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City of Becker 2010 Annual Report March 10, 2010.

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1 City of Becker 2010 Annual Report March 10, 2010




5 Opening Points Transparency Report to the Chamber! Organization Records, decision making, follow-though Efficiency Process and procedure, work flow, equipment use Consistency Public policy, enforcement Preparedness Emergencies like weather, rail, highway, utility

6 Look Back: 2009 Look Forward: 2010 Administration City Hall, Community Development, Finance Public Works Streets, Water, Wastewater Park & Recreation Becker Community Center, Parks & Trails Golf Clubhouse and grounds Public Safety Police and Fire

7 Fact: 2009 Overall Budget: $9.5 million Administration: $1 million (City Council, Administrator, City Clerk, Professional Services, Planning, EDA) Public Works: Streets $ 1 million Water/Wastewater $2.2 million Park & Recreation/Community Center (Parks, Trails, Community Center Ops): $1 million Golf (Operations, Maintenance) $1 million Public Safety: $1.2 million Police: $700,000 Fire: $500,000 Debt Service $2 million

8 Administration: 2009 Reorganization Attempt to flatten/streamline org chart Eliminated full-time position at City Hall Eliminated full-time position at Public Works Culture shift throughout the organization Transparency, respect Sharing staff, equipment, resources Managing work flow, who is doing what work Risk Management Aggressive claims management Aggressively pursuing reduction in work related injuries

9 Administration: 2009 Aggressively Pursuing Efficiency IT & IS Implemented technology upgrades throughout the organization, networked Cable station, Website, social networking Named New City Attorney RFP Process Performed Interviews Final Recommendation and City Council Action Scott Lepak of Barna, Guzy, & Steffen

10 Administration: 2009 Bond Refunding: 1999 GO WWTF Bond Paid down about $1 million in principle Levy savings of $230,000 annual savings $1.1 million overall savings

11 Public Works: 2009 Sherburne County Road 67 Utility Extension Joint project between the City of Becker and Sherburne County 1.64 miles of street reconstruction, water main, sewer main extension from Sherburne County Road 4 to 102 nd Street Sherburne County street reconstruction, City of Becker installing water and sewer mains City cost of project $1 million, original est. $1.46 million Funded through budget reserves water, sewer and future improvements (no bonding)

12 Public Works: 2009 Street Overlay Project Edgewood Street from Hwy 23 to Hwy 10 7300 feet of two lane Third Street from Hancock Street to Brenda Boulevard 3839 feet of two lane Hancock Street CSAH 24 to CSAH 23 2290 feet of two lane Bank Street from CSAH 23 to Oakview Ave Miscellaneous Cost of Project: $362,849.44 ($761.83 over budget) Paid for by Budgeting

13 Public Works: 2009 Municipal Well #4 Water bubbles show up at faucet Water department dispatched to investigate Problem with pump or pipe Remove well from service Repair Back in service




17 Parks & Recreation: 2009 Replaced Pool Heating Equipment Whirlpool heater Pool heater Pool auxiliary heater Capital Budget: $23,000 Pool Grate Covers Comply with the Abigail Taylor Pool Safety Act Pool Slide Redux Resurfaced as a maintenance measure $45,000 capital project

18 Parks & Recreation: 2009 Staffing Changes Eliminated one FTE as cost savings measure RFP for contract labor 2009 Performance $1 million budget $534,500 revenue projection $489,300 levy to make up difference ‘09 Revenue off by 49,000, actual $538,300

19 Community Development Building Inspections Conducted an RFP, stayed with Metro West Planning and Zoning Development is pretty slow, will be working to update the City’s comp plan which was last done in 2004 Economic Development Purchased 40 acres of land for industrial park Currently have approximately 70 acres available for development Option on additional 40 acres for industrial park

20 Community Development: 2009 Township Planning and Zoning  Have an adopted Orderly Annexation Agreement with Becker Township that covers the entire Township  Working toward having one Becker community, not the City and the Township  Township is contracting with the City to provide planning and zoning services  Have a Town Planning Commission that holds public hearings and makes recommendations to the Joint Planning Board who is the final authority on all land use decisions in the Township (used to be the County Board)  Town Planning Commission consists of 5 Town Members  Joint Planning Board consists of 3 Town Members and 2 City Members

21 What goes on in Becker? Calls for service: 1999 – 18972007 - 4249 2000 – 23552008 – 3884 2001 – 27112009 - 3820 2002 - 3026 2003 - 2628 2004 - 3122 2005 – 3194 2006 – 4529 Becker Police: 2009

