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+ Local Government School Districts, Municipalities and Ordinances...

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1 + Local Government School Districts, Municipalities and Ordinances...

2 Local Governments… Make and enforce local laws known as Ordinances. Establish Parks and Recreation, Businesses Districts and safe residential areas through Zoning. Establish Fire, Police, Emergency Services and Municipal Courts. Provide vital Utilities like water and gas (aka Public Works). Local Governments earn most of their revenue with property taxes. Local gov. officials (mayors, councilmen), school board members, and state judges are elected on ODD numbered years (2015…).

3 Vocabulary Municipality: Local governments are usually in the form of a city, township or borough (Municipal/Local Police). Mayor is __________ ______ as council is to legislative branch. Ordinance: Local law. Sometimes referred to as “code.” Zoning: Laws that divide a community into commercial, residential or other areas and how they are to be used. Home Rule: Permission to have self-government.

4 Home Rule Article IX, Section 2 (PA Constitution)

5 Townships (Municipalities)

6 York County Gov. 67 counties in PA Governed by 3 elected Commissioners 4 year terms PA Constitution, Article IX, Section 4 Article IX, Section 4

7 Article IX, Section 4 (PA Constitution)


9 What township do you live in? Windsor Township (and Windsor Borough) Windsor Township Chanceford Township (including Brogue) Chanceford Township Lower Chanceford Township (including Airville and Delta) North Hopewell Township (including Winterstown and Felton) North Hopewell Township Red Lion Borough

10 Let’s look at some local ordinances in Your Townships!

11 Windsor Ordinances


13 Windsor…


15 Windsor other Permit to distribute flyers, or go door to door (Soliciting and Peddling Ordinance). Rent Windsor Wonderland (park) for $50 day


17 Winterstown


19 Mayor-Council Plan

20 Red Lion Borough

21 Chanceford Township 3 car limit in driveway Grass/weeds higher than 8 inches (10%, then $500)

22 York City

23 York City


25 York City…

26 Dallastown

27 Unconstitutional? Task: 1. Find a partner who lives in the same township as you. 1. Research a local ordinance in your township that you believe may be is unconstitutional and explain why. 2. Be ready to share!

28 Resources 101/city-structures/local-us-governments 101/city-structures/local-us-governments office.html office.html

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