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ENTERPRISE MARKETING SOLUTIONS. Enterprise Marketing Solutions Enterprise Resource Planning Internal facing applications Dominated by legacy client/server.

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2 Enterprise Marketing Solutions Enterprise Resource Planning Internal facing applications Dominated by legacy client/server model Enterprise Marketing Platform Customer facing applications Dominated by Cloud SaaS model ERP EMP

3 Enterprise Marketing Solutions MARKETING/SALES APPLICATIONS ARCHITECTURETOTAL PROJECT COST% IT% BUSINESS PROCESS Client/Server1.040%60% Cloud/Mobile SaaS.720%80% Implementation

4 Enterprise Marketing Solutions What is the COBRA 3D Enterprise Marketing Process? Defining market demand and partitioning the market into actionable segments Utilizing product management analytical methods to precisely position product lines Utilizing channel management analytical methods to optimize total market coverage/net profit Defining an effective marketing strategy and precise branding investments Defining and executing a coordinated marketing (conventional, web/mobile, PR) communications plan Creating an enterprise marketing platform to coordinate, measure and adapt marketing investments

5 Enterprise Marketing Solutions Three Dimensions of the Enterprise Marketing Process To effectively execute a winning business strategy, marketing management must be planned and executed in three dimensions: Analytical processes Branding processes Technology execution

6 Enterprise Marketing Solutions ANALYTICS The discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data Market research — Quantifying markets and segments Product management — Optimizing product offerings Channel management — Maximizing market coverage Analytical Processes

7 Enterprise Marketing Solutions Branding Processes BRANDING Creating a relationship with customers by giving life to a product and/or service Marketing strategy: Converting analytics into clear, concise messages and creating a framework for marketing investments to targeted segments, in order to gain the desired competitive advantage Creative development: Converting the marketing strategy into unique, intuitive images that personify the essence of the strategy Marketing communications: Developing a blended mix of conventional, web/mobile, and social networking communications to effectively execute the marketing strategy

8 Enterprise Marketing Solutions Technology Execution TECHNOLOGY An Enterprise Marketing Platform Technology is as critical to marketing success today as the analytical and branding processes Advanced marketing software applications have developed at an incredible rate over the past years However, to be effective, proactive, and adaptive, these marketing technology investments must be approached as an integrated set of capabilities

9 Enterprise Marketing Solutions Enterprise Marketing Platform Defined An integrated, coordinated, customer facing technology platform that manages all external views and interactions with the business (similar to an ERP internal system) including: 1.Web content management — Product/company information 2.E-commerce functions 3.Customer relationship management (CRM) functions 4.Marketing automation system (MAS) functions 5.Learning management system (LMS) functions 6.Social networking tools 7.Business intelligence tools

10 Enterprise Marketing Solutions ENTERPRISE MARKETING PLATFORM Content Management E-Commerce Functions CRM Functions Marketing Automation Functions Learning Management Functions Social Networking Functions Data Analytics Functions Select the specific set of functions required for marketing plan execution Enterprise Marketing Platform Components

11 Enterprise Marketing Solutions TRAINING TECHNOLOGY TALENT Enterprise Marketing Platform Example Architecture

12 Enterprise Marketing Solutions TRAINING TOOLS COBRA 3D ® based learning management system and products TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM ProjexPress ® based open source, configurable project management platform and products STAFFING SOLUTIONS Project Execution Network purpose-built social network and staffing platform E-COMMERCE TRANSACTIONS CRM BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE

13 Enterprise Marketing Solutions A cloud-based, highly-scalable, mobile-friendly platform Integrated data/e-commerce technologies Content management Online training (learning management system) Physical product sales (inventory control/shipping/tax collection) Virtual product sales (memberships/subscriptions/seminar bookings/downloadable products) Professional services engagements (locate/negotiate/book/bill) Client/member social networking Payment processing Integrated CRM Integrated business intelligence Enterprise Marketing Platform Components

14 Enterprise Marketing Solutions Conventional marketing techniques Publicity/public relations techniques Web/mobile marketing techniques: Basic EMP design SEO Content marketing Email marketing Inbound marketing Social network marketing Online PR Web/marketing analytics Ad retargeting Real time marketing Online learning programs Marketing Strategy Execution Apply marketing best practices to enterprise marketing platform

15 Enterprise Marketing Solutions Deliverables/Metrics - Examples Generate leads - #Develop and characterize leads – A, B, CSupply sales team with pipeline of qualified leads – ASupport sales team activities/processes – A/Close/WinBuild enterprise relevant communities – # membersSupport order fulfillment process – % satisfiedSupport customer satisfaction process – % repeat Sales impact metrics must be used as the basis for marketing performance

16 Enterprise Marketing Solutions Enterprise Marketing Skill Sets Strategic planning Strategy development Marketing/sales plan development Financial planning/analysis Market research Product/brand management Sales/marketing channel management Marketing communications Traditional media Digital media/social media/search optimization Publicity/public relations Direct marketing Concept development Event planning Creative services Writing Graphic design Photography/illustration Audio/video production Content management Copy editing Technology implementation Website development Database development Programming/API integration Hosting/cloud server configuration E-commerce systems/payment gateways Learning management systems Customer relationship management systems Business intelligence tools

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