22 Staffing Employee deployed to Middle East Employee dealing with long term health issues Used part-time labor Police Chief filled in the gaps 2009 Accomplishments Arrest of a Level 3 Sex Offender last summer (WCCO News) Finished the year nearly $40,000 under budget Developed a quarterly Newsletter

23 Becker Fire Department Call Volume 296 in 2005 352 in 2006 430 in 2007 422 in 2008 366 in 2009 City of Becker NUMBER OF INCIDENTS BY DISTRICT 2006 20092008 2007 Becker Township Santiago Township Mutual Aid 186242 115 42 9 119147110 210226 55 38 35 1411 2009 Accomplishments: Decreased false alarms by 32; partially due to fire inspection program. Fire inspections were conducted in over 110 businesses in the City of Becker. Department is varianced to administer Nitroglycerin and aspirin to suspected cardiac patients.

24 Pebble Creek: 2009 Rounds: 27,000 rounds/starts in ‘09 Down over 2008 Change in restaurant vendor Fixed drainage issue in front of #3 White green Made area playable No longer a mud pit to approach green Building Upgrades Replaced roof, soffit and fascia on clubhouse Stained clubhouse and surrounding buildings Replaced decking on clubhouse deck

25 Pebble Creek: 2009 2009 Performance: net loss of $400,000 $230,000 depreciation $150,000 related to restaurant change $20,000 equipment purchase Notes Event revenue down, beginning to turn around Green fee revenue is stable, tick up Reserves available for maintenance of buildings

26 Facts: 2010 Overall spending down 2% Wages and benefits down 10% Restructuring saves additional $239,000 in 2010 Overall levy reduction of 1% Tax capacity decreased 2.8% Utility property Residential property Non tax (permits, ash user, investment) revenue down 4.5% 2010 tax rate 28.4% 2010, 28.0% 2009 From 35.7 in Zimmerman to 70.3 in Clear Lake

27 Administration: 2010 Northstar Corridor Gearing up for Phase 2 of the project Continuing to build support locally Public Access Cable equipment upgrades Telecommunications upgrades Comprehensive Plan update City Hall HVAC Upgrades

28 Public Works: 2010 Municipal Well 7 Intersection of County Road 24 and County Road 67 Currently verifying capacity City Council approve engineer contract Wastewater Discharge Permit Permit app due Sept 2010 Renewal March 2011 Street overlay projects Bradley Boulevard from First Street to Third First Street from Bradley Boulevard to Gardner Street Oakview Avenue from Bank Street to County Road 24 Joint project with Sherburne County Projected: $378,000, Bid opening $267,000, Knife River

29 Parks & Recreation: 2010 Budget Reduced revenue projections by $53,700 Continue to meet expense budget Continue to drive revenue React quickly to revenue changes Balance upgrades and maintenance to equipment Upgrades to City Park equipment Aging equipment Entrapment issues Opening of the Becker Athletic Complex (BAC) Soccer, football, lacrosse Junior ball fields to the east

30 Pebble Creek: 2010 Maintain our “Cut Above the Rest” philosophy Projecting 5% increase in rounds 2010 Revenue at $1 million Additional 3% spending reduction Additional Events Three new events for 2010 Host MN State High School League Class A Tourney Chance to showcase Pebble Creek, Becker, and businesses June 16 and 17 Big Lake High School Home Course Balance upgrades and maintenance

31 Police: 2010 2010 Goals Update of Community Emergency Operations Plan NIMS Training Emergency Preparedness Continued development of Volunteer Reserve Program Continued development of Bike Patrol Unit Fiscal responsibility – do more with less; training, visibility Implementation of computer upgrade – interoperable with other agencies for the first time!

32 Fire: 2010 EMT Training Enhanced fire education program Improve proficiency of inspection program Capital Requests Replace Fire Engine 1 Replace Light Rescue 2 Decision has not been made to move forward

33 Closing Points Overall 2009 General Fund savings $620,000 Reorganization Wages $332,000 below ‘09 wage budget $222,000 below 2008 actual Overall Capital Expenditures under $318,000 2010 hard freeze (except union contracts) Legislative Platform Support for: Northstar Corridor, Utility Transition Valuation Aid, Repeal of Levy Limits, a Fair and consistent formula for allocation of Local Government Aid (LGA).

34 Closing Points Sharing Resources Internally, county, school Transparency Tearing down walls, getting information out Confidence in management of organization Big Picture Focus

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