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Dr. Diane Young 856-751-8446 ext. 6113 Innovation in Voorhees Township

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1 Dr. Diane Young 856-751-8446 ext. 6113 Innovation in Voorhees Township

2 How we began…. Group of administrators discussing how to integrate more technology into our classrooms Explored technology options and attended a meeting in New York with personnel from computer company We explored how technological tools have the potential to transform teaching and learning We recognized the danger of teachers using technology to essentially do the same thing they had always been doing- SAMR Decided to bring a group of enthusiastic educators together for a discussion regarding teaching and learning in the 21 st century Development of the Innovation Committee

3 Vision Quest First meeting we developed our vision for instruction by exploring the following questions: 21st Century Life: How has the world changed and what are the implications for education? 21st Century Skills: Does a new/renewed emphasis on skills necessitate a decreased emphasis on knowledge learning? 21st Century Students: How are students today the same as their predecessors and how are they different? How do we respond to the differences? 21st Century Instruction: How must it change, and how can we accomplish this? 21st Century Assessment: Does traditional letter grading continue to be effective as a measurement and an incentive for what we want students to learn, or does 21st century learning require new-format assessments? If so, what assessment techniques are required for 21st century learning? 21st Century Teachers: What are the characteristics of a 21st century teacher? How do we best facilitate our teachers’ evolution to contemporary teaching and learning? What forms of professional development are called for? 21st Century Curriculum: Does 21st century learning demand a renewed attention to inquiry, relevance, and/or project/problem-based learning, or are these alternate approaches too problematic to adopt wide-scale? Can the curriculum balance the teaching of core academics and 21st century skills? If so, how? 21st Century Learning Technology: Does contemporary learning require a large or larger role for laptops and other digital tools in the classroom and what are the pros and cons of wired classrooms?

4 Voorhees Township School District Vision for Instruction Voorhees Township School District strives to meet the unique needs of all stakeholders by providing comprehensive, innovative, and creative instructional programs that prepare lifelong learners to succeed in an ever-changing global society. Brand Inspire, Engage, Innovate

5 Developed Committees Created an extensive To-Do-List Categorized the To-Do-List Developed Committees Collaboration Committee Professional Development Committee Implementation Committee Communication Committee

6 Results during 2013-2014 School Year Professional Development focused on Vision for Instruction/SAMR Initiated a 1:1 iPad program for our middle school students beginning September of 2014- 2 Elementary Teachers per School Piloting 1:1 iPad program in their classrooms beginning September of 2014 Excellent discussions centered on 21 st Century Learning, Common Core, and Shifts in Teaching and Learning Started to Communicate our Vision to all Members of the School Community Teachers are Empowered to Innovate in their Classrooms Collaboration using Social Networking

7 Goals for the Future Creation of Videos to Share with Community to Communicate Vision and Brand - 8414-1E55691D3E9E&RenderLoc=0&FlexDataID=69514&PageID=1 1:1 iPad Implementation at VMS with Training Focused on SAMR- Each Teacher Creates 1 Lesson Per Marking Period which includes Exploration of an Authentic Problem and Allows Student Choice for Presentation More Professional Development for all Teachers to Create a Classroom Environment that is Collaborative and Focused on Individual Student Needs and 21 st Century Skills Teachers taking Ownership of their PD using Technology

8 Resources NJ Department of Education Model Curriculum- Partnership for 21 st Century Skills- Common Core Curriculum Guide to Becoming a 21 st Century School LC/2012/handouts/Arpin/Arpin_NAIS_COA_Schoo ls.pdf Center for 21 st Century Skills Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy %27s%20Digital%20taxonomy%20v3.01.pdf/657202 66/bloom%27s%20Digital%20taxonomy%20v3.01.pd f Invite Your Students to Create, Compose and Connect create-compose-connect/ Digital Citizenship and Technology Integration Planning and Resources pe-and-sequence Articles about Various Educational Topics Future of Education Role of the Teacher Digital Discoveries - SAMR Redefinition


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