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The East Brunswick Township Summer Day Camp is a coed day camp serving children ages 5-15. The camp provides a variety of experiences that support social.

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1 The East Brunswick Township Summer Day Camp is a coed day camp serving children ages 5-15. The camp provides a variety of experiences that support social and physical growth in an environment in which children can play, learn and grow. The campers are able to develop skills and self confidence by promoting sportsmanship, emphasizing teamwork, teaching responsibility and building self-esteem. The Summer Day Camp program stimulates exploration and adventure through individual and group activities while developing insight into cooperation and decision making. Swimming, trips, sports, arts and crafts, games, and creative activities promote an exhilarating summer for each camper. The East Brunswick Township Day Camp Program is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA) which recognizes camps for providing quality programming with the health and safety of campers and staff in the forefront. Summer Day Camp Philosophy and Objectives

2 CHILDREN’S SUMMER THEATER East Brunswick High School Grades 2 - 10 9:00am-1:00pm June 25 - August 3 (there is no camp on July 4)

3 What is the Site Directors Background Nancy Takacs is a graduate of Penn State University. She is a teacher at East Brunswick High School and the Dance Team Coach. Nancy has been involved with Summer Theater since 1985.

4 Assistant Site Director Phil Solomon has been on staff at Summer Theater since 2001. He is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University and works as a choreographer at several dance studios. He is also a middle school English teacher in Bridgewater.

5 Counselors All the counselors are a minimum of 16 years old. They are trained in safety regulations, emergency procedures, behavior management techniques, child abuse prevention, appropriate staff & camper behavior and specific procedures for supervision. Our dynamic staff is expertly trained and highly motivated to give each camper the best summer experience possible!

6 Drop Off and Arrival Time Drop off of campers will take place at the Cafeteria Patio. DO NOT drop campers off at the Auditorium entrance. Campers should be dropped off at camp just before the designated start time. Doors open at 8:50AM. You must stay with your child until the doors open. Staff will not be present until 8:50, so please don’t drop off your child early as they will be unattended.

7 Pick up Dismissal will be at 1:00pm. Dismissal of campers will be more quickly accomplished with automobiles proceeding caravan-style at the cafeteria patio. Please follow directions of the staff, do not pass other autos in the caravan or exit your vehicle while in the caravan. Your child’s counselor will walk them to your car. Those picking up campers MUST display the provided name tag on their dashboard. Parents/Guardians that are displaying the tag on their dashboard will NOT have to sign out their child/ren. If a camper is being dismissed to individuals listed on the “Authorization to Pick Up Camper” form that do not have a car tag, the authorized person will sign out your child. Please note: Camp runs until 12:15pm on Fridays!!!!

8 Friday Pick up At the completion of the 11:00 show on Friday, campers will return all Summer Theater costumes to staff members on stage. After your child has returned their costume, you will need to go to their attendance counselor and sign them out.

9 Late Pick-Up A late pick-up penalty of $10 per fifteen (15) minutes will be assessed beginning at 1:15pm; payable in cash or check before the start of the next camp day. If no contact can be made for person(s) responsible for pick-up of a camper the camper will be transported in a township vehicle to the Recreation office.

10 Absenteeism If your camper will be absent or late, please leave a message no later than 9:00AM. All absences must be called into the site director’s cell phone which has an answering machine. The telephone number is: 732-672-6701

11 Campers For attendance purposes only, campers are grouped by grade The counselor-to-camper ratio is 1:5.1 Campers will get the opportunity to work with different children and counselors each week depending on their role in that weeks show

12 What do campers do? They have a rotating schedule each day: Stage Time Rehearsal Time Costume Preparation Arts & Crafts Games Snack Time

13 Costumes Costumes change from week to week based on your child’s role and show Costume lists will be provided to parents each Monday when your camper is picked up –List will show you what Summer Theater will provide and what the camper needs to bring from home All costumes provided by Summer Theater MUST be washed at home before being worn at camp

14 SHOW DAY Shows take place each Friday during the summer Shows are held at 9:30am and 11:00am 9:30 for Township Day Camps 11:00 for the general public Tickets for the shows are $3 adults and $2 children (under 12) Tickets are purchased in the lobby prior to the show

15 Administration of Medication and Illness No medication (prescription or non-prescription) can be brought to camp or dispensed at camp. The only exception is epinephrine and inhalers. Permission to administer must be part of the camper’s record. They must be in the original container clearly marked with child’s name and pharmacy label with doctor’s instructions. The epi-pen forms require notarized parental permission. Self administration of inhalers or epi-pens also requires campers to submit permission from parent/guardian. If your child is not feeling well before camp, please do not send them to camp. There is no nurse or facility to keep children who are ill.

16 Illness/Accident or Injury In the event the camper becomes ill, has an accident or is injured the Site Director will make every effort to contact the parent/guardian listed on the Emergency Form. Trained first aid staff will administer basic first aid, observation and comfort until “contact” arrives. If necessary, camper may be transported via emergency services for treatment if deemed necessary by the Division of Recreation. Your child must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to camp.

