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Freehold Regional High School District Public Budget Hearing March 26, 2007.

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1 Freehold Regional High School District Public Budget Hearing March 26, 2007

2 Budget Issues New calculation for cap 4% cap on tax levy New and revised spending growth calculations Delay in receiving information from DOE

3 Total Budget Current Expense$153,729,149 Capital Outlay 1,117,868 Special Schools 254,145 Special Revenues 2,422,926 Debt Service 7,632,345 Second Question 1,352,777 TOTAL$166,509,210

4 Budget Process Principals Buildings and Grounds Transportation Central Office Board of Education

5 Current Expense Maintain existing staff Maintain current instructional programs Freeze discretionary spending at current levels Instructional supplies Textbooks

6 Current Expense Continue with curriculum revisions Maintain sports on varsity and subvarsity levels Maintain existing extra curricular activities

7 Current Expense Continue maintenance of facilities Renovate classrooms Replace doors, sidewalks, windows Continue improving security measures Continue current transportation of students To and from school After school bus

8 Current Expense Building Maintenance Renovate 15 – 20 classrooms in each school Includes floor, ceilings, lights, paint Other District Projects Replace doors Replace/repair sidewalks

9 Capital Outlay $ 1,117,868 Replacement of School Buses Instructional Equipment Security projects

10 Special Schools $254,145 Continues Summer School Continues Adult Education Program

11 Special Revenues $2,422,926 IDEA No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Perkins – Vocational funds Non-public aids

12 Debt Service $7,632,345 Includes Interest Payment on Bonds Includes Principal Payment on Bonds

13 How do we compare to other districts? 2005 data

14 How do we compare to other districts? 2006 data

15 First Question on Ballot Resolved that there should be raised for General Funds $105,264,819 for the ensuing School Year (2007-2008) allocated among the constituent municipalities as listed: Colts Neck$10,825,652.31 Englishtown 626,697.99 Farmingdale 542,368.24 Freehold 3,801,352.20 Freehold Township 20,458,194.41 Howell 22,835,166.34 Manalapan 21,065,409.26 Marlboro 25,109,978.25

16 Second Question on Ballot In addition to the regular advertised budget, the board of education will seek approval from the district’s legal voters to raise an additional $1,352,777 for freshman sports, auditorium renovations, roofing repairs, instructional and non- instructional equipment. The taxes, if raised, will be used exclusively for these purposes. Approval of these taxes will result in a permanent increase in the district’s tax levy. The proposed additional expenditures are in addition to those necessary to achieve the Core Curriculum Content Standards.

17 Second Question (continued) Colts Neck$139,122 Englishtown 8,054 Farmingdale 6,970 Freehold 48,852 Freehold Township 262,912 Howell 293,459 Manalapan 270,715 Marlboro 322,693

18 Estimated Tax Rates Estimated tax rates include: General fund budget Debt service budget Second question

19 Estimated Tax Rate Changes Colts Neck 4.6 cents Englishtown -3.6 cents Farmingdale -4.7 cents Freehold -0.3 cents Freehold Township 3.8 cents Howell -43.3 cents* Manalapan -46.2 cents* Marlboro 1.6 cents * Reassessed this year

20 Estimated Tax Rate Changes Howell Township – based on last year’s assessment increased by 3%: 1.2 cent increase Manalapan Township – based on last year’s assessment increased by 3%: 3.6 cents increase


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