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GPS Review and Revision Committee Burt Austin, Assistant Principal Beth Borland, Teacher Jill Britt, Human Resources Supervisor Katie Cadle, Teacher Barbara.

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2 GPS Review and Revision Committee Burt Austin, Assistant Principal Beth Borland, Teacher Jill Britt, Human Resources Supervisor Katie Cadle, Teacher Barbara Fengya, Director of Secondary Education Sonya James, Teacher Bev Johnson, Teacher Lisa Miniear, Department Chair Lauren Musgrave, Teacher Mary Nine, Teacher Ann Puckett-Harpold, Director of Elementary Education Eric Scott, Teacher Cathy Smith, Teacher/President FTEA Dr. Jim Snapp, Assistant Superintendent Toni Stevenson, Principal Russell Wright, Principal Jim Zoch, Department Coordinator

3 Why do we need a new teacher evaluation system?  The TAS needed specific improvements in the new teacher and teacher assistance sections. This included adding rubrics for school counselors and media specialists where none previously existed.  The Professional Teacher section had a great deal of paperwork—teachers reported not spending time on meaningful activities.  The goal setting process did not always focus on directly impacting student learning.  Support for teachers needed a more comprehensive process.

4 Growth for Professional Staff Three specific sections  New Teachers (includes all teachers in their first year in FTCSC  First year in the profession  Experienced teachers new to FTCSC  Goal: To clearly articulate high expectations for professional behavior of educators in FTCSC.

5  Professional Teachers  Most teachers—more than two years of teaching experience in FTCSC.  Goal: To focus the work of professional educators on increasing student performance in a reflective and collaborative environment.  Teacher Support  Assistance for teachers new to FTCSC  Assistance for experienced teachers  Goal: To provide appropriate levels of assistance to educators enabling them to return to professional status or monitor insufficient progress resulting in a recommendation for non-renewal of the regular teaching contract.

6 Indiana Academic Standards District Improvement Plan School Improvement Plan GPS* Professional Development Reflection/Revision Data/Evidence

7 New Teacher  New Teacher is defined as any teacher, regardless of previous teaching experience, new to FTCSC.  The focus of the New Teacher Phase is to establish professional expectations for the teacher and demonstrate proficiency in the key areas of Instruction (curriculum, content knowledge, instruction/pedagogy, and assessment) and Classroom Practices and Culture (monitoring and managing student behavior).  New teachers are invited to be involved during PLCs in the SMART goal setting portion of Professional Teacher Status to grow professionally and to gain a deeper understanding of that process.

8 New Teacher (All new teacher to FTCSC, regardless of previous experience)  One observation each grading period (4 per year)  Pre-observation form completed by the teacher—submitted to the principal prior to the classroom visit  Principal observes one full lesson or period  Post observation conference held and form completed  New Teachers focus on Instruction (Domain 1) and Classroom Practices and Culture (Domain 4)  New Teachers attend meetings as scheduled  IMAP successfully completed and submitted by the established deadline

9 Comparing TAS to GPS TAS  Goal setting in the fall  Multiple forms for the process  Four domains provided structure for goal setting  Student learning data was often narrowly defined  Process tended to be a one-year focus GPS  Goal setting begins in the spring  One pager—front and back  Singular domain-- instruction  A variety of measures utilized to measure student learning  Can be multi-year in nature  Collaboration is encouraged

10 Differences for Professional Teachers:  Timeline: Start goal setting in the spring and goals can be multi-year in nature  Format: Grade levels, departments, or academies are encouraged to design the SMART Goal together

11  Direction: Not an additional piece of work, but something that is integrated in the work of PLCs and ongoing professional dialogue  Focus: Improving student learning (Use of Domain 1: Instruction only.)

12 What is success based on?  Clearly defined student learning goal emanating from the district and school improvement plan*;  Specific steps toward the achievement of that goal;  Frequent monitoring of progress toward that goal;  Reflective practice through the process—monitoring and adjusting professional practice in an effort to achieve the goal; and  Sharing insights and celebrating accomplishments and discoveries.

13 Results: Learning… for students and teachers “While the primary purpose is to increase student learning, in some cases well-thought out and carefully implemented professional plans may not achieve the desired goal. The result is not failure, but an opportunity for growth in professional knowledge, providing the opportunity for refinement and future goal setting.”

14 Teacher Support Phase  Administrative Support: Goal to clearly communicate professional expectations and ultimately return the teacher to Professional Teacher Status (or New Teacher Phase)  Collegial Support: Expand support for the teacher to meet professional expectations and return to Professional Teacher Status (or New Teacher Phase)  Intensive Support: Most extensive and comprehensive level of support for the teacher, lasting no longer than one year. (This is level is only for teachers who have more than two years of experience in FTCSC.)

15 Sharing GPS: Upcoming Meetings Acton: 10/3 @ 7:50 AM Adams: 10/9 @ 8:00 AM Arlington: 10/10 @ 7:50 AM Bunker Hill 10/15 @ 8:00 AM South Creek 10/9 @ 3:40 PM Thompson Crossing 10/16 @ 3:40 PM Wanamaker 10/14 @ 8:00 AM Edgewood Intermediate 10/27 @ 7:45 AM Kitley Intermediate 10/13 @ 7:45 AM FTMS East 10/14 @ 2:45 PM FTMS West 9/29 @ 2:45 PM FCHS 10/13 @ 2:45 PM Diploma+ 10/21 @ 2:45 PM

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