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Why People Should Come to Franklin Township By: Jaelene & Gina.

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1 Why People Should Come to Franklin Township By: Jaelene & Gina

2 Farming Franklin Township has many farming sights, such as the Peterson’s Farm. They have many types of fruits and vegetables. They have cows and goats. In September they have apple picking. Then, in October, they do pumpkin picking, and you get to the pumpkin patch by a tractor.

3 Franklin Township’s First School House This school house was the first school in Franklin Township. It is on Quakertown Road. It is one of the most historical places in Franklin Township.

4 Santini Trust Farm Santini Trust Farm is a farm that has been protected through the purchases of an agricultural assessment ensuring the land remains farmland. That is one of our favorite farms.

5 The Community House The Community House is on Quakertown Road just like the Little Red School House in Franklin Township. Back then, the Community House was used for meetings and special occasions. The Community House is no longer used at this moment, but people still meet outside to meet and talk.

6 The Clinton Mill The Clinton Mill is not in Franklin Township, but it is close. The mill was built in the 1800s. You could go in only for the mini-store and for the haunted mill around Halloween. A long time ago, it was used for generating electricity when the power went out.

7 Franklin Township School and More… Franklin Township School opened on September 7,1937. It had about 200 students. Before our school opened, there were five one-room school houses in town. The one on Sidney School Road is the only one that does not exist anymore. The other four school houses still exist, but are used as homes.

8 Pittstown The town Pittstown got its name from a man named William Pitt. The town had a general store, post office, barbershop, and a blacksmith shop.

9 The End That is why people should come to Franklin Township and places around it.

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