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STATE OF THE TOWNSHIP JANUARY 2015. About the Township Population 2014 – 28,102* – 15,673 (Liberty Township) – 12,429 (City of Powell) *Mid-Ohio Regional.

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2 About the Township Population 2014 – 28,102* – 15,673 (Liberty Township) – 12,429 (City of Powell) *Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission 60 Full-time employees (41 Firefighter/Paramedics) 22 Part-time employees – 20 ‘Seasonal’ Park – 1 Zoning – 1 Admin/Fiscal 4 Elected Officials 5 BZA & 5 Zoning Commission regular Members – 2 additional alternate members on each board

3 VOTERS Fiscal Officer Park Department Supervisor Park Department Supervisor Fire Department Chief Fire Department Chief I.T. Building Department Board of Zoning Appeals Executive Assistant/ Board Secretary (PT) Administrator Legal Assistant Fiscal Officer Assistant Fiscal Officer Township Trustees Township Trustees Zoning Commission Road Department Supervisor Road Department Supervisor Zoning Inspector Zoning Inspector Captains Firefighters Lieutenants Road Employees R.O.W. Inspector Park Employees Assistant Park Supervisor Assistant Road Supervisor Assistant Zoning Inspector Assistant Zoning Inspector (PT) Administrative Assistant (PT) Revised January, 2015

4 Spending generally decreased over the past years: Expenses200920102011201220132014 2015 Projections 1000-General$1,743,129 $1,578,090$1,598,682$1,479,239$1,546,668$1,499,680$1,535,300 2031-Road and Bridge$831,224 $820,574$849,113$911,670$788,256$830,021$1,260,000 2191-Fire Services$6,477,099 $6,212,288$6,067,676$6,422,239$5,837,503$5,732,769$6,276,500 With generally decreasing revenues (LGF Reductions & elimination of “inheritance tax”): Revenues200920102011201220132014 2015 Projections 1000-General$1,778,048 $ 1,964,061$ 1,647,151$1,504,744$1,928,633$1,558,725$1,542,485 2031-Road and Bridge$1,125,400 $ 1,049,689$ 1,019,198$983,779$1,020,598$1,104,489$999,972 2191-Fire Services$6,065,171 $ 6,162,701$ 6,160,749$6,170,756$6,226,288$6,756,173$6,347,299

5 2014 - Accomplishments Overlay district of Greif Park designed to stay “competitive” in market SR750 Widening Project cooperation; DCEO, ODOT, Powell OPWC major resurfacing project $297,625=$38,700 share x2 + $220K grant “Patriot Park” baseball diamond use and new expansion field graded S. Liberty Park Sports Complex Design Joint “beet juice” facility with County for lower cost of ice & snow control/options Recreational trails committee formation w/citizens (OPAL) Continued partnerships with YMCA, OYAA, I-9, OLL on parks programming $68,820 BWC Rebate 2014 Healthy Community Silver Award winner - Ohio Department of Health – third year to be recognized (18 winners, only 3 townships) Zoning Code update in “legal” review Comprehensive Plan – Planning events with PPD and Chamber Delaware Community Foundation – Liberty Township Fund New Entrance Sign & Features (2 horse sculptures donated by Kay Barry) Rumpke – Joint Trash Contract with Genoa and Orange Townships Bond Rating AA+ by Standard & Poor’s YMCA publicly financed facility - $100,000 YMCA privately funded updates Complete Streets policy Street sign grant - $38,000 for high visibility replacement signs

6 2015– Goals Intergovernmental Cooperation – Expanding Partnerships – One Community w/Powell – Analyze Joint Operational Agreements & increased intergovernmental cooperation – Road Maintenance Agreements, MORPC, EMS funding options Economic Development Strategy – Comprehensive Plan Update, emphasizing land use and long term revenue relationship (residential uses are “worst” fiscal impact) – Greif Park (new overlay district) – CSCC – Mixed use options – Sawmill, Manning Parkway, GFS Long term Capital Improvement Planning/Funding Options – Roads: salt barn, congestion, pavement conditions & fiscal needs – Parks: Bikepaths, facility demands – Fire: Response times, station locations and need projections based on growth patterns Financial Management / Risk Management – Continue fee schedule and operational cost analysis, EMS billing options & County sales tax sharing formulas – Collective Bargaining Agreements – re-negogiate IAFF & Steelworkers – Performance measurement Communications Plan 2015/Quality of life – Website information, e-newsletter, Facebook, citizen outreach efforts/community input – Trail Committee seeking input for planning multi use paths – Slogan, logo & branding evaluation

