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PMOBRAC Ms. Kimberly Kesler Director, BRAC Program Management Office March 20. 2007.

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1 PMOBRAC Ms. Kimberly Kesler Director, BRAC Program Management Office March 20. 2007

2 PMOBRAC 2 Discussion Topics Program Overview 10 USC Section 2869

3 PMOBRAC 3 BRAC Program Overview 26 Installations to be Disposed 41 Reserve Centers / Recruiting Districts to be Disposed 45 Installations with Environmental Remediation Efforts Overall Program of $4B for FY06-FY11 –$845M for Prior BRAC –$3.2B for BRAC 05 16 Major and 38 Minor Realignment Actions

4 PMOBRAC 4 Map of Entire BRAC Program

5 PMOBRAC 5 Prior BRAC Disposal Status (as of 30 Sep 06) Note: Figures include NS Roosevelt Roads (9,317 acres) which was added to the program in 2003. 5% (7,696 acres) 89% (152,005 acres) 2% (3,980 acres) 4% (6,759 acres) Total Acres to Dispose = 170,440

6 PMOBRAC 6 Prior BRAC Disposal Tools

7 PMOBRAC 10 USC Section 2869

8 PMOBRAC 8 What Is 10 U.S.C. Section 2869? Provides the authority for the disposal of real property at closing or realigning installations in exchange for military construction. It is another tool to use in disposing of military property. “This authority may be exercised at any time after the date of approval of the closure or realignment.” (BRRM Section C5.5.10) –At the end of the BRAC process –Potential to use Pre-Surplus

9 PMOBRAC 9 Potential LRA Advantages Prior to Surplus If exercised prior to a determination of surplus, could significantly expedite property conveyance and redevelopment compared to the traditional BRAC process. Provides early property tax revenue benefits. Supports early community involvement and collaboration in the planning and development process. Utilizes private sector expertise and allows for enhancement of Township’s police powers through a Development Agreement.

10 PMOBRAC 10 Benefits to Military Services Provides military construction in support of Navy BRAC 05 realignment actions. Saves federal tax payer dollars by realizing FMV in the marketplace and freeing up valuable resources to support defense needs. Consistent with DoD BRAC 05 policy to act expeditiously, fully utilize all appropriate means of transfer, rely on and leverage market forces, and to collaborate effectively with the community. Opportunity to accelerate property conveyance.

11 PMOBRAC 11 What this means for the Community Each installation and LRA are unique; A prompt and willing community response is needed to formulate a process that is mutually beneficial to all stakeholders. Navy will protect the integrity of the LRA’s planning process. –Township would continue its responsibility for, and control of, land use planning, zoning, and entitlements. –Township still retains complete community input that is critical to the land use planning effort. –Public benefit uses and homeless needs would still be addressed. New property owners would work cooperatively with the Township regarding the application of existing entitlements and zoning, as well as any enhancements through a Development Agreement.

12 PMOBRAC 12 What Happened at Concord Offer. Navy received two unsolicited proposals to exercise this authority at NWS Concord. Timing. NWS Concord is already in a state of operational closure. It is the only Navy closure with no troops to relocate, thus giving us a unique opportunity to transfer property unimpeded. Funding. Navy’s budget is under tremendous strain. Commitment. Navy will not proceed without City concurrence. Decision. City desired to follow traditional BRAC process. Navy honored that decision.

13 PMOBRAC 13 How It Might Work Conceptual approach to be vetted among the stakeholders. Examine a potential process forward with the LRA. Navy initiates NEPA process. (approx 18 months) LRA solicits homeless assistance and public use input. LRA develops a conceptual land use plan based on community input. Navy completes NEPA actions based on the conceptual land use plan. Navy exercises Section 2869 authority to convey property. - Limited to qualified developers determined with LRA involvement. Property recipient to work with LRA to redevelop the property.

14 PMOBRAC 14 The First Steps Establish a Specialized Process Team to develop this approach –Include representatives from Township Council, LRA, Navy, etc. Conduct a series of working sessions –Identify team goals –Land use planning process options –Community identify public benefit uses –Incorporate homeless assistance needs –Outreach and public communication Hold public meetings

15 PMOBRAC 15 In Conclusion Navy received an unsolicited proposal at Willow Grove. Navy is not pushing this conveyance mechanism. Implementing the Section 2869 process may not be easy. The homeless assistance process will need to be incorporated into the conveyance. LRAs maintain full control of all land use planning efforts, entitlements and zoning. The exchange authority under 10 U.S.C. Section 2869 provides the Navy an opportunity to meet it’s military construction obligations by utilizing the exchange authority in concert with the community's reuse planning efforts.

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