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2011-2012 Budget Presentation Dr. Scott P. McCartney, Superintendent Mrs. Kateryna Bechtel, CPA, School Business Administrator, Board Secretary.

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1 2011-2012 Budget Presentation Dr. Scott P. McCartney, Superintendent Mrs. Kateryna Bechtel, CPA, School Business Administrator, Board Secretary

2 Board of Education Mr. James Galvin, President Mr. Neil Anderson, Vice President Mr. John “Jack” Haines, Chair of Finance Mr. Peter Castellano Mr. Louis Della Barca Ms. Doris Dilley Mr. Brian Murphy Mrs. Mary Anne Spiker Mrs. Barbara Szilagyi

3 Draft District Goals for 2011-12 Academic Achievement/Data Analysis: To maintain high expectations in teaching and learning by increasing the number of students reaching proficiency and advanced proficiency on the State Assessments by 2%. Communication: To explore and expand on the role of 21 st Century communication tools for community, staff and students. Finance: To explore and expand on continued cost savings and efficiencies to maintain high-quality programs and personnel as well as to maintain a reasonable tax impact.

4 Budget Goals for 2011-12 Maintain Programs/Skills/Staff Maximize Revenue Reduce Costs Prioritize Spending Open and staff our HS Addition Improve Communication Minimize School Tax Increase Pass the 2011-12 Budget

5 What is the bottom line? We want high quality and diverse program offerings for our children We want to hire and retain quality personnel to teach and care for our children We believe quality schools drive property values and that schools should be the center of the community We believe that over the past decade or more of extreme growth and during this economic crisis we have stewarded your dollars well!

6 What is the bottom line? Even with additional State aid this year we are millions short… Charter Schools, increase in State Tuition for Incarcerated Students, and EDA Assessment 3 million in cuts just to get to the state mandated 2% hard cap on the tax levy 27 Positions cut from the budget A proposed 1.3 million tax levy increase or 3.4 cent tax increase for 2011-12

7 School Tax Rate History

8 Opening Schools

9 What does 3.4 cents mean to me? A home assessed at 100K = a $34.00 increase A home assessed at 200K = a $68.00 increase A home assessed at 300K = a $102.00 increase To figure out your increase: assessed value of your home/100 *.034 $143,000/100 = 1,430 x.034 = $48.62 Monthly that = $4.05 or Weekly that = $0.93

10 Egg Harbor Township Schools Tax Impact – 2011 Calendar Year Calendar Year 2011 2010change Deferred Levy from Prior Year School Budget 34,979,361 34,727,486 50% of Current Year School Budget plus debt service 34,122,502 33,529,937 Total calendar year levy 69,101,863 68,257,423 844,440.00 Net Valuation Taxable 2,576,920,800 2,577,775,400 (854,600.00) Tax Rate 2.682 2.648 Allocation of Tax Rate: General Fund 2.481 2.459 0.022 Debt Service Fund 0.201 0.189 0.012 2.682 2.648

11 Egg Harbor Township Schools Summary of Budgeted Revenues – General Fund 2011-122010-11 Budget change Local Tax Levy 64,566,957 63,300,938 1,266,019 2% State Mandated Cap State Aid 36,753,924 35,676,162 1,077,762 To Charters, state tuition, SDA Federal Aid 1,440,338 112,577 1,327,761 Jobs money from Feds – held Sept. Revenues from local Sources 200,000 217,000 (17,000) Budgeted Fund Balance 3,184,404 3,219,591 (35,187) 106,145,623 102,526,268 3,619,3553.52%

12 Egg Harbor Township Schools Summary of Budgeted Appropriations – General Fund 2011-122010-11 Budget change Regular Instruction 31,787,770 29,803,425 1,984,345 Special Education Instruction 7,250,672 7,886,737 (636,065) Basic Skills/Remedial 1,492,861 1,299,085 193,776 Bilingual Instruction 732,213 688,476 43,737 Co curricular/Athletics 770,096 781,191 (11,095) Alternative Education Program 448,656 431,507 17,149 Tuition 3,841,271 3,431,931 409,340 Charter Schools 1,584,771 761,684 823,087 Student Support Services 8,516,718 8,305,789 210,929 Educational Media Services/Library 1,607,153 1,574,004 33,149 Improvement of Instruction/Training 1,217,931 1,044,377 173,554 General Administration 1,635,402 1,616,269 19,133 School Administration 3,407,753 3,224,700 183,053 Central Services/Adm. Tech. 1,272,110 1,347,958 (75,848) Operation and Maintenance of Plant 10,382,601 10,537,951 (155,350) Student Transportation 7,062,582 6,771,866 290,716 Employee Benefits 22,438,479 22,246,328 192,151 Capital Expenditures/Equipment 696,584 772,990 (76,406) 106,145,623 102,526,268 3,619,355

