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LIGHTEN UP LANCASTER COUNTY COALITION Quarterly Meeting May 15, 2014 8:30-10:30 AM Follow us!

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2 LIGHTEN UP LANCASTER COUNTY COALITION Quarterly Meeting May 15, 2014 8:30-10:30 AM Follow us!

3 WARM UP o Brought to you by Stacey Nicarry of Float Yoga Lancaster o Please sign up to lead the warm-up at our next meeting! G REETING Greeted today by Elizabeth Edkin

4 “Manheim Township Pathways Continuing to Move Forward”  The number of students walking to Manheim Township schools increased by nearly half over a recent three- year period  Miles of non-motorized pathways through large sections of the township  Ultimate goal is to link the entire community, pathway leader John Furry told the township commissioners.  The township added another mile to the nearly 17-mile pathway system in 2013.  Find the article here! Find the article here! L OCAL N EWS “Bicycle Sharing Effort in Lancaster”  Seeking funding to start-up a 5-station system  Bike shares help support the city’s transportation, economic development, environmental and public health needs.  Find the article here! Find the article here!

5  Meet Mary LeVasseur: LiveWell Grant Manager   Grant deliverables to be carried out through September L IVE W ELL U PDATE

6  Well Workplace Applications are being judged  Awards presented at Lancaster Health Summit, May 29 th at Lancaster County Convention Center  30-day Mental Well-Being Challenge begins June 1  World No Tobacco Day  Opportunity for organizations, businesses and individuals to be recognized and share their stories  May 30 th, 8-9am, 3 rd floor Conference Room of LGH Outpatient Pavilion  Healthy Vending and CSA programs  Meetings held every 2 nd Thursday 8:30 am at LCSWMA; next meeting June 29 th W ORKPLACE W ELLNESS

7  Apple Awards  5 applications  4 school districts  Winners … Cocalico – Innovative Ephrata Middle School - Physical Activity Columbia Jr./Sr. High – Nutrition  School Wellness Councils  Contact Sue Lackmann if you are interested in getting involved  School food service directors training August 4th S CHOOLS & C OMMUNITY

8  United Way funding for Garden Coordinator position will be announced on May 21 st  Prison Garden in need of volunteers  VisionCorps 2014 AHA Teaching Garden  Garden section of toolkit is up on website- Thank you Carl & George!  Next meeting: June 11 th, 4pm, Blueball Elementary G ARDENS

9  Focused on Marietta, Columbia and Lancaster City  Corner Stores targeted  Will receive recommendations for future efforts  Central Market EBT initiative F OOD A SSESSMENT

10  May is National Bike Month  May 16 th (tomorrow) Bike-to-Work Day! Proclamation by mayor and county commissioner 9:30am, corner of Duke & James St.  Log your commute with Commuter Services to win prizes  Free Bus Ride for those commuting with bikes, RRTA  Spoke ‘N Gear Expo, Lancaster H.U.B., 9am-2pm  for more information  Coalition for a Bicycle Friendly Lancaster  All-Coalition meeting, July date TBD  Bicycle Friendly Businesses  Comprehensive Bike Planning A CTIVE T RANSPORTATION

11  Safe routes to school & municipal walk audits  RWJF Coaching  Complete Streets Forums  Making Our Streets Safer to Walk, Bike & Travel  June 4 th, 6:30-8:30, Farm and Home Center, Arcadia Rd.  Open to public  June 5 th, 1:00-5:00, Farm and Home Center  For municipal leaders H EALTHY C OMMUNITY D ESIGN

12 S TEP U P C OMMUNITY C HALLENGE  Virtually walking the Great Wall of China  Ends on May 19 th, 10 teams have already reached the finish line!  128,963 total miles! (More than double last fall)  121 teams participated- Thank you!

13 N EXT C OMMUNITY C HALLENGE  Mental Well-Being Challenge  Begins June 1 st, 30 days of information and tip  Sign-up at  Select REDUCE STRESS as a health goal to start receiving emails

14 C ALL FOR V OLUNTEERS & V ENDORS  Looking for volunteers to man LULC tables and at the following events:  Red Rose Run, Saturday June 7 th, 7:30am, Binn’s Park  2 nd Annual LULC Day with the Barnstormers, Sunday June 8 th, 12:30pm, Clipper Stadium  Please see Elizabeth if interested  All Volunteer & Vendor meeting for both events will be held Friday, May 30 th at 8:00 am, LGH Wellness Center

15  Lancaster County Conservancy: Mike Burcin L OCAL T RAILS AND P ATHWAYS

16  Ben Craddock, engineer with C.S. Davidson  Engineering for health  Lancaster county trails  Run, review, repeat! T RAIL H OPPING WITH B EN

17 M INDFULNESS, M OVEMENT & M ENTAL H EALTH  Mary Woolson Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach, SynchronEssence  Mandy McFerren Wellness Director, Lancaster YMCA

18 M ARY ’ S S TORY  History of depression  Most recent episode was a gift  Wake-up call to dig deep and learn from disease  Mission: share lessons from the journey  You can change your life with…  Mindfulness  Mood-changing foods  Movement  A commitment to mental health

19 M ENTAL I LLNESS What do the voices in your head tell you?  I’m stupid, fat, ugly…  I’m unworthy of love, respect, happiness…  I’m a fraud Ruminating thoughts are fear-based and are illusions The truth is that we are whole and perfect When we forget that, we may spiral into mental illness.

