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Section title Subtitle Together 202: Reimagining Complete Communities along a Connecting Corridor Public Workshop #2 March 28, 2013.

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1 Section title Subtitle Together 202: Reimagining Complete Communities along a Connecting Corridor Public Workshop #2 March 28, 2013

2 Tonight What is Together 202? Who is involved? Why are we doing the project? Findings so far Introduce Exercises Break into groups

3 What What is Together North Jersey? A planning initiative currently underway in the 13-county North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority region of New Jersey In November 2011, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded Together North Jersey a $5 million grant to develop a Regional Plan for Sustainable Development (RPSD) Create a comprehensive and balanced plan that invests in the region’s existing communities where housing, jobs, educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities are made more easily accessible to most residents without having to drive to them What are Local Demonstration Projects? The LDP is intended to provide technical assistance to local partners throughout Northern New Jersey to undertake strategic planning activities promoting sustainable and livable, transit-oriented development and advance the broader goals of the RPSD Potential LDP projects include a variety of local planning activities to make transit corridors and communities more livable

4 What

5 This project proposes to: 1.Foster a working and collaborative network 2.Develop a deep understanding of the Route 202 Corridor 3.Develop a local-driven vision for the corridor What

6 Together 202 Scope & Timeline Phase I: Research & Analysis – Where are we now? Where are we headed? Review of Master Plans, Studies and Reports Demographic/economic profiles Corridor Tour Phase II: Outreach & Ideas - Where do we want to go? Focus Groups (Mayors, Transportation, Business) Community Workshops Phase III: Implementation Strategies - How do we get there? Corridor Vision Plan

7 Together 202 Goals & Objectives Getting PlacesExpanding Economic Opportunities Connect workers, residents and employees to key employment and commercial destinations through enhanced transit Make recommendations for existing businesses to capitalize on transit/corridor improvements

8 Growing in PlaceWorking Together Identify target opportunity sites for redevelopment, reinvention or repositioning Work closely with state agencies to implement recommendations Together 202 Goals & Objectives

9 Keeping Healthy, Safe & Vibrant Find ways to improve connectivity along the corridor

10 Who -Project Team: Regional Plan Association The Williams Group Arup -Steering Committee: Somerset County NORWESCAP Somerset County Business Partnership Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce Raritan Valley Community College HART TMA Ridewise TMA Flemington Borough Trans-Bridge Bus Hunterdon County Bridgewater Township Somerville Borough Raritan Borough Branchburg Township Readington Township Raritan Township NJTPA

11 Why

12 The Study Area



15 The 202 Corridor 2035?

16 KEY FINDINGS Steering Committee Public Workshop Transportation Round Table Business Round Table Mayors Meeting Some land uses have to change in order for there to be better connectivity and enhanced service







23 The Economic Future of the Route 202 Corridor Attracting Business and Development OpportunitiesOpportunities Strong MF housing demand Strong tourism and natural amenities Scores high for business attraction-- health/pharm, related tech. & quality of life Highly educated white collar Strong skills in tech, math, life sciences and education Home ownership, Low crime Existing Clusters—pharm, environ, life sciences, health care = NJ fastest growing industries IssuesIssues Scores low for empty nester housing = 19% below USA average Corporate Sprawl, limited transit Vacating Corporate parks Oversupplied retail and office Traffic along 202 Young graduates are fastest growing demo. But demand not met Future VisionFuture Vision Downtown infill empty nester housing Imaginative reuse Malls Corporate campus Big box Marketing Plan to Attract business Zoning and Incentives to locate businesses in targeted locations Linked transit connections Zoning to discourage sprawl Comingling nature along the 202 spine Closing the GAP 1.Foster downtown growth to support transit/business 2.Support health, environment and energy businesses as growth opportunities 3.Provide incentives for businesses 4.Keep older baby boomers in downtown & Attract graduating college professionals amenities 5.Maintain downtown densities to support transit 6.Provide convenient intermodal connections

24 The Exercises


26 5 Stations 1. Centers 2. Edges (with design studies) 3. Crossroads (with design studies) 4. Rural Neighborhood/Parkway 5. Together North Jersey (Information/comments)

27 5 Stations General Together North Jersey questions General Together 202 Questions Overall Comments

28 5 Stations





33 At Each Station – 15 minutes 1. Facilitator overview (5 minutes) 2. Interview your neighbor (6 minutes) 1. What you like 2. What you would change/how 3. Group discussion (2 minutes) 4. Post your neighbor’s ideas and move to next station (2 minutes)

34 First Stop 1. Centers 2. Edges 3. Crossroads 4. Rural Neighborhood/Parkway 5. Together North Jersey T


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