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Kim Kolody Silverman, PE CH2M HILL representing Illinois Department of Transportation.

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1 Kim Kolody Silverman, PE CH2M HILL representing Illinois Department of Transportation

2 We commonly trade safety off against something elseSafety Right-of-Way Costs Environment

3 We’re Interested in Other Impacts for Project Level Decisions – What About Substantive Safety? Safety Environmental Traffic Right-of-Way Costs Impacts Impacts Operations Traffic Noise Model 1.0 CAL3QHC Mobile 5a 3-D Visualization CITYGREEN HCM CORSIM PASSER TRANSYT7F VISSIM Construction Plans Cost Models Real estate appraisals DOT databases Design Criteria (nominal safety) More quantitative Greater weight HSM Tools 3

4 Part A Introduction Human Factors Fundamentals Part D Crash Modification Factors (CMFs) Part B Roadway Safety Management Process Part C Predictive Method

5 Tools for Implementing HSM Excel Spreadsheets Interactive Highway Safety Design Model (IHSDM) Safety Analyst

6 HSM Excel Spreadsheets Project level basis Simple, straightforward Limited data required Worksheet 3A -- Predicted and Observed Crashes by Severity and Site Type Using the Site-Specific EB Method (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8) Site type Predicted average crash frequency (crashes/year) Observed crashes, N observed (crashes/year) Overdispersion Parameter, k Weighted adjustment, w Expected average crash frequency, N expected N predicted (TOTAL) N predicted (FI) N predicted (PDO) Equation A-5 from Part C Appendix Equation A-4 from Part C Appendix ROADWAY SEGMENTS Segment 16.1061.9604.146100.1570.5108.0 Segment 20.4950.1590.33622.3600.4611.3 Segment 3 1.0000.0 INTERSECTIONS Intersection 12.8471.1811.66530.5400.3942.9 Intersection 2 1.0000.0 Intersection 3 1.0000.0 COMBINED (sum of column)9.4483.3006.14715-- 12.3

7 Interactive Highway Safety Design Model Provides expected safety, operational performance HSM techniques + Modules to compare design to standards Requires detailed data input Free

8 The Vision of SafetyAnalyst – Software Akin to the HCS+ Definitive; represents quantitative ‘state-of- the-art’ information Widely accepted within professional practice of transportation engineering Science-based; updated regularly to reflect research1 2 3

9 Purpose of SafetyAnalyst SafetyAnalyst provides state-of-the-art tools for safety management that provide capabilities beyond those currently available to highway agencies Effectiveness of decision making Efficiency of decision support

10 Intended for those who will: Identify candidate sites for safety improvements Investigate the types of safety improvements needed for specific sites Assess whether specific safety improvements are economically justified and should be programmed Evaluate the safety effectiveness of implemented projects

11 Road Safety Management Process Network ScreeningDiagnosis & Countermeasure SelectionEconomic Appraisal & PrioritizationSafety Effectiveness Evaluation

12 Network Screening Review highway network (or any portion of the network) to identify sites with potential for safety improvement Identify sites that are candidates for further investigation 6 different methods for screening Module 1 Network Screening

13 Helps to identify accident patterns of interest at specific sites Guides user in the diagnosis of safety problems at specific sites Suggests countermeasures that address identified accident patterns of interest Lets user select appropriate countermeasures Module 2 Diagnosis & Countermeasure Selection

14 Perform economic analysis of alternative countermeasures for a specific site Perform economic analysis of countermeasures across selected sites Select mix of sites and countermeasures to maximize benefits within a given budget Develop priority ranking of alternative improvements Module 3 Economic Appraisal & Prioritization

15 Conduct before-after evaluations of implemented countermeasures Quantify the safety effectiveness of implemented countermeasures based on: Percent change in accident frequency Change in proportion of target accidents Module 4 – Countermeasure Evaluation Safety Effectiveness Evaluation

16 Test Data Input for Illinois Category Test Areas3 Counties 1 Township Route TypeState and Local facilities Number of roadway segments28,093 Roadway mileage7,471 Number of intersections18,704 Number of crashes118,093 Note: Counties are Champaign, Sagamon, Vermillion and the township is West Chicago Crashes represent 2005 to 2009 fatal, A-injury, B-injury, C-Injury, and PDO

17 Data Process for Illinois 3.5 hours for data import 15 minutes for crash data script 2.5 hours for post processing 15 minutes for calibration Total = 6.5 hours for approximately 5% of total data set

18 Challenges Data input and processing takes some time Requires user training Requires agency support Cost

19 Challenges Data Input and Processing Coordinate multiple data sources, data owners Determining business rules Complete data where not available Data input (SQL vs Oracle) Data set-up process time Network screening process time

20 Powerful analysis tool Automates HSM procedures Calibrates national default SPFs Screen large amounts of data Provides consistent evaluation and results for decision making Benefits

21 Flexible for user Countermeasures, service life, costs included Automates various economic comparisons Set of tools that allows for a better selection of sites and improved prioritization techniques for decision making to maximize resources to reduce severe crashes Benefits

22 Forces coordination between divisions of the agency Better data More data Understanding of data application across the agency which may influence potential changes in agency business practices Benefits

23 HSM Implementation Tool: Recommendations Use HSM Excel Spreadsheets where appropriate Apply IHSDM where appropriate Start preparing Safety Analyst for use

24 Determine funding options Start the process of data identification, mapping Start educating staff at central office Engage IT staff HSM Implementation Tool: Safety Analyst Recommendations

25 Start with a small test data set Good team coordination Decision making in data set-up Seek assistance from AASHTO, peers HSM Implementation Tool: Safety Analyst Recommendations

26 For more information Highway Safety Manual Safety Analyst Interactive Highway Safety Design Model

27 Questions Kim Kolody, PE CH2M HILL (773) 458.2883 Priscilla Tobias, PE State Safety Engineer Illinois Department of Transportation (217) 782-3568

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