17 Accident or Injury If your child does have a minor accident or injury, you will receive written notification of this upon sign out Minor accidents would include the giving out of band aids, ice packs, etc. If a major accident occurs, as determined by the Division of Recreation, emergency services will be called and the child will be transported to the nearest hospital. Parents will be notified immediately in the case of a major accident.

18 Special Events There are 2 events that will take place outside of a normal Summer Theater day: –Trip to Broadway show for campers ages 13- 15 Godspell, Tuesday, July 17, 8pm showtime –End of season Cast Party for all participants Tuesday, July 31, 1:00 – 3:30, EBHS Cafeteria

19 Permission Slips Permission slips for the Broadway Trip have already been distributed and can be returned up until Friday, July 6. The permission slip for the Cast Party will be distributed to campers approximately 1 week prior to the event. “Verbal” permission is NOT acceptable. If permission slip has not been received, parents or emergency contact will be called to take the child home. Please ensure that your child’s name is written legibly on the permission slip.

20 Dress Code Camp shirts will be distributed on the first day of camp. Each camper will receive 2 camp shirts. In an effort to provide the safest environment for our campers and staff, campers should wear their camp shirt as frequently as possible!! Campers should wear shorts/pants, camp shirts, socks and closed shoes. No crocs, Heeley’s, sandals, clogs or flip-flops. Jewelry must not impede the implementation of the camp program or the camper’s safety. Staff reserves the right to request that campers remove jewelry, etc. that may interfere with their safety in the camp setting.

21 Dress Code Campers will also get a name tag each morning upon signing in with their counselor. They must wear the tag throughout the day.

22 Snacks and Lunches Snacks can (and should) be supplied from home. Please pack and label the snacks. Please use insulated/thermal bags or brown bags with your child's name on it. Campers are NOT allowed to use the vending machines in the cafeteria. Please note: Summer Theater is not responsible for any money lost by your child

23 NUTS/FOOD ALLERGIES There are several campers with food and nut allergies at camp this summer –During snack time there will be a NUT FREE table set aside for these campers After ALL campers eat their snack, they MUST wash their hands as not to carry any nut/allergy residue on their hands

24 Parental Visits Any parent/guardian/relative is welcome to briefly visit the camp site, however, they must present themselves to the Site Director before attempting to be in contact with a child. Parents and visitors must sign-in and out and wear a “visitor” name tag during time in the building. Parents/guardians/relatives may not act as counselors. If you happen to be in the building during the program DO NOT encourage your child to join you. They are our responsibility! Discussions of camper or staff behavior with the Site Director must be scheduled in advance. The staff will gladly arrange a time that is mutually agreeable to all involved.

25 Personal Property Neither the Division of Recreation nor the site staff can be responsible for campers’ personal property or any money brought to the camp site. Please ensure that your child does not bring a CD player, IPOD, video games or any like items to camp. If a child comes to camp with personal property it will be confiscated by the Site Director. The parent must get the item back from her.

26 Cell Phones or Wireless Communication Devices Cell phones and any other communication devices are prohibited at camp. In emergencies, campers can be reached by parents/guardians utilizing the Site Director’s camp cell phone. Campers may use this same phone if parent/guardian must be contacted. Disregard of this rule will result in confiscation of the device – to be returned at the end of the day. Only call the Site Director’s camp cell phone if it’s an emergency!

27 SOCIAL NETWORKING There is a new social networking policy in place for all Recreation camps. Your child CANNOT be “friends” with counselors on Facebook Please tell your child to remove staff they are currently friends with from their “Friend List”

28 BULLYING Summer Theater is a bully free camp There is zero tolerance in terms of bullying If your child says something to you about being bullied, please speak with Nancy, Phil, or your child’s attendance counselor so the situation can be handled immediately

29 Discipline Policy At the beginning of the camp season, the campers, together with the staff, will develop and write their own set of rules that will help them create a positive environment. As a result, the campers will know what is expected of them and will understand what is appropriate behavior for them and for others. Campers who choose not to accept these responsibilities are subject to disciplinary action which may include a verbal warning, written warning, parent meeting, exemption form a trip, conference between Site Director, Camp Director & Parent and expulsion from Day Camp. Disciplinary action will vary according to the frequency, severity, and nature of the incident. If penalties are involved for violations, they will be applied quickly, fairly, calmly and without undue criticism to campers.

30 EBTV EBTV will once again televise Children’s Summer Theater productions in their entirety. See the Children’s Summer Theatre on EBTV! You can purchase a DVD copy of a show from EBTV for $10 each. And each show is available as Video on Demand at

31 The Township Day Camp program is a place for campers to have fun, develop their self-esteem, independence and cooperation. East Brunswick Summer Day Camp is the “Place to Be!" A special place for children to make new friends, expand their talents and learn new skills all in a warm, safe, family-like setting. Campers will be surrounded by positive role models who truly care about them.

32 Information Available on line at: or call the Department of Recreation at (732)390-6797

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