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HARDING TOWNSHIP SCHOOL DISTRICT Public Hearing on the Budget 2014-2015 Dr. Alex Anemone, Superintendent Dr. Dennis Frohnapfel, Interim Business Administrator.

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1 HARDING TOWNSHIP SCHOOL DISTRICT Public Hearing on the Budget Dr. Alex Anemone, Superintendent Dr. Dennis Frohnapfel, Interim Business Administrator May 5, 2014

2 BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. Dev Modi- President Mr. John Flynn - Vice President Mr. Jim Novotny Mrs. Kim Macaulay Mr. Davor Gjivoje

3 Budget Process and Timeline Fall 2013 – Administrative meetings Fall 2013 – Budget guidelines crafted 12/2/13 – Preliminary budget presentation I 1/20/14 – Preliminary budget presentation II 2/25/14 – Gov. Christie budget address 2/27/14 – State aid figures released 3/3/14 – Tentative budget presentation 3/7/14 – Tentative budget submitted to ECS. 5/5/14 – Public hearing on the budget 7/1/14 – Budget year begins

4 Public Hearing on the Budget Moved from late March to late April/early May, per NJDOE regulations. Presentation includes: – Budget highlights – Revenue history – Tax levy impact – Detailed revenues and expenses – Budget preview ( )

5 BUDGET Maintains conservative fiscal practices. Provides financial resources that support our district goal. Strong focus on core academic mission while maintaining emphasis on social-emotional learning, co-curricular activities, technology integration as well as capital needs. When actual financial figures are not available, estimates are used. (HTEA, MPS, OOD, etc.)

6 Budget Highlights Total budget = +1.90% Tax levy increase of +2.60% Includes banked cap of $54,523 Maintains staffing configuration (two sections per grade) and all co-curricular activities. Administrative costs: Regional limit = $2,035 per pupil HTS = $1,620 per pupil

7 Budget Highlights (cont’d) Measures of Academic Progress: grades 2-8. Otis Lennon School Ability Test: grade 3. Technology upgrades including new computers in LMC lab and multiple classrooms. (PARCC readiness) Math in Focus (Singapore Math) - grades K-5. Money budgeted for staff professional development and curriculum writing. Unfunded mandates such as Achieve NJ, TEACH-NJ, ABR, Janet’s Law, PARCC, CCSS.

8 REVENUE HISTORY Tax Levy (average)6.01% increase % increase % increase % increase % increase State Aid $364, $ $181, $225, $225, $233,677

9 REVENUE HISTORY Tax Levy % Increase


11 Categorical State Aid Categorical State Aid$364,473$233,677 As a percentage of the budget 3.97%2.15%

12 Categorical State Aid


14 Harding--District 27

15 Capital Projects Elementary School Windows and Unit- Ventilators. Under the ROD (Regular Operating District) Grant, the State will pay for 40% of this project. The BOE local share is 60%. (summer 2014) Additional security measures (tbd).

16 Budget $ Amount$ Change% Change Operating Budget$10,235,479$213, % Total Budget$10,826,752$194, %

17 Budget Efficiencies Budgeted fund balance of $274,561. This represents an increase of $99,671 or 56.99%. Slight increase in Categorical State Aid +$8,540. High quality Integrated Pre-K Program (ongoing). Legislated increases in staff members paying for health benefit premiums (Tier IV - up to 35% of premium). Continued shared services with Harding Township. Supply accounts. Tuition students (PK-8) included.

18 Revenues REVENUES $ Changes Local Tax Levy (including banked cap of $54,523) $9,019,961$234,922$9,254,883 Tuition$78,400($26,100)$52,300 Transportation Fees$10,000None$10,000 Building Usage Fees$9,000None$9,000 Misc. Revenue$60,500($45,500)$15,000 State Aid (Categorical)$225,137$8,540$233,677 Extraordinary Aid (Sp. Ed.)$190,000$10,000$200,000 Budgeted Fund Balance$174,890$99,671$274,561 Withdrawal Capital Reserve$254,124($68,066)$186,058 Special Revenue (Federal)$75,788($12,240)$63,548 Local Tax Levy (Debt Svc.)$496,428($6,385)$490,043 Debt Service Aid$38,172($490)$37,682 TOTAL$10,632,400$194,352$10,826,752

19 Expenses – Fund 11 General Expenses $ Changes Gen. Education Instruction$2,355,590$76,573$2,432,163 Sp. Ed. Instruction$956,201$38,240$994,441 Sp. Ed./Tuition$2,581,575$133,718$2,715,253 Attendance/Health/LMC$162,219$28,273$190,492 Improvement Instruction$204,857($69,982)$134,875 Support Svc. Gen. Admin.$304,926$4,151$309,077 Support Svc. School Admin.$24,583$12,792$37,375 Central Svc./IT Admin$136,561($3,635)$132,926 Operation/Mt. Plant$866,880$27,901$894,781 Student Transportation$845,689$32,935$878,624 Health Benefits$1,213,802$62,787$1,276,589 TOTAL – FUND 11$9,652,883$343,753$9,996,636

20 Expenses - Funds 11, 12, 20, 40 Expenses $ Changes Total – Fund 11$9,652,883$343,753$9,996,636 Capital Outlay – Fund 12$369,129($130,286)$238,847 Special Revenue – Fund 20$75,788($12,240)$63,548 Debt Service – Fund 40$534,600($6,875)$527,725 TOTAL$10,632,400$194,352$10,826,752

21 Tax Information Current Tax Rate Proposed Tax Rate DifferenceChange % 2013 Average Assessment $1,202, Tax Payment$5, Average Assessment $1,196, Tax Payment$5,685

22 HTS EXCELS 2013 NJASK Highlights: Median SGP ELA = 58 Median SGP Math = “Perfect 300” scores on the NJASK Math! Middle School Band and Chorus both judged “Superior” at the High Note Music Festival. TSA competing in state events. Second place in statewide Go Green competition! Quest Program First place in Brain Bowl competition for grades three and four! Partnership with United Way and College of St. Elizabeth for three-year Culture and Climate Initiative.

23 AND WILL CONTINUE TO EXCEL… Continued emphasis on small class size and personalized learning. Technology and data rich environment complemented with cutting edge pedagogical strategies. Broad spectrum of co-curricular activities, including sports and clubs.

24 Budget Vote and Election In 2012, Gov. Christie signed legislation that eliminated the need for a public vote on the school budget if the budget remains at or below the two percent tax levy cap, including use of banked cap. On February 13, 2012, the Harding Township BOE adopted a resolution to move the annual school election from April to November beginning in Since the proposed HTS budget is within the cap (including banked cap) it will not be on the ballot in November.

25 Budget Preview Review/preview of banked cap Review of fund 11 expenses ( ) Three year budget projections Review of budgeted fund balance ( )

26 Banked Cap Year Saved$ AmountYear Expires $82, $74, $

27 Fund 11 Budget Year$ Expenses Fund 11 $ Change% Change $8,964,618N/A $9,195,284$230, % $9,442,385$247, % $9,652,883$183, % $9,996,636$343, %

28 Three Year Budget Projection YEARREVENUES tax levy +2.00% EXPENSES +2.75% NET $10,826,752 $ $10,935, % $11,124,487($189,468) $11,126, % $11,430,410($304,029) $11,321, % $11,744,746($423,654)

29 Three Year Budget Projection Gap = $189,468 Gap = $304,029

30 Budgeted Fund Balance Budget Year Ending$ AmountAdded to Budget Year June 30, 2010$3, June 30, 2011$ June 30, 2012$174, June 30, 2013$274, June 30, 2014???

31 Budgeted Fund Balance + State Aid Budget Year Ending $ AmountAdded to Budget Year State Aid for that Budget Year June 30, 2010$3, $181,191 (50% banked) June 30, 2011$ $225,137 June 30, 2012$174, $225,137 June 30, 2013$274, $233,677 June 30, 2014??? ???

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