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Win-Win Annexation Springfield and Springfield Township.

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1 Win-Win Annexation Springfield and Springfield Township

2 Rusk Process zOn the Radio zMet zWitt Approval zContract zUpdating zSpeech zRecommendations

3 Interests zCity - Win but at a price z - Time problem z - Vulnerable in Columbus zTownship - Always lost z County

4 Meetings zFirst Trustee and Clerk z Preliminary Agreement zSecond Trustee z Current Residential z Whole Township z Utility Fees z Agreement zThird Trustee z Misunderstandings

5 Final Agreement zAnnexation zNo Withdrawal zCarve out Township Taxes zShare Income Tax zTownship Responsibilities zZoning zCommon Utility Fees

6 Celebration!!!

7 Since the Agreement zODOT zZoning zFire and EMS zUtilities zNew Residential

8 Pros and Questions zPros: zCooperation zEconomic Development zRevenue zMore Zoning Control z Questions: z Old Neighborhoods z Zoning Conflict z Service Patchwork z Schools

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