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長榮大學曾妍娟老師.  Taiwan is known for its towering mountains and, indeed, is spotted with numerous mountains peaks that rise over 3,000 meters. It is also.

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1 長榮大學曾妍娟老師

2  Taiwan is known for its towering mountains and, indeed, is spotted with numerous mountains peaks that rise over 3,000 meters. It is also the home of Northeast Asia's tallest mountain, Yu Mountain (Yushan), which is nearly 4,000 meters in height.  Besides mountains, beautiful coastal scenes are part of Taiwan's great natural assets. Starting from the northern tip of the island is the North Coast & Guanyinshan National Scenic Area and Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area, featuring a wide variety of coastal geography. Traveling around the island to the east, you come to the scenic East Coast National Scenic Area and East Rift Valley National Scenic Area; go to the south, and you will come to the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area and then the Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area, blessed with sunshine and a tropical touch.

3  Alongside the western edge of the Central Mountain Range is the Maolin National Scenic Area, where a lot of indigenous people live and place you can check out the world of butterflies, Rukai stone houses, and splendid natural scenes. Legendary tales depict the subtle beauty of the Alishan National Scenic Area, where you can enjoy relaxing scene of the sun rising over a sea of clouds. The incomparable natural setting of the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area waits in the center of the island, and the Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area offers eagle-spotting at Bagua Mountain, the highland fruits of Lishan and the sacred Buddhist sanctuary of Lion's Head Mountain

4  The Penghu National Scenic Area encompasses ninety islets scattering in the Taiwan Strait. Flat landscapes make these islands much different from Taiwan itself. Located in the sea southeast of Taiwan is, Green Island, part of the East Coast National Scenic Area, which offers unique saltwater hot- spring bathing and spectacular diving on colorful coral reefs. The Matsu National Scenic Area comprises four townships on five islands. Most of the tourist sites are located on the island of Nangan. Beigan is famous for its traditional stone house and fish noodles. Juguang for its fishing port and lighthouse (designated as a Grade 2 historic site). On Dongyin you will find fantastic rock formations and the Dongyin branch of the Matsu Distillery. Natural and cultural attractions abound in the Siraya National Scenic Area in southern Taiwan's Tainan City. In addition to five scenic reservoirs (Zengwen, Wushantou, Baihe, Jianshanpi, and Hutoupi), the scenic area embraces the geologically fascinating Caoshan Moon World, the Zouzhen archaeological site, and the skin-pampering mud springs of Guanziling. Colorful indigenous events and tasty local specialties also await you at Siraya. The scenic area is also known for a varied coastline of sand dunes, sand banks, marshes, and wetlands, offering precious habitats for wildlife.

5  Taiwan now has eight National Parks: Yangmingshan National Park in suburban Taipei, which is famous for its volcanic landscapes; Shei-Pa National Park, spanning Hsinchu and Miaoli counties and famous for the unique and endangered Formosan landlocked salmon; Taroko National Park, known for its lofty canyon landscapes; Yushan National Park, known for its bright sunshine and the highest peak in Northeast Asia; Kenting National Park gives at the southern tip of the island, giving a touch of Southeast Asia; and Kinmen National Park, containing legacies of war decades ago. The Dongsha Atoll National Park was established in January 2007 on the northern waters of the South China Sea, marking the southern portal to the Taiwan Strait. The atoll has a unique white sand landscape formed of coral and shell. Finally, both culture and natural attractions await your discovery at Taijiang National Park in Tainan City Taiwan's newest national park.

6  In addition, the National Palace Museum, located in the outskirts of Taipei City, is home to priceless artifacts that present the essence of China's 5,000 years of history. It has the finest collection of Chinese art in the world, providing an eye-opening experience of Chinese culture.

7 + Erren River is the main river in southern Taiwan, the pristine condition of the natural ecology along the bank attracts flocks of birds and a large number of bird’s nests are built here. The schools of fish frolic next to the water plantation, while flora and fauna have all flourished here.The Erren River Waterfront Park features a viewing platform, providing commanding views of the Erren River and the lush green plains, it is the ideal location to become close to nature.

8 On the highland next to the banks of Erren River, there is a park built on 1.5 hectares of Township and Nationally owned land, this is suitable for the establishment of the Erren River Ecological Conservation Area. We are actively creating a network or grid ecological system, so as to protect the protogenic flora and fauna of the Erren River banks.

9 Alian Township is at the center of the river basin, it is close to the urban areas of Kaohsiung and Tainan, it is also near the Provincial Highway No.28 and interchanges of National Highway No.1 and No.3, and it has immense potential for developing an ecological park. In addition, there is also the riverside park, ecological conservation area, waterfront park and Dagang Mountain water and soil conservation demonstration area, religious and cultural area and agriculture, hence the 7km area from the upstream of Erren River pump station to the Fongshan Village is designed as the ecological ranch to bring new destinations to the overall tourism of Alian Township.

10 Erren River flows into Alian Township via Tianliao, the riverside park is created from Dagang Mountain Hot Spring to the bridge, which features green vegetation, moon-watching platform, star watching platform, BBQ area, wild plant life observation area, camping area, fresh water gate is also installed to form artificial lake, where water activities can be conducted. Furthermore, water can be introduced to the pond of the Dagang Mountain water and soil conservation demonstration area for irrigating the 80 hectares of land.

11 The ecological reserve bridge and the Nansyong Bridge through the snake cave is Erren River’s most elegant curvature. The water plant life thrives here, large quantity of swamp vegetation which seem like isolated islands form habitats for water birds. In order to protect wild animals and plants to inhabit in the safe environment, the area is designed as a habitat or wild animal sanctuary, where they can forage for food, grow and breed.

12 + After years of restoration by many dedicated people – Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) employees and local residents – fiddler crab and mudskipper started to appear in the Erren River, which had been heavily contaminated by heavy metal waste for many years. There was a festival at Hunei Township, Kaohsiung County to celebrate this meaningful step. “It’s going to bring a new view of the Erren River,“ Mayor Yen-Sun Huang said, “recreation and tourism sites will be established along the river.”

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