13 Appropriations

14 How can there be new things or new positions when there are cuts and layoffs? Direction given to administration, if adding anything new, they must take something out 3 rd year with zero increase for building and department budgets (transportation excluded) Prioritization of need (data, enrollments, etc…)

15 How will this impact my child? Made every effort to limit impact on students Cuts to date…elementary class sizes, MS LAL, Miller School Instrumental Music, HS 101 Pay to play… limited program at MS’s, inclusion of HS programs Opening HS with much less…reallocating staff

16 Why didn’t you cut below cap? Further cuts would make opening the HS we have waited 5 years for nearly impossible Further cuts would impact the quality of instruction and class sizes would grow beyond SPC limits Further cuts could impact Freshman/JV Sports and other clubs and activities for students Further cuts could impact transportation – Courtesy Bussing, tiering, etc… Already cut over 10 Million last year and 3 Million this year

17 Why haven’t we eliminated sports?

18 Why aren’t Administrators being cut? Largest School District in the County – 8,ooo Students and over 1,100 employees Some of the largest schools in the County Required 1 principal per building/complex State Administrative Staffing Formula Largest HS in the County – 2,600 students Assistant Principals Assistant Superintendents Administrative salaries and benefits – 3rd lowest Administrative numbers – 3rd lowest

19 Total number of administrators v. total number of teachers

20 Total cost administrative salaries v. total cost teacher salaries

21 How do we know you are really doing a good job with your money? 5 million below adequacy renAllCommunities.pdf Comparative Spending Data School Report Card

22 Comparative Data -2010 (105 Districts like us in the State) Per Pupil Costs: $12,055 v. State - $13,860 – 24 th Lowest Class Salaries/Benefits: $6,949 v. State $7,654 – 22 nd Lowest Total Admin. Costs: $999 v. State $1,397 – 3 rd Lowest Salaries/Benefits for Admin.: $781 v. State $1,141 – 3 rd Lowest Extra-Curricular Cost: $200 v. State $259 – 38 th Lowest

23 Comparative Data -2010 (105 Districts like us in the State) Student/Teacher Ratio: 12.8 v. State 12.4 – 42 nd Highest Median Teacher Salary: $52,540 v. State $60,006 – 5 th Lowest Student/Admin. Ratio: 210.0 v. State 164.3 – 23 rd Highest Median Admin. Salary: $94,790 v. State $117,888 – 2 nd Lowest Faculty/Admin.: 19.1 v. State 15.4 – 16 th Highest

24 What are we doing to keep current costs low and plan for the future? Enterprise programs Grants Foundations, Donations State and Federal Aid Employee Concessions PT/No benefits Not filling vacated positions Shared Services Purchasing controls Energy controls

25 What happens next? Propose budget to BOE for Approval at Public Hearing Budget put to voters on April 27, 2011 (new date/locations) Watch EHT/TV Visit our Website Request a Presentation for your group Mail in Ballots if travelling Freezing Taxes for Senior Citizens If the Budget passes… If the Budget fails…

26 Voting Information Date: April 27, 2011 Voting Times: 7AM – 9 PM Poll Locations: 1 st, 2 nd and 4 th District – Scullville Firehouse #1 3 rd and 7 th District – Atlantic County Library 5 th and 6 th District – Zion Methodist Church 13 th District – West Atlantic City Fire House 8 th, 9 th, 14 th, 17 th District – Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church 10 th, 11 th, 12 th, 15 th and 16 th District – Fernwood Avenue Middle School

27 For additional information please visit: or Call 646-7911 and ask for Dr. McCartney and/or Mrs. Bechtel Thank you and please vote!

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