20 M ENTAL I LLNESS Cognitive symptoms of anxiety and depression:  Distorted thinking  Difficulty concentrating  Forgetfulness Physical symptoms:  Can’t sleep or sleep too much  Feel numb, paralyzed or can’t stop crying  Experience aches, pains, digestive issues

21 M ENTAL I LLNESS - T REATMENT Traditional treatments for mental illness:  Cognitive therapy  Pharmaceuticals Holistic treatments:  Mindfulness  Nutrition  Movement

22 M INDFULNESS What is mindfulness?  Paying full attention to the present moment  Watching yourself think!  Become aware  Acknowledge without judgment  Dis-empower and break pattern of ruminating thoughts

23 T OOLS FOR M INDFULNESS Mindfulness Practices:  Do a breath meditation – focus on breathing for 10-15 minutes  Inhale – healing energy  Exhale – that which no longer serves  Engage your physical senses - focus on sight, taste, touch, smell  Walking, doing dishes, brushing teeth  Do a body scan – relax each part of your body  Journal – tell it to the page  Try energy therapy – release on a cellular level Always bring kindfulness to your practice

24 G OOD M OOD F OOD Food effects mood!  Eliminate sugar and processed foods  Reduce alcohol and caffeine consumption  Experiment with gluten, dairy – may be triggers  Eat lots of vegetables and fruit  Get lots of sunshine to boost Vitamin D levels  Eat healthy fats like Omega-3s

25 W E ’ RE JUST BEING KIDS !  Behavior linked to Nutrition  Lucky Charms Marshmallows for breakfast?  Behavior linked to Exercise  Get your wiggles out!  If its good for them, its good for you too.

26 B UY MY PRODUCT !  Decreased risk of  Heart Disease  Diabetes  High blood pressure  Colon, breast, prostate, and other cancers  Fractures from falling  Depression  Anxiety

27 B UT WAIT - T HERE ’ S M ORE  Boosts self-esteem  Releases endorphins  Reduce perception of pain  Trigger positive feelings (euphoria)  Improves immunity  Reduces stress  Improves sleep  Increases energy level

28 E XERCISE AND M ENTAL H EALTH  Go Be a Flower  Take a Hike

29 I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW …  Steps to Behavior Change  Understand and identify the habits that need changed  Develop a plan for change Set goals but make them SMART Whisker Goals – small and steady action  Put the plan into action and practice  Refine, reinforce and maintain your plan Spend the most time here  Problem solve and deal with roadblocks and challenges Plan to fail

30 H OW CAN WE HELP ?  Offer healthy options – Vending & CSA  Make work into a work out  Walk and talk  Stand and talk  Computer breaks – set an alarm  Stability Balls for chairs  Face to face not cyberspace  Group exercise classes on site  Take the stairs

31 W E ’ RE GETTING THERE  Be Mindful of opportunities for wellness  Healthy Workers = Productive workers  Physical health feeds mental health which feeds physical health (repeat)


33  Lighten Up Lancaster wants to assess its impact on the community to date  Only 4 questions!  Please take a moment to complete the survey at:  Please sumbit any additional data you think would be helpful (ex: ROI) to Elizabeth at LULC I MPACT A SSESSMENT

34  Lancaster Health Summit  Thursday, May 29 th, 7:30-1:00, Lancaster Co Convention Center  Complete Streets Forums  June 4 th, 6:30-8:30, Open to Public, Farm and Home Center  June 5 th, 1:00-5:00, Municipal leaders, Farm and Home Center  Red Rose Run:  Saturday, June 7 th, 7am, Binn’s Park  2 nd Annual LULC Day with the Barnstormers  Sunday, June 8 th 12:30pm, Clipper Stadium  Next Meeting Date: August 14, 2014 U PCOMING E VENTS

35 M EETING D ATES Working GroupDateLocationContact School/Community Gardens June 11th 4pm Blueball Elementary School Beth Koser-Schwartz Step UP Challenge & Events June 6 8:30am Wellness CenterBeth Koser-Schwartz Healthier Workplaces June 29 8:30am LCSWMALeslie Wireback Active Transportation May 23 9am F&M Beth Koser-Schwartz Quarterly MeetingAugust 14 8:30 Burle Business ParkBeth Koser-Schwartz

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