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Pronombres Personales Pronombres Personales Subject Pronouns.

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2 Pronombres Personales Pronombres Personales Subject Pronouns

3 Subjects and Verbs The subject of a sentence tells us who is doing the action. The verb tells us what action is taking place in the sentence.

4 Subject Pronouns Subject pronouns are used to discuss people. A subject pronoun tells who is the subject of the sentence. Subject pronouns can replace names when talking.

5 These are the Subject Prounouns in Spanish Yo- I Tú- You Familiar Usted- You Formal Él- He Ella- She Nosotros- We Nosotras- We (girls) Ustedes- You all Ellos- They Ellas- They (girls)

6 Tú- You FAMILIAR You use tú when talking to friends or people who you are on a FIRST NAME basis with. You use tú when you talk to each other, your friends or casual people.

7 Usted- you FORMAL You use USTED when talking to people who you are on a last name basis. The president, doctors, teachers, adults, etc…

8 Usted and Ustedes Usted refers to only one person. Usted is abbreviated as Ud. Ustedes refers to more than one person. Can be a formal and informal person. Ustedes is abbreviated as Uds.

9 ¿Tú o Usted? 1. The dentist 2. Your best friend 3. Your sister 4. The police 5. The principal 6. The president 7. Miguel 8. Your teacher 9. Your mom or dad 10. Victoria

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