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Lorain County Building Department Organizational Plan.

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1 Lorain County Building Department Organizational Plan

2 Administrative and Oversight Proposed Organization Lorain County Commissioners County Administrator Community Development Director Building Department Administrator /Senior Planner NPDES Phase 2 Tasks Contrcator/Building Inspector Administrative Assistant Chief Building Official Building Inspector(s) Plumbing Inspector(s) Electrical Inspectors(s) Technical / Code Interpretation

3 Proposed Organization Pursue and implement full time Building Department Hire a full time CBO capable of residential plan review and inspections Maintain existing Admin Assistant position and increase hours as needed (Currently 20 hrs per week) Maintain existing contract inspectors Direct Administrative Oversight to Senior Planner Integrate NPDES Plan Review and inspections into Building Department structure –Inspectors can conduct site visits on new construction (already doing inspections) –Part-time or contractor can conduct plan review

4 Communities to be in the District Existing/Original –Amherst Twp –Columbia Station –Elyria Twp –Grafton Twp –Penfield Twp –Sheffield Twp –LaGrange Twp* –Eaton Twp* * Announced withdrawal To Be Included –Brighton Twp –Brownhelm Twp –Camden Twp –Carlisle Twp –Henrietta Twp –Huntington Twp –New Russia Twp –Pittsfield Twp –Rochester Twp –Wellington Twp

5 Budget Estimate It is estimated that Residential Building Fee Revenue will increase by approximately 40% by including all non- member townships Estimated 2011 Budget is approximately $120,000 Estimated 2012 Budget with new expanded boundary - $200,000

6 Revenue – 2009 through 2012 200920102011(est)2012 (est) Misc Fees$72$473$1,212$2,020 Permit Fees$48,311$67,425$83,261$138,768 Inspection Fees$4,349$742$1,400$2,333 Application Fees$30,261$31,505$34,098$56,830 Total Revenue$82,994$100,146$119,970$199,951

7 Expenses 2009 -2012 200920102011 (est)2012 (est) Salaries & Benefits$81,647$94,949$104,636$187,000 Supplies$467$306$0$5,000 Equipment$0$344$0$5,000 Contract Services$290$370$480$800 Other Expenses$1,390$1,176$650$1,083 Travel/Staff Training$145$635$150$1,000 Advertising/Printing$0 Total Expenses$83,939$97,780$105,916$199,883

8 Costs for Expanded Department Discussion Only Full time CBO – Salary&Fringes$75,000 Full Time Clerical“ “$37,000 Inspectors Contract$75,000 Other Costs$13,000 –Car, Fuel, Maximus, Capital Equipment, Training, Etc… Total $200,000

9 Process for Expanding Area and Scope of Building Department Lorain County Commissioners through ORC 307.37 (B) adopt a Building Code and (C) assign duties to administer and enforce to a qualified county officer or employee ORC 307.37 (F)(1) The board may create a building department and employ the personnel it determines necessary to administer and enforce any local residential building regulations or existing structures code the board adopts pursuant to this section. The building department may enforce the state residential and nonresidential building codes adopted pursuant to Chapter 3781. of the Revised Code if the building department is certified pursuant to section 3781.10 of the Revised Code to enforce those codes.3781.10

10 Process Continued 307.37(C)(1) Any regulation, code, or amendment may be adopted under this section only after a public hearing at not fewer than two regular or special sessions of the board. The board shall cause notice of any public hearing to be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the county once a week for the two consecutive weeks immediately preceding the hearing, except that if the board posts the hearing notice on the board’s internet site on the world wide web, the board need publish only one notice of the hearing in a newspaper of general circulation if that newspaper notice includes the board’s internet site and a statement that the notice is also posted on the internet site. Any notice of a public hearing shall include the time, date, and place of the hearing. (2) Any proposed regulation, code, or amendment shall be made available to the public at the board office. The regulations or amendments shall take effect on the thirty-first day following the date of their adoption.

11 Non Residential Certification ORC 3781.10 9) Certification shall be granted upon application by the municipal corporation, the board of township trustees, or the board of county commissioners and approval of that application by the board of building standards. The application shall set forth: (a) Whether the certification is requested for residential or nonresidential buildings, or both; (b) The number and qualifications of the staff composing the building department; (c) The names, addresses, and qualifications of persons, firms, or corporations contracting to furnish work or services pursuant to division (E)(7)(b) of this section; (d) The names of any other municipal corporation, township, county, health district, or political subdivision under contract to furnish work or services pursuant to division (E)(7) of this section; (e) The proposed budget for the operation of the building department.

12 Ohio Administrative Code 4101:1- 1-103 Lays out the Requirements of applying for certification for non residential Building Department (Commercial) Board of Building Standards Certification Committee will make a recommendation to Board of Building Standards (OAC 4101: 1-1- 103.2.4 Board of Building Standards will then hold a hearing and approve or deny request (OAC 4101: 1-1-

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