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Welcome to the Gateway Middle School Library!

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1 Welcome to the Gateway Middle School Library!

2 Gateway Middle School Library Expectations
Be Respectful The library is a quiet place; respect others in the library by using level-0 voices. Take care of the books as if they were your own. Push your chairs under and make sure things are in place when leaving. Always walk.

3 Be Responsible Discard food, drinks, candy, and gum before entering.
Return checked-out books on time. After looking at a book return it to the same place your took it from on the shelf.(use a shelf marker) Listen and follow directions for check-out procedures and lessons.

4 Be Your Best! Remember to always show your best behavior.
Always try your best when working on assignments, put forth you best effort. Be Your Best!

5 Guide To Using The Library
There are 3 main collections in the library. Non-fiction Reference Fiction

6 Non-fiction What is non-fiction????? Nonfiction is the opposite of fiction. Books that are nonfiction, are about real things, people, events, and places. The information is true.

7 Non-fiction books are organized by the Dewey Decimal System.
Dewey classification was developed by Melville Dewey in 1876.

8 Non-Fiction Non-Fiction books are shelved by their subject's category.
For example, if you wanted a book about cars, you would want them to be in the same area.  You wouldn't worry about the author, you would just want the facts about cars.

9 Call Numbers Different topics in the Dewey Decimal System are assigned numbers, known as "call numbers”. The call number is a group of numbers or numbers and letters put together to tell you where to find your book on the shelf. The call number is located at the bottom of the book on the spine.

10 Reference Non-Fiction books also include reference books such as dictionaries, thesauruses, encyclopedias, and almanacs. These books are also classified using the Dewey Decimal System and remain in the library. They are non-circulating.

11 Fiction Fiction books are books that are made up by the author, or are not true. The plot and characters are not real.

12 Fiction Fiction books are put on the shelf in alphabetical order by the first 3 letters of the author's last name. The call number on a fiction book looks like this.

13 Now that we are familiar with the types of books in the library let’s find one! The Search begins!
Log on to your computer. On the desktop click on the “Library Search” icon If there isn’t an icon go to

14 On the opening screen for SLPS libraries choose your school.
Welcome to ST LOUIS PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT Middle Schools Blewett Busch School of Character and Athletics Carr Lane VPA Compton Drew ILC Fanning Gateway Middle Langston Long McKinley CJA Stevens Middle Yeatman Jr HS Choose Gateway Middle Library

15 This is the basic search page for the library.
TYPE IN WHAT YOU WANT TO SEARCH After typing your search word, you can select to search by keyword, title, author, topic, and series.

16 Searching Explanations
KEYWORD – type in a main word that you know is in the title --- Example: “prisoner” for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban --- You will get a list of any materials that have “prisoner” in the title or subject TITLE – type in the title of the book ---Example: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban ---You will get a list of any materials with that exact title AUTHOR – type in the author’s last name, first name ---Example: Rowling, J.K. ---You will get a list of all materials by that author SUBJECT –type in the subject of your search ---Example – wizards ---You will get a list of all materials that have “wizards” in their topic records SERIES – type in the name of a series ---Example: Harry Potter ---You will get a list of all materials in the Harry Potter series Suggestion: Use the * at the end of a word if you do not know the correct spelling or want any words related to that word.

17 Navigation Tip – Do not use the “back” button; use the “breadcrumbs” to move back

18 What a resulting search page will look like and what it will tell you.
What you searched for If you need more information about the book, click the details button Title Author Library Availability Call Number AR Level

19 This is the “details” page - part #1
For a more comprehensive description of the book click on “TitlePeek” Here you will find a short description of the book. Other topics you can explore

20 This is the “details page” – part #2
About half way down the page you will see AR information for this book Format will tell you the number of pages in the book

21 This is a sample of a TitlePeek page
Notice the details you can find about this book.

22 After making a selection or selections be sure you record the call numbers
1. Write down the call number or numbers. 2. Look for the book or books and take them to be checked out. 3. If you are having a problem finding a book see Mrs. Kukay.

23 Time To Check Out When you have decided on a book to check-out:
Bring your book to Mrs. Kukay. Tell Mrs. Kukay your last name. After Mrs. Kukay types in your last name and scans your book you may use the book for 2 weeks. When you are finished with your book return it to Mrs. Kukay so she can check it in. It’s very important to turn your books in on time!

24 Destiny at home One of the most important features of the Destiny program is the ability to use if from home. This allows you to search at home when you have more time or with your parent’s help. You can also plan ahead with books you would like to read in the future. Go to the Gateway Middle School Home Page and click on the Library tab for complete instructions on how to access Destiny at home.

25 for viewing this presentation
for viewing this presentation. If you have any questions, please ask your librarian.

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