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2 September 21, 2012 1. Roll Call 2. Approve September 21, 2012 Policy Committee Meeting Agenda 3. Approve April 20, 2012 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 4. Finance Director’s Report 5. Executive Director’s Report 6. Plan Update 7. Other Business 8. Adjournment Board of Director’s STARK Thomas Bernabei Janet Weir Creighton Dr. Peter Ferguson TUSCARAWAS Chris Abbuhl Jim Seldenright Kerry Metzger WAYNE Jim Carmichael Ann Obrecht Scott Wiggam Agenda

3 Approve April 20, 2012 Policy Committee Meeting Minutes

4 Finance Director’s Report

5 Revenues versus Expenses (As of August 23, 2012)

6 Current Cash Position (as of August 23, 2012)

7 Tipping Fee Revenue Update  Tipping fee revenue is down 4.20% in 2012 from 2011 in the first half.  Using the first half of revenue, we can project an annual tipping fee revenue total of approximately $2,901,000 based on 49% of actual annual revenue was collected during this time period over the last two years.

8 Executive Director’s Report

9 Pharmaceutical Collection  Increase participants’ knowledge of District programs and private sector service offerings and capabilities  Increase the use of District resources, information and technical assistance STW-5 Household Hazardous Waste Collection & STW-29 Education and Awareness Program 276 Tons Collected in the US on April 28, 2012

10 Community Recycle Events Wooster Milltown General Collection (10am-3pm) Saturday May 19, 2012 Dover General Collection (10am-3pm) Saturday June 9, 2012 Canton-Nobles Pond Electronic Collection (10am-3pm) Saturday July 28, 2012 Wooster Milltown Paper Shred Event (9am-12pm) Saturday August 18, 2012 New Philadelphia General Collection (10am-3pm) Saturday October 13, 2012 Orrville General Collection (10am-3pm) Saturday October 20, 2012 STW-7 Computer/Electronics Recycling Program  General Collection – tires, appliances, electronic-computer monitors, batteries, motor oil, recyclables and televisions ($10)  Electronic Collection – Computers, VCR’s, DVD’s, cellphones, telephones, printers, stereos, keyboards, electronic cabling, monitors, computer gaming/software, home entertainment equipment and televisions ($10)

11 Plain Township, Stark County 2012 Mini Grant  Portable Recycling Program  Collection of Beverage Containers for Community Events  $1,500.00 (10 Units) STW-29 Education and Awareness Program

12 Belden Brick ODNR Grant Update $250,000 (5% Recycled Material) Twin Mills (Pulverizer System) Conveyor Belt (Pulverizer System) STW-16 Recycling Market Development Grant (Ohio Department of Natural Resources)

13 2012 District Newsletter (Mailing – August 2012) The District will distribute annually a newsletter throughout the tri-county area that summarizes local recycling options for residents and businesses in the District. STW-29 Education and Awareness Program

14 New Kimble Twinsburg Recycling Facility (Staff Tour on May 30, 2012) STW-29 Education and Awareness Program  The 48,000 square foot facility was opened on June 4, 2012.  Has the capacity to process 50 tons of material per hour.

15 New Recycling Facility  The 196,000 square foot facility was opened on June 8, 2012.  Has the capacity to process 15,000 tons of material each month.  Accepts:  Paper  Cardboard  Glass (of any color)  Plastics #1-#7  Tin & Aluminum  Metal Food Containers  Empty Aerosol Cans STW-29 Education and Awareness Program Akron Grand Opening

16 District Recycling Trucks Repainted $6,000 for each truck (Truck #3 and #10) Rust on 2001 Recycling Truck #1: 361,537 Miles Repainted 2009 Recycling Trucks #3: 151,405 Miles #10: 118,405 Miles

17 Stark Recycling Drop Offs Old Recycling BinNew Recycling Bin STW-2 Drop Off Recycling Refurbished: $490 New: $662 Savings: $172/Bin

18 New Stark Recycling Drop Offs Massillon Recreation St. Michael’s (Plain Township) STW-2 Drop Off Recycling St. Clement’s (Village of Navarre)  39 Stark County District Recycling Drop Offs

19 New Tuscarawas Recycling Drop Offs Lawrence Township Fairfield Township STW-2 Drop Off Recycling Franklin Township (Village of Strasburg)  15 Tuscarawas County District Recycling Drop Offs

20 Accepting Plastics #1-#7 STW-1 Curbside Recycling, STW-2 Drop-off Recycling, STW-29 Education and Awareness 2-Litter Bottles Soda Bottles Water Bottles PETE Butter Tubs Detergent Bottles Juice Bottles Milk Jugs Toiletries Bottles HDPE Cooking Oil Bottles Garbage Cans (small) Window Cleaner Bottles V Squeezable Bottles LDPE Condiment Bottles Flower Pots Medicine Bottles Syrup Bottles Yogurt Containers PP Clam Shell Food Containers Reusable Plastic Cups PS Ketchup Bottles Reusable Plastic Cups OTHER The District will accept most plastic items for recycling

21 Annual Teacher Workshop Wednesday, June 20, 2012 (33 Teachers Participated) PresentationsCountywide Tour STW-29 Education and Awareness Program Special Thanks:  Buckeye Career Center  Progressive Foam  Countywide RDF  East Central Ohio Education Service Center  Stark County Education Service Center  Tri-County Education Service Center

22 District Staff Update  Resignation of Wayne Education Specialist Yvonne Cubberley effective August 10, 2012  2 Education Specialists reassignment  Youth focus  Adult focus  District annual savings $53,979  3 year savings $161,937

23 Plan Update

24 Ohio EPA Policy Committee Presentation Christopher Germain Ohio EPA Division of Materials and Waste Management, Planning Unit 50 W Town St, Suite 700 Columbus, OH 43215 Mail: PO Box 1049, Columbus, OH 43216-1049 (614) 728-5317

25 Other Business

26 Adjournment Next Policy Committee Meeting: November 16, 2012 @ 9:30am

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