. At some point this year, those groups will be across the third grade level, so your child may be placed in a group with a different teacher to better meet their needs. The tests we use for placement were given last spring to each student and will be given again in early October. I will share those results with you at conferences.

7 English English consists of grammar and writing.
In grammar, we study sentences, nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs. Students are tested periodically on these. In Writer’s Workshop, we will begin the year writing simple paragraphs. As the year progresses, we will produce multiple paragraph pieces. These will be graded using a rubric which will list the specific things that are important for that writing piece.

8 Spelling Every week the students will take a pretest on Monday. This will determine which spelling words the student needs to study. There will be 20 words on each list. There will be a test each week on these words. The students will be given their lists at the beginning of each week. Words can also be found on the Macmillan site.

9 Math It is vital that the students know their addition and subtraction facts. We will add and subtract numbers with 6 digits this year. We will use many manipulatives in Math to help the children understand different concepts. Each day the students will do problems and write about their math problems. Third grade students must explain in written form how to do a math problem. Math books and math notebooks may go home at any time. You can access the Harcourt Math Lab through a link on the Buffalo Homepage if you have Internet access. You may also access an online version of our math book using the username and password provided.

10 Science/Health In Science, we will learn about plants, animals, rocks, soil, simple machines, and space. During the second semester, (3rd and 4th nine weeks) Science will be graded on the report card. During the first semester, the students will learn how to organize the information we work with in class so they can study. Some units will be Health units. In Health, we will study teeth. We will go to the Science lab to apply or learn new Science concepts.

11 Social Studies We will learn about different communities throughout the world and some in the past. We will learn about rules and governments. Students will also learn to read different maps, graphs, and tables. Our field trip in the spring will enhance our pioneer unit.

12 Handwriting During the first month of school, we will review all of the cursive letters. It is the choice of the student to either write in cursive or manuscript at this time. When we begin the month of October, all written work must be done in cursive with the exception of the Spelling pretest or things normally done in manuscript. Some items may be done in either and the students will know that. Special arrangements will be made for students who can not make the transition. Usually third graders are very slow at the beginning of the year with their cursive. As the year progresses and they become more familiar with it, they usually become quite comfortable and sometimes even a little sloppy. That is normal.

13 Rules Only one person talks at a time.
Do NOT bother others while they are working. Do your own work. Respect others. (including space, property, and ideas) Raise your hand before speaking. Use an appropriate voice for the task. Follow directions the first time they are given. Keep a tidy desk with school supplies only.

14 Weekly Consequences Rewards Warning
Check mark and lose 5 minutes of recess (walking) Check mark and lose 10 minutes of recess (walking) Check mark and lose 15 minutes of recess (walking) Check mark and lose ALL of your recess (walking) Write a letter to parents and/or call home. Have a talk with Mr. Poleski. Rewards Weekly BINGO board (no check marks for the week) Class Rewards

15 Grades Grades will only be taken on work where the students have had enough practice. You will know if the paper has been graded, because it will have a percentage written on it. Grades will be taken on tests, homework, classwork, and performance tasks. You will be able to access grades on the computer again this year. More information will be sent home.

16 Grading Scale A B C D 0-59 F

17 Homework Homework is a review or practice of work done in class.
Students should be able to complete homework independently. All work must be written by the student. Homework assignments should be written in the student planner. Parents, please sign the planner once a week. Please sign every Tuesday. Homework will also be on the Homework Hotline which can be accessed from my voice mail. Please provide a space at home for homework. A half hour should be set aside for homework nightly. If no assignments are given that evening, please use that time to study facts or to read a book. Please let me know if your child is not bringing home the needed materials. We can set up an individual plan. You will receive a notice if your child does not have his/her homework. Please have him/her complete it as soon as you receive the notice.

18 Testing Third graders will take the PSSA test in Reading and Math.
The test will contain multiple choice questions and written response tasks. The testing for this year will be in April. Our exact testing days will be sent to you at a later time.

19 Communication Communication is the key to making this year successful for your child. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns. I can’t address a problem if I don’t know it exists. Parent conferences are a time to for us to talk about your child’s progress and goals. Longer conferences can be scheduled any time they are needed. Routinely go through your child’s GO folder. Look for a weekly preview to come home on Mondays. Either , send a note, or leave me a voice message. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

20 General Information There are 20 students in the room.
Birthday treats are allowed. The treat must be something that can easily be distributed by the child. There are to be no large cakes, cookies, or pizzas. There should not be any ice cream that needs to be scooped. Book order checks should be made to the book club. Make checks payable to Scholastic Book Clubs. No cash please. Credit cards can be used by ordering online. Look for information on doing this with the first book order of the year. In the cold winter months, students need coats, hats and gloves to go outside for recess. I’ll use my discretion for the well being of the child.

21 The End Thank you for taking time to meet with me tonight.
Please let me know if anything is needed throughout the school year. I can’t wait to meet your children next Wednesday. I know that together we will have the ride of our lives on the third grade waves of learning.

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