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Response Yushu Earthquake China Christian Council 2010.6.

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1 Response Yushu Earthquake China Christian Council 2010.6

2 Basic information of Yushu  Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is an autonomous prefecture in Qinghai, China. Largely inhabited by Tibetans, the prefecture has an area of 188,794 km² and its capital is Gyêgu township in Yushu County, which is the place of the old Tibetan trade mart of Jyekundo (Gyêgu). The official source of the Yellow River lies within the prefecture. Historically, the area belongs to the cultural realm of Kham in eastern Tibet. On April 14, 2010, the Yushu earthquake struck and registered a magnitude of 7.1. The territory of Yushu prefecture-level city (yellow) within Qinghai

3 Basic information of Yushu earth-quake  Time:7:49, April 14th 2010  Place: Yushu County of Qinghai Province (North Latitude:33.2, East longitude:96.6)  Magnitude: 7.1  Until April 19, dead: 2039; missing:195, injured: 12,135 Map of Qinghai region, showing epicenter and location of Gyêgu Gyêgu

4 Epicenter

5 Photos - before Earthquake Panorama of Gyêgu town(2005) and monastery, is the cultural, economic and political center of Yushu Gyêgu Street Scene in 2005

6 Photos – before earthquake Gyêgu town before earthquake

7 Photos- after earthquake All the buildings collapse. The formerly beautiful paradise became a hell.

8 Photos No place to live and no food to eat, people in Yushu suffered both physically and emotionally. We need to take actions to deliver God’s Love.

9 Actions we took  Appeal in Chinese version of website, released on the same day right after earthquake;  Contact with Qinghai Christian Council (QCC);  Contact with overseas friends and submit appeal;  Take actions by purchasing the material together with QCC;  Work with QCC on site for relief material distribution;  Set up a permanent service center in Yushu.

10 What we have done  For farmers Tents:100; Quilts:1000; Stove:100;  For Xueyu service center (Run by QCC) Oxygen generator: 50 Computer, camera, Internet ;  For Hongqi primary school Rice: 150 bags  For Orphanage Chairs and desks:50 sets Caps: 50 Big tent: 1 Cloth: 150 pieces

11 What we have done Thanks to the help and donations from home and abroad, after arriving Yushu, we can prepare the material and organize the relief work immediately.

12 Photos After a whole night’s drive, we arrived at the service center.

13 Photo Unload the materials in the morning.

14 Photos We got a warm welcome by local residents. Children were happy to see us.

15 Photos-simple office + kitchen This tent plays the role of both office and kitchen. Immediately after arriving, we began discussing relief plans without taking a rest.

16 Photos – rice donation One bag of rice meant a lot to victims at that moment.

17 Photos –students in class With the help of donations, students of Hongqi Primary School can keep studying in the room.

18 Photo – tent and stove We will build many tents to let more and more victims have a place to live.

19 Photos- stove for farmers Considering that Yushu will be facing the winter period, stoves have been sent to the disaster area. Victims all feel warm from body and heart.

20 Photos-orphange Lacking chairs and desks, children have to sit on the ground when they are having class. After they learnt that these 50 sets of chairs and desks are sent for them, every child was grateful. Some children even had happy tears at that moment.

21 Photo – quilt and rice Rice and quilts are distributed to local residents to meet their fundamental needs.

22 Photo – medical service Medical service is also offered to give victims comprehensive care.

23 New needs  Target area Place: Zhongda Township of Yushu County 33 villages, 4 administrative villages 5125 people, 1404 households (poor people: 1355 people, 266 households; after earthquake, 2372 people, 739 households move to Jiegu Township due to transportation problem and they will move back later) Altitude 3800 meters: Dead: 77; Injured: 384, of whom 145 are seriously injured;

24 New needs  For farmers (Zhongda Township ) Tent:881 per*2300 RMB/per =2,026,300 RMB Quilt:9000 per *80 RMB/per =720,000 RMB Stove:630 per *500 RMB/per =315,000 RMB Medicine:  For service center 600m 2 movable houses about 460,000 RMB Bed: 30 per*150 RMB/per= 4,500 RMB Boiler:100,000RMB Food trailer(stove):23,000 RMB Utensils: 4,560 RMB Chairs and desks: 6 sets*2300 RMB/set = 13,800 RMB

25 Our Immediate Action  Wheelchair donations;  Further relief work;  Continue support to the mobile medical team who provides the service for local people run by local church

26 Many thanks

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