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TSVFD Department Meeting August 27, 2007. Building and Grounds Issues Station 1 Engine room vapor lights have been repaired by FF Romano, and installed.

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1 TSVFD Department Meeting August 27, 2007

2 Building and Grounds Issues Station 1 Engine room vapor lights have been repaired by FF Romano, and installed by the Township. We have received one bid for the installation of heat tape for the roof over the ramp from G.E. Steigauf in the amount of $5,326. Chief Engineer Angstadt is soliciting more bids. Per the Township, 3 bids are needed with final approval by supervisors. Magnetic white boards completed; colored dots will be placed on all name tags to identify which platoon you belong in. If anyone does not have a name tag please see FF Rhoads. Jay Vaughn will be contacting Lord Moyer to repair the curbing on the east side of the pad at the cost of the Township. Jay will also be taking care of painting the curb yellow across from station. WINTER PROJECT – Coming in months ahead we will be starting a cleaning spree of the mezzanine area. Any one who is available to help it would be greatly appreciated.

3 Building and Grounds Issues Station 1 Continued… Rainbow Roofing completed repairs to the roof leaks As you probably noticed the weed strip was removed outside of the training room. The next step will be the paving of that area and removing the foliage from the islands and replacing with stone. Station 2 Nothing major at the moment Lease of WWFC Space Looking at renting the east side bays for the collapse and robot trailers, Squad 852 and Rehab 85. Letter being completed by WWFD to state that they have other plans for the east engine rooms and they are not available. Training Site The training site monies will be transferred to the Fire Prevention Trailer account. No money was taken from the Fire Department budget to pay for the removal and demolition of the training site. Chief Engineer Angstadt will be changing the accounts.

4 Operations Run Card Updates have been submitted to Berks County Communications Center and should take effect shortly. Thanks to D/C Strause for going over the run cards and making appropriate changes. EMA Table Top Exercise was well represented, with the exception of the Fire Dept. There will be two follow-up sessions with dates TBA. This is an exercise is very important for the officers of this dept. Please plan on attending. All Apparatus License Plates have been renewed with the exception of E-851. The state has informed me that the current tag has no expiration date and is still legal to operate until the new tag arrives. Hydrant Cap installation is in progress at this time with about ½ completed. Help would greatly appreciated. Mobile radio programming was completed for the apparatus by RMI. Portable radio programming for officers will be done by FF Rhoads. Please arrange a time to have this completed.

5 Operations Company Burn Session on August 18 th went well. Members had a great day weather wise. We still need some continued practice with hose management, and PASS Alarm management. Overall I think the training went very well and thanks for everyone who attended the drill. Total Visibility Personnel Records should be filled out by all operating personnel. New personnel will complete a form when being interviewed. Web Site Update Will require upgrade to expand (VFRA Section, Training, Public Relations) Sponsors being lined up A new section has been created that will allow members to view any fire department forms. There was also a TOP 10 FF’s section created in the Members section. This will be updated the 1 st of every month. Anyone with pictures please see either D/C Roth or Schartel, or FF Rhoads SOG Revisions ongoing. Draft revisions will be reviewed by Staff Covers for Hydraulic lines, Pneumatic Lines and possibly Comm. Rope are being looked into by Spec. Ops Group along with Capt. Burns.

6 Operations In reference to the news paper article about houses losing water pressure in the Shiloh Hills area. John Rothwell from Pa American water told me that the incident occurred the night of the Tanker drill in Gouglersville. Co. 56 used the hydrant at the lowest point in reference to Shiloh Hills and opened the hydrant too fast. This did not give the pump enough time to recover pressure. About 20 houses lost water at the top of the system. This resulted in a “Water Boiling Advisory” for the residents in that area. I am very surprised we did not receive any phone calls from irate citizens. PLEASE remember to open and close all water valves slowly.

7 Apparatus Issues –Exhaust on E853 scheduled for permanent repair on Sept. 4 th. –R-85 winch rope/cable to be ordered. 100’ on the winch with 50’ extension in storage bag. –R851 rattle has been fixed by PBL; found vacuum leak- has been repaired –Engine 85-1 back from Penn Diesel – fixed transmission leak –August Inspection schedule E85, E852, E-853, Car 85 –Driver Training Protocol Chief/Capt OK Commissioner OK Chief Engineer/Asst Chief Engineer one time Any qualified driver for practice Final OK

8 Special Operations Budget and equipment needs being studied –R-85 Rope Cable for winches has been over viewed and will be ordering 100’ rope cable for the winch along with a 50’ extension that will be placed in a storage bag –All rope rescue rope has reached its shelf life. 7 Spools of rope 600’ long of 7 different colors will be ordered. The ropes will be split into 1- 300’ section, 1- 200’ section, and 1- 100’ section. All rope will be placed on R-85, R-851, E-851, Sq-851 Spec Ops Training –Developing Phase III training scheme for rescue operations

9 Special Operations Kids Safety Trailer / Fire Prev. / Public Relations –Preparing SOG for trailer operations –Use sway bars and load equalizers EVERY TIME YOU MOVE THE TRAILERS –Will be posted on the trailer at the hitch –Appearance Schedule: 9/22 WW Chapel 9/29 Day – Mohnton Parade / Night – Fireworks 9/29 Night – Wilson Sound Panorama Helmet Tetrahedrons –Helmet tetrahedrons will be handed out following tonight's meeting to those members who are strictly exterior firefighters. These tetrahedrons will make it easier for the command staff to identify interior vs. exterior firefighters.

10 Training August –27NO DRILL DEPT MEETING September –3NO DRILL LABOR DAY HOLIDAY –8(Sat)Skills Drill –10Vehicle Rescue Ops –17Ventilation Practices –24NO DRILL DEPT MEETING –24FM Browns Tech Rescue Drill w/51 –29 (Sat)Helicopter Landing Drill (Medevac 4) October –14 TH Qtr Consumption Checks/ Chimney Evol. –6SATURDAY SKILLS DRILL –8NO DRILL “ FIRE PREVENTION OPEN HOUSE” –15Fire Evolutions –22NO DRILL DEPT MEETING –26-28FRI-SUN ENGINE/TRUCK Operations (CLASS) –29Swift-Water Rescue Demo/ Classroom

11 Training Misc. Stuff Long range planning –Haz Mat Ops Refresher Mon & Tues Oct. 1 st & 2 nd –10/26,27,28 Engine / Truck Class –12/1 CPR –1/7 Meters (SFA) Standpipe training at Spring Ridge Corp Ctr will be later in the fall Please check your training records against your personal records –Printouts available from FIREHOUSE software (See career staff) –Rescue certs (BRP, VRT) –May affect PPE issue protocol RACC Department Liability Release form 2 nd Quarter Training Requirement met by just about all

12 Training Outstanding Certifications (if you have them, please get us a copy) Bloodborne Pathogens C. Burns, Pajski, R. Ahrens, Henry, Rodriquez, Homan, Sharma, Wentzel CPR Etechberger, Woll, Ragonese, Balthaser, B. Cummings, Heere, Henry Rodriquez, Tercha, Boulanger, Delorenzo, Gerhart, G. Hostetter, Klusewitz, Noecker, Pagerly, A.J. Pollock

13 IMPORTANT DATES September 13Training Staff September 20Staff September 24Dept Meetings


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