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Ohio Constitution. A constitution is… The fundamental law of a state or nation. Written document agreed to by the people. Gets its power/authority from.

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1 Ohio Constitution

2 A constitution is… The fundamental law of a state or nation. Written document agreed to by the people. Gets its power/authority from the people it governs. Organizes government into branches, explains what their powers are, and specifies how those powers are to be exercised.

3 OHIO’S CONSTITUTION… Is the fundamental law of Ohio. Is second only to  The United States Constitution,  Acts of Congress (federal level), or  Treaties that the United States has entered into with other nations.

4 Ohio’s constitution… history dates back to the Northwest Ordinance! was first approved by Congress in 1802  1 st step to Ohio’s admission into the Union as a state.  Ohio became a state in 1803! that is the fundamental law of Ohio today is actually the 2 nd constitution!  It’s called the Constitution of 1851, and  Has been amended to be the law we know today.  It substantially revised the relationships among the 3 branches of Ohio’s government.

5 Under the Constitution of 1851… Proposed amendments to the Constitution that are agreed to by three-fifths (3/5) of the members of each house of the General Assembly are submitted to the voters for approval or rejection. Amendments may also be proposed by initiative petition and constitutional convention.

6 Important amendments approved in 1912… Court and legislative reform Protections for workers Increased authority for local government Initiative and referendum

7 Amendments to the OC since 1912… Many amendments have authorized the issuance of state bonds (funding) for various purposes…  Veterans’ bonuses  Highway & school construction  Economic development  Environmental cleanup Other amendments have dealt with a variety of issues…  Classification of property for tax purposes  Organization of the judiciary branch  Governor’s power to grant pardons & communications  Term limits for legislators  Definition of marriage.

8 The Ohio Constitution… Sets forth the framework and powers of state government. Provides the protections of a Bill of Rights. Is a starting point for researching a wide variety of issues. Is LARGE!!! The Ohio Constitution has over 36,000 words! The US Constitution has about 9,200 words.

9 Why is the OC so large? It’s a working document. It’s a catalog of legislative powers of the General Assembly – “Ohio’s state congress.” It’s a legislative guide. It’s a parliamentary guide. It’s a drafting manual.

10 Still… Why does it have to be so LOOOONG? More inclusive (detailed) than the United States Constitution. Has provisions pertaining to Elections Local government Finance & taxation Public education Many other subjects that the USC barely mentions or doesn’t even mention! Ohio Constitution limits state government; United States Constitution delegates authority to the national government.

11 Organization of the Ohio Constitution Broad categories highlighting basic features Preamble I. Bill of Rights II. Legislative III. Executive IV. Judicial V. Elective Franchise VI. Education VII. Public Institutions VIII. Public Debt & Public Works IX. Militia X. County & Township Organizations XI. Apportionment XII. Finance & Taxation XIII. Corporations XIV. Miscellaneous XVI. Amendments XVII. Elections XVIII.Municipal Corporations Schedule Preamble Bill of Rights 3 branches of government Provisions relating to administration of government and subject of law that applies to essential legal principles and rules of right. (Substantive Law) Conclusion – Schedule (Dates & Transition from old to new Constitution) How’s the Ohio Constitution Structured?

12 Principles of Government Separation of Powers  Means that the powers of government are allocated to 3 separate branches, each with its own personnel.  A person in one branch cannot exercise the powers given to another branch.  Implied from the structure of the document.  Three separate powers (legislative, executive, & judicial) brought together in 3 separate and distinct entities (the General Assembly, the Governor, and the Judiciary). Checks & Balances  Prevents power from being concentrated in or abused by one branch of government.  Examples:  Governor can veto  General assembly can override a veto  Courts make “common law”  General Assembly can pass legislation that modifies common law  Courts may restrain by declaring legislation unenforceable (unconstitutional)  General Assembly has certain special powers: House can impeach; Senate tries impeachment cases Define jurisdiction of courts & create new courts, dictate how state judges are elected, and set the pay of state judges, the Governor, and other executive officers.

13 OHIO CONSTITUTION OHIO CONSTITUTION UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION What about the Ohio Constitution is DIFFERENT than the US Constitution?  List or describe at least 5 ways/things. What about the United States Constitution is DIFFERENT than the Ohio Constitution?  List or describe at least 5 ways/things. YOUR TURN! See how the two compare/contrast! HOW ARE THEY SIMILAR? List or describe at least 10 ways/ things that are the same or similar between the 2 documents.

14 ‎ If you’re interested, you can take a look at these sites. I used them to make up this PowerPoint. There is a plethora of information out there about both the Ohio Constitution and the United States Constitution. These two documents were written for Ohio General Assembly members to get a “grip” on how the Ohio Constitution is structured, the history behind the document, and to help them do their jobs as our representatives at the state level.

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