7 FIRE DEPARTMENT 2,157 Total Calls 2014 1,223 EMS Calls 934 Fire Calls ISO Re-Rated in December 2014 – ISO “4/4x” rating impacts businesses insurance rates 41 highly competent employees - all Fire staff are cross trained as firefighters and paramedics (not EMT); many are also certified as “trainers” EMS Funding increase from sales tax and/or billing options New Ambulance purchase evaluation – “Kneeling” feature reduces BWC back claims – Interior airbags – rollover protection of staff & patient Fiscally responsible, positive balances 2011 EMS Provider of the Year, Special Needs Registry

8 PARK DEPARTMENT 275 Acres of Park Land Liberty Park – Hyatts – Havener - South Liberty – Wedgewood – Big Bear – Patriot Park

9 Park Activities 1,498 Soccer Games 220 Flag Football Games OYAA & OLL Baseball Games and Practices OYAA LaCrosse Games and Practices  2 nd Ballfield at “Patriot Park” graded in (no parking added yet)  New signage installed at South Liberty, Wedgewood, Big Bear and Patriot Parks  136 Shelter rentals in 2014  Approx. 15,000 in attendance during each soccer weekend at Liberty Park  NCAC Great Lakes Invitational Cross-Country Meet hosted by Ohio Wesleyan University  Great American Premiere Softball Showcase - over 100 teams from USA and Canada  Recreational Trails Committee linking parks and neighborhoods  One (1) Dog Show  Four (4) 5K Races; three (3) youth 5K Races  Olentangy Liberty Cross Country Camp  4.27 miles of gravel walking trails (2.77 at Liberty; 1.5 miles at Havener)  Bluebird trails at Liberty and Havener  Storm Water Demonstration Site with infiltration trenches, bio retention, basins, rain garden, pervious concrete and permeable pavers showing best practices in land development  Liberty Park multiple “Reader’s Choice” Awards

10 Road Department 86.625 Miles of Road (was 86.001) Beet juice and salt brine application to save salt use Permissive License Tax begins in 2016 Pavement Condition numbering system – Data driven pavement management process – Decreasing revenue due to revaluations Replacement of old trucks with new salt brine/pre-wetting systems Intergovernmental Cooperation One Community ODOT 315/750, 750 widening Pending Old Sawmill OPWC grant w/Powell ($250,000) Gas facility options under study

11 2014 Liberty Township Road Condition Rating #NAMEFROMTO MILE WIDTH SY SURFACE TYPE Pavement edge Surface / Ride Rutting Cracking Drainage > SCR POSSIBLE SURFACE CONDITION RATING E- RATING 444Cove Point Ct.TR422Cul-de-sac0.1420 1643A5442594.0044% 463Pennington Ct.SherbourneCul-de-sac0.1920 2229A5442594.0044% 484Ashbury CloseTR127Cul-de-sac0.3620 4224A6555595.2058% 623Braeburn Ct.Cul-de-sacBraemar Dr0.0627 950A6555595.2058% 564Braemar Dr.Wellington Bv Wellington BV0.3732 6946A6555595.2058% 694Salisbury Dr.Phaseline 0.2732 5069A7554595.2058% 584WeybridgeBraemarCul-de-sac0.127 1584A6555595.2058% 544Aberdeen Ave.Stratford AveTR 14030.6327 9979A6464795.4060% 119Sawmill Rd.StRt750Dead End1.0318 10877A6564695.4060% 550Abington PlaceTR549Dead End0.0527 792A6555795.6062% 562Albury Ct.TR461Culde-sace0.1120 1291A6655695.6062% 567Belair Ct.Churchill DrCul-de-sac0.1420 1643A5565795.6062% 613Bryton Ct.Bryton DrCul-de-sac0.1727 2693A6565695.6062%

12 Liberty Township 2010-2014 Zoning Permits Issued

13 Liberty Township Residential Developments LOTSACRESLOT DEVELOPMENT Allington25102.862015 Harvest Curve3835.59Fall 2016 Harvest Point3836.522015 Liberty Bluff6881.42015 Liberty Trace139114.52015 Olentangy Falls East150146.942015 Trails End148216.3Currently building Verona166113.442015 Wedgewood North1416.022015 TOTAL 786863.57

14 Economic Development/ Administration  Developing Greif Park – 51 acres, strong candidate for data centers  Sanitary Sewer Service Territory restrictions impact residential & commercial development  Sawmill Parkway – Grismer, Target, north of Home  Manning Parkway – condos revitalize business park  Zoo 1.African Safari open 2.Holiday Lights  Economic Impact Studies in region 1.BIA – Sewer policy – Housing & Development impact 2.Sawmill Parkway extension impacts on Delaware Crossing 3.Zoo studies – operations ($220M/yr) & hotel viability

15 Green Pact Update Member since 2008 Smith Preserve at Olentangy Falls – preserving green space FLOW Partnership with EPA Storm Water Grants Curbside Recycling Program with DKMM Energy savings tactics – programmable thermostats – Lighting retrofits – Occupancy sensors on lighting controls – Weatherization improvements Conservation Oriented Housing Developments – Olentangy Falls – Trails End

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