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Bear Lake Township Fire Department 2015 Tanker/Pumper Replacement Millage Proposal 1.

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1 Bear Lake Township Fire Department 2015 Tanker/Pumper Replacement Millage Proposal 1

2 Introduction Fire Chief Mark Laskowski 231-384-5785 Assistant Fire Chief Beth Redmond 231-632-0892 2

3 Purpose The purpose of this presentation is to provide facts and information regarding a millage to replace the existing1994 Tanker/Pumper, and eliminate the existing light duty rescue. 3

4 What is a Tanker/Pumper? Water Supply truck with a tank that carries water to the fire/scene. Has the ability to pump water for fire suppression, and also fill the tank/draft. Carries additional fire/rescue tools. 4

5 Current Fleet Status (Pumper) 2005 Pumper (Pierce/Kenworth) 10 years old Millage purchase Replaced Original Pumper Total millage cost over seven years $341,983 Life expectancy 20 years 5

6 Current Fleet Status (Brush) 1989 Ford (DOD) ARF truck, four wheel drive. 26 years old DOD acquisition (carry over fund balance $27,000). Replaced Military 6X6 Life expectancy-cost to maintain. 6

7 Current Fleet Status (pick-up) 2007 Chevrolet ¾ ton, crew cab, four wheel drive. Secondary/Primary MFR Rescue 8 years old Purchased with a $10,000 donation along with $17,000 insurance fire/loss monies. Life expectancy 10-15 years. 7

8 Current Fleet Status (Rescue) 2000 Ford Utility Van two wheel drive light duty rescue 15 years old Township Loan Replaced two donated ambulances Total cost $35,000 vs. bids $65-140,000 Life expectancy 10-15 years Trade/sell range $ 5- 10,000 8

9 Current Fleet Status (Tanker/Pumper) 1994 Tanker/Pumper (CSI/International) 21 years old Millage Purchase Replaced original military tanker. Total millage cost $109,918 over seven years. Life expectancy 20 years. Trade/sell range $5- 15,000 9

10 Tanker/Pumper (continued) Pump housing cracked / leaking and the pump is not operational Steel tank / corrosion 21 years of wear (salt, lake water sand and rust) Liquid sand paper Vehicle has met it’s life expectancy Cost prohibitive to repair and maintain 10

11 Replacement Tanker / Pumper 11

12 Tanker / Pumper - concept 12

13 Comparison 13

14 Tanker / Pumper Example 14

15 Replacement Tanker / Pumper Replace two vehicles for one: Tanker / Pumper and Rescue Reduce total fleet size and maintenance costs Larger water capacity / poly tank Larger pump Expanded storage Secondary pumper Never without a pumper Alternate trucks to increase life of current pumper Driveway access Mutual aid tanker/pumper and equipment Future pumper replacement 15

16 Replacement Tanker / Pumper Licensed Medical First Response Primary motor vehicle accident response All extrication and rescue equipment on one truck – new car technology Larger truck for blocking scene traffic for increased safety Increased extrication efficiency due to design Safety by design Improved scene lighting Fire / Rescue – ONE STOP SHOP 16

17 Kalkaska Township FD 17

18 Summary Progressive, forward thinking and fiscally responsible fire department. We have a vested interest and same concerns as to how our tax dollars are spent. We are not only firefighters we are taxpayers too. 18

19 Cost $458,680 for new truck and required equipment 19

20 What is a Mil? 1.2 mils for Bear Lake Township currently is $68,802. Your taxable value: $1.20 per $1,000 $12 per $10,000 $60 per $50,000 $120 per $100,000 $180 per $150,000 $240 per $200,000 $300 per $250,000 $360 per $300,000 20

21 1.2 Mils for 7 Years Equipment Cost: $458,680 Down Payment: $47,000 Amt Financed: $411,680 Rate: 2.91% Annual Payment: $65,853.31 21

22 Thank You Thank you for your continued support